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Blynk Hotel Application
What is Blynk Hotel Application? Blynk Hotel Application is one of the best tablet-based guest services apps. This app is designed to enhance the guest experience in hotels or resorts. This hotel management system allows guests to utilize hotel services in a highly interactive and attractive way. Blynk Hotel Application aims to revolutionize the hotel business by improving the guest experience, marketing strategies, branding, advertising, etc. The system is continually updated with new and exciting features to improve the service for hoteliers to provide better customer experience. Blynk hotel application is built for hotel owners who seek to grow ambitiously. It is designed with next-gen technical solutions to improve the customer experience. For instance, Hotel IPTV enables hoteliers to update the television services of all the rooms in the premises from a single platform. It upgrades the existing TV to smart TV without any replacement. It centralizes channel integrations, bill payments so all those workflows are regulated timely. Features of Blynk Hotel Application Here is a quick rundown of the features offered by Blynk Hotel Application: Housekeeping In-room dining Call back service Hotel services Concierge Shopping Special Offers Notifications Virtual Tour Multilingual support Advantages of Blynk Hotel Application Here are a few features of Blynk Hotel Application listed: The application is easy to setup. The application securely hosts data on the cloud, thus, there is no need to buy expensive servers. This guest service app gives live update of in-room dinning, housekeeping, and other hotel offerings to the guest through a web portal. The application can be easily customized from the admin panel. The hotel application provides real time reports and statistics to the hotel management. What is the price of Blynk Hotel Application? Blynk Hotel Application is available in three different plans, the are: Express – Rs. 5000/- per month Express – Rs. 5000/- (single purchase license) Pro – Rs. 7100/- per month Pro – Rs. 7100/- (single purchase license) Free Plan – Rs. 7100/- Blynk Hotel Application is one of the best tablet-based guest services apps. This app is designed to enhance the guest... Read More About Blynk Hotel Application
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Blynk Banquet Booking Software
What is Blynk Banquet Management Software? Blynk Banquet Management Software is a one for all solution for the operation of halls efficiently. The software offers numerous features that help in the supervision of 360-degree operations of your hall. It helps in the scheduling of events without any mismatch in functions. Banquet owners can also utilize Blynk for regular supervision and maintenance work like housekeeping, etc. Blynk Banquet Management Software offers a whole slew of features to banquet owners to supervise their operations seamlessly. Why choose Blynk Banquet Management Software? One of the salient features of Blynk Banquet Management is that users can regulate multiple banquets with no problems. The software facilitates efficient scheduling in tandem with the architecture of the banquet. Banquet managers can create halls, rooms, and spaces to segregate it among different guests for seamless working. What is the price of Blynk Banquet Management Software? Blynk Management Software price starts from Rs. 25,832/-. The price may vary based on customizations required. For more information, please request a call. Our sales team will connect with you shortly. Blynk Banquet Management Software is a one for all solution for the operation of halls efficiently. The software offer... Read More About Blynk Banquet Booking Software
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Blynk Hotel IPTV Solution
Mungu TV Hotel InRoom IPTV Solution is exclusively crafted for hotels and resorts. The solution upgrades the traditional Television set into a smart TV by connecting the MunguTV into any TV with HDMI cable or port. This Android-Based Smart TV Box is one of the best Hotel IPTV Solution for Hotels. It is placed discreetly and thus it is not visible to the guest. This solution offers a bundle of options to create new revenue streams while simultaneously engaging with the guests. Blynk Hotel IPTV Solution : Make Your Room TV Smarter!! Today’s busy hotel and resort guests want their information to be easily accessible and visually appealing. Everything they need to know about your property and community is just a click away on the TV. After the arrival of customers, they may have questions that can be answered using your dedicated channel – information about your real estate, equipment, local attractions, events and more. In Room TV entertainment is currently constrained with limited content options, not as per guest preferences. Language will be a problem for foreigners. Now you can upgrade your existing TVs into Smart TV cost effectively irrespective of current TV brand by connecting a MunguTV Digital Signage box into any TV with a HDMI cable/port. It can be positioned discretely without being visible by guests. Hotel IPTV solution opens up enormous amount of possibilities to work on new revenue streams along with engaging your guests effectively. Your customers gonna love it! Start increasing the nights of the room by promoting your property, amenities, packages and promotions, and associated properties. Bring your guests on a tour of your property through your own TV channel information channel. You can even provide travel tips and other useful information to enhance the guest experience. IPTV, VOD:- Live TV over Internet (700+ International TV Channels covering 18+ countries)/Movies & TV Shows (1000+ Movies & TV Shows series from Netflix, Google, Amazon, Hulu etc) Mungu TV Hotel InRoom IPTV Solution is exclusively crafted for hotels and resorts. The solution upgrades the traditional... Read More About Blynk Hotel IPTV Solution
International TV Channels With Multilingual Suppor Wi-Fi Access In Room Dining +6 More
Centralized Asset Tracking and Ticketing Solution
Sismatik Solutions Pvt Ltd. A Tata Elxsi Incubated company is a leading provider of Smart Signage solution to customers worldwide under Blynk brand name. Sismatik is established in 2010, headquartered in Bangalore-India and branch office in Mumbai. Sismatik has established key alliances with Tata, Ryerson-Canada, TechCrunch, Nasscom, Rackspace and other well known industry bodies. Sismatik has also collaborated with IPTV Content aggregators, advertisers, channel partners and manufacturers to deliver end to end solution to customers under one roof. Our senior management team has an average of 25 years of domestic and international experience and a strong history of business, academic and technological accomplishments. We promote our products and solutions under two brands including WizBox and Blynk. WizBox represents our hardware platform primarily catering to Smart TV and Digital Signage product line while Blynk represents stand alone, cross platform software applications. Both products are bundled with cloud based content management system offered under SaaS model. In a very short period of time, Sismatik has established global presence and working with hotels, resorts and restaurants catering to major brands like Raymond, Arvind Brands, Health & Glow, Food world, Columbia Asia Hospital, RMKV Silks, The Golkonda Hotel, Madhubhan Resorts, Ramee, Sarovar Group, Oscope Media and other 100+ customers worldwide Blynk Systems 's centralized asset management solution for streamlining the asset maintenance process including incidents and regular maintenance jobs. The solution will be running and accessible through web browser from any PC by designated helpdesk/maintenance staff. The inputs (complaints) come from different sources including automated alerts from Wattman integration, department heads and store specific maintenance head. Helpdesk executive is responsible for analyzing the complaint and assigning / re-assigning and managing the complaint life cycle till the closure. During this process, the ticket management system maintains centralized information about the assets including – store-specific assets list, list of suppliers, AMC information, average tickets per store/ per asset, equipment life cycle etc – This data can further be fed to analytics for better decision making. The system will also allow designated persons to generate reports – Assets report, Tickets report, etc Sismatik Solutions Pvt Ltd. A Tata Elxsi Incubated company is a leading provider of Smart Signage solution to customers... Read More About Centralized Asset Tracking and Ticketing Solution
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Last Updated on : 15 May, 2021