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EdiLus Steel

EdiLus Steel

From 3D CAD Software

(1 reviews)

EdiLus Steel is one of the best design software that makes use of BIM technology for the calculations related to the str... Read More About EdiLus Steel
SMART Steel design software Structural calculations of steel buildings Simple and fast modelling +5 More
Edificius is not only a BIM software, but an integrated solution. Edificius is the full professional solution to satisfy... Read More About Edificius
BIM modeling with parametric architectural objects Garden, exterior spaces & landscaping design Textures library, CAD blocks +5 More
Solarius PV

Solarius PV

From Designing Solutions

(2 reviews)

Solarius -PV is the professional Solar PV calculator software for designing photovoltaic systems and that is already bei... Read More About Solarius PV
Analytics & Reporting Graphs & Charts Design tools +3 More
EdiLus Masonry
The SMART structural calculations Masonry design software. EdiLus-Masonry is the masonry design software solution for ca... Read More About EdiLus Masonry
Model with parametric objects FEM solver integrated into the software Graphical analysis +3 More
EdiLus Concrete
EdiLus Concrete is one of the best design software that can integrate with Edificius and allows the structural engineer... Read More About EdiLus Concrete
Single software solution Finite Element Method Graphical analysis +4 More
Edificius LAND
Edificius-LAND is the landscape design software for gardens, outdoor spaces and terrain modelling.With Edificius-LAND ge... Read More About Edificius LAND
2D and 3D landscape design of gardens Import easily objects and 3D models Terrain modelling +2 More
With the help of TheBriNA (Thermal Bridges Numerical Analysis), users can quickly get the total calculation of a therma... Read More About Termus BRIDGE
Import Data Risk Assessment Graphical reports for better analysis +2 More
Primus IFC

Primus IFC

From Designing Solutions

(1 reviews)

The BIM Quantity Takeoff and construction estimating software from BIM models. Acquire measurements from a 3D BIM model... Read More About Primus IFC
BIM Quantity Takeoff IFC BIM Viewer Visual Construction Estimate +2 More
A Quantity Take-Off software from CAD drawings or raster images. Here’s the SMART solution that allows you to prep... Read More About Primus TAKEOFF
Quantity Takeoff Document Draw and edit your CAD Drawing – BoQ connections

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Last Updated on : 03 Aug, 2021