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What is PeopleApex? PeopleApex is a cloud-based human capital management solution for enterprises. The applicant tracking software provides end-to-end employee management from recruitment to separation. The software is capable of integrating HR and payroll processes, enabling organizations to process complex payroll and issue accurate payruns on time. Enterprises can grant multi-user login and role-based access privileges to their employees. The software can be integrated with external biometric systems for better attendance management. It also features a geofencing module of its own. Team leaders get access to a dedicated manager self-service portal to monitor leave and expense claims, generated by their teams. Employees can raise reimbursement claims and track their individual approval status with the employee self-service (ESS) portal. Further, recruiters can track applicants, schedule interviews, share profiles of selected candidates with their teams etc. How does the onboarding module of PeopleApex Applicant Tracking software help in systemizing remote working for enterprises? Preparation: HR can prepare the new hires on their joining day with all required information on compliance, work ethics, etc. Communication: The onboarding module of the software helps enterprises in connecting with new hires, offering unique account ID and passwords, enabling them to complete required documentation. Workflow: Managers can assign tasks to responsible employees or departments through emails, facilitating seamless workflow management. Verification: HR can assure operational accuracy by verifying the documents submitted by applicants and hired employees. Paperless: The system replaces paperwork and ensures contactless onboarding. PeopleApex Applicant Tracking software’s pricing PeopleApex applicant tracking software’s pricing is available on request. The software allows systems to generate a callback request with our executives to get access to detailed information about the same. Benefits of PeopleApex Applicant Tracking software Social Wall: Organizations can offer a social space to their employees, enabling them to post documents, images, comments, and likes. Team members can chat with each other with the software. Admins can monitor the exchanged messages and detect inappropriate contents. Learning and Development: Enterprises can design multiple training programs and define a talent management strategy. Managers can identify gaps in skill sets among team members and assign suitable training schedules to align them with specific project goals or overall organizational vision. PeopleApex is a cloud-based human capital management solution for enterprises. The applicant tracking software provides... Read More
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Last Updated on : 18 Apr, 2021