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Chief Architect Premier
What is Chief Architect Premier? Chief Architect Premier is an architecture design software that is used for every aspect related to light commercial and residential designs. As one places smart doors and windows and draws walls, the software creates a 3D design model, followed by generating a list of materials required. It also helps with the management of construction documents through its built-in powerful building tools. Chief Architect Premier also provides full-proof framing and site plans, elevations and section details, along with necessary construction documents. You can style your kitchen or chalk out interior designing plans for your house and give it a modern appearance. One can also use the CAD tools of Chief Architect Premier for increased productivity and the finest precision. How does Chief Architect Premier create 3D models for buildings and interiors? 3D Modeling and Design Tools As a user starts to draw walls in a construction project to give it an attractive look, the software automatically creates a 3D model and also allows full 3D Editing. Chief Architect Premier allows you to design in any view seamlessly and simultaneously edit between 2D and 3D. Photo Realistic and Artistic Styles such as Watercolor and Line Drawing are done through the Advanced Rendering feature of the architect or CAD software. In order to accessorize your designs, you can avail the 3D library of architectural tools and objects inbuilt within the software. This helps you to accurately render the styles and product-oriented design details, and make neat finishes. Buildings Users can avail the powerful drafting and building tools of the software to create building plans effectively as per standard construction practices and also make the design procedure productive. Both the manual and automatic building tools enable one to create a range of roof styles, stick and truss framing, cross-sections, dimensioning, elevations and material lists for buying, cutting and estimating. Interior Designing The software uses cabinets to easily create numerous shapes, styles and sizes for your kitchen, bath or interior designs. It partners with certain manufacturers of appliances, doors, cabinets, etc. to accurately draw and render product-specific design details, styles and finishes as per the customer needs. Pricing of Chief Architect Premier Chief Architect Premier costs Rs. 13,885/- on a monthly basis. You can contact us through the “request a callback” option on our website for all the details pertaining to activation and license key, renewal of the plan or any other query. How does Chief Architect Premier produce construction documents and site plans? CAD Tools for Precision and Productivity The software comes with a powerful inbuilt CAD engine that is equipped with tools for polylines, splines, solids and arcs for producing objects that can be anything from custom entry columns to deck ledger details. Users can swiftly design objects with multiple align, copy, replicate and reflect at certain intervals. If you want to quickly see your created model in 3D, you can use the CAD-to-Walls tool that not only imports AutoCAD files but also provides mapping for the layers. You may draw customized CAD details, and import them as DWG or PDF files. You can also go to the exclusive SSA catalog to choose from 500+ CAD details for overlaying on your designs. Construction Documents 3D renderings help sell your project while construction drawings assist you with building specifications. All the views in the project such as floor plans, electrical, framing, elevation, etc. have user-defined scales and links to a particular drawing, which automatically updates as you change your design. If you wish to create professional construction drawings, the software provides you with layers that control the display of drawing pages. Site Planning You may create site plans both for single as well as multiple lots either by importing terrain survey data or using the terrain modeling tools present in the software. One can view terrain data in 3D or even use it for a 2D site plan. Chief Architect Premier provides you with the names of over 4000 plants and their roles for landscaping purposes, including the inbuilt Hardiness Zone Maps. Compatible OS of Chief Architect Premier The software runs exclusively on Windows and MacOS, having a processor of 64-bit. Chief Architect Premier is an architecture design software that is used for every aspect related to light commercial an... Read More About Chief Architect Premier
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Chief Architect Interiors
For kitchen, bath and interior home design; specifically for interior design professionals. Communicate projects to clients with 3D visualization tools, specify materials and produce Plan and Construction Drawings. Realistically design every detail in 2D, Elevation, or 3D perspective views. Select catalogs from a 3D Library with thousands of cabinets, appliances, furnishings and textures. For kitchen, bath and interior home design; specifically for interior design professionals. Communicate projects to clie... Read More About Chief Architect Interiors
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Last Updated on : 22 Jun, 2021