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Copper CRM

Copper CRM

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What is Copper CRM? Copper CRM is a CRM tools created for organizations that use Google and G-Suite in their daily operations. Copper CRM software automates the data entry process. It scans your contacts, emails, and other office-related account details and takes information about customers from there. This CRM software is designed precisely the way G Suite looks like, and it allows beginners to get acquainted with the system in a short time. Copper CRM software is designed to simplify all customer management work. It continuously generates alerts for employees to stay updated on their tasks. Copper CRM enables integration with Gmail effortlessly. It facilitates all CRM-related work right from the inbox. For employees using Copper CRM, their inbox becomes the workplace. All the office work can be done through Gmail integrated with Copper CRM. The software tracks lead, handles contact details, and creates a pipeline to visualize the progress made with the customer. Copper CRM tool offers a Google Chrome extension to facilitate seamless functioning that was mentioned above. It utilizes Google Calendars and Hangouts for better planning and connectivity. This CRM software makes use of Google Drive (and Dropbox) to share the necessary documents with other employees. Copper CRM is great software for customer relationship management and highly regarded by CRM professionals. What are the benefits of Copper CRM? Copper has a lot of benefits, here are a few listed below: Copper CRM reduces the time to complete a sales procedure effectively. It improvises reporting by a good margin. The CRM software always gives updates about developments made by salespersons via visual design pipeline. Copper CRM shortens the sales cycle without compromising on the quality of services. This CRM software increases response time. The CRM software understands the workflows and offers predictions for sales forecasts. What is the price of Copper CRM? Copper CRM is available in three different plans; these are: Basic – Rs. 1,400/- per month for three users Professional – Rs. 3,500/- per month per user Business – Rs. 8,500/- per month per user (billed annually) Access to features vary based on the plan. For further inquiries, please request a call, and our sales team will get in touch with you shortly. Copper CRM is a CRM tools created for organizations that use Google and G-Suite in their daily operations. Copper CRM... Read More
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Last Updated on : 18 Apr, 2021