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Ezy Rokad (रोकड़) Software & Products

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Ezy Rokad (रोकड़)

Ezy Rokad (रोकड़)

From Accounting Software

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What is Ezy Rokad? “भारतीय स्टाइल के इस एकाउंटिंग सॉफ्टवेयर की मदद से आप 5 मिनट में रोकड़ पाना छाप सकते है, बिलिंग कर सकते है, तकादा /फरदी लिस्ट निकाल सकते है, होलायती व् उच्चंती , गोदाम वार स्टॉक आदि का हिसाब रख सकते है और GST Return भी लगा सकते है.” Ezy Rokad is a very easy-to-use accounting software that comes with the large number of simple business and accounting features. The software has many unique features that give you the ability to manage inventory, sale, distribution, procurement, and many other processes in your own manual style. Ezy Rokad is easy accounting software that makes accounting processes simple and uncomplicated. The software allows you to manage the accounts in a personal manual style with little or no training. Business owners or individuals can use Ezy Rokad to track their financial transactions or to generate financial reports instantly. One of the major advantages of using Ezy Rokad is that it saves a lot of manual tasks and time. Easy Rokad follows an uncomplicated Indian approach that has made it popular among customers within the country. How does Ezy Rokad Help Businesses with Accounting? Easy Rokad comprises unique features and flexibility which makes it easier for business owners to manage financial procedures and tasks quickly. User-Friendly Features: Easy Rokad is suitable of all customers. A small business owner, a housewife or a person using a laptop for the first time, Ezy Rokad will help you generate the financial reports quickly and efficiently. Even you don’t have an idea of DR/CR accounting and GST, Easy Rokad will act as your personal financial expert and guide you throughout in the process. Simple: The software is simple and helps businesses gain complete visibility into their finances. It is customizable to serve 25 plus trades and is very simple to use. Flexibility: Being an advanced and flexible accounting software, Ezy Rokad users can customize things as per their needs. The software has been customized to serve over 25 trades. Easy Rokad is super simple to use (3-page software) and flexible enough to fit the unique requirements of several businesses. Free Support: Free support helps you to clear doubts related to any tool or process during your financial calculations. Though it is easy accounting software, you will get support for all your query. Easy Rokad Pricing: Ezy Rokad pricing is available at 30 percent discount. You can select plans based on your requirements (be it a lifetime, single user, multi-user) options or number of years. Benefits of Easy Rokad 100% authentic: Easy Rokad is an authentic software suitable for all businesses. You can even request a call or get a free demo to clear your doubts before going for it. Safe and secure payment: The software allows safe and secure payments and it is available in both the languages Hindi & English for user convenience. Assured best price: Users can customize plans according to their business needs. They may choose from a single user, multi-user options, quantity in numbers, and plans in years. Ezy Rokad (रोकड़) Accounting Software: Best Software in Hindi style Ezy Rokad accounting software is the best alternative for these options when it comes to the Hindi style: TallyPrime Busy software Marg Software Comparison of Ezy Rokad with other Accounting Software Ezy Rokad vs Ahead Softpro Universal Accounting Pro Ezy Rokad vs Aakash Infoway Kishan 6.0 Ezy Rokad vs Giddh Accounting Ezy Rokad vs Target one Accounting Software Ezy Rokad vs Busy Accounting Software “भारतीय स्टाइल के इस एकाउंटिंग सॉफ्टवेयर की ... Read More
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EZY Mandi

EZY Mandi

From Sabzi Mandi Software

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What is Ezy Mandi? Ezy Mandi is a sabzi mandi accounting software designed for traders who deal in unprocessed raw food materials such as fruits, vegetables, pulses, and other edible agricultural produce. The software allows users to perform detailed accounting. This sabzi mandi software also allows users to track their challans, orders, inventory search, etc. in record time. Ezy Mandi enables multiple users to work on a single system to manage orders from multiple customers. You can perform diverse functions simultaneously, such as, get the print-out of an old bill while generating a current bill. Ezy Mandi makes simplifies the financial management task for those mandi sellers who have limited knowledge of computers. Why Ezy Mandi Software is so popular among mandi shop owners? The sole reason behind Ezy Mandi’s popularity among its users is that it’s simple to use and helps manage accounting functions easily. You can customize the software, create new entries, manage inventory, and much more from a single platform. Plus, the software directly allows sharing data from Tally. Ezy Mandi improves the daily working of employees and helps them entertain more customers by simply automating the repetitive tasks. What features does Ezy Mandi offer? Here is a quick rundown of the features offered by Ezy Mandi: Indian style account Compliance with GST Automated bank reconciliation Cash book entries in a single page Billing in multiple units Counter sale entry Barcode creation & scanning Customized invoices What is the price of Ezy Mandi? Here are the pricing plans of Ezy Mandi available: Kacchi Mandi – Rs. 12,999/- per year (single user) Kacchi Mandi – Rs. 24,999/- per year (multi-user) Gold – Rs. 16,999/- per year (single user) Gold – Rs. 28,999/- per year (multi-user) Ezy Mandi is a sabzi mandi accounting software designed for traders who deal in unprocessed raw food materials such as... Read More
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Last Updated on : 15 Apr, 2021