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Focus Softnet Software & Products

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Focus 9

Focus 9

From Pharma CRM Software

(7 reviews)

Focus 9 is a fully integrated ERP software designed to maximize the output for various types of operations. Focus 9 so... Read More About Focus 9
Financial Management Inventory Management Billing & Invoicing +8 More
Focus RT
The contract module provided by the software helps users operate their entire workflow and contract process. Here are s... Read More About Focus RT
Financial Management Sales & Marketing Procurement +4 More
Centra CRM

Centra CRM

From CRM Software

(1 reviews)

Centra CRM solution is one of the best CRM Software in India. Focus Softnet offers Centra CRM which is a highly integrat... Read More About Centra CRM
CRM Deployment Management Services +7 More
Focus WMS
Focus Warehouse Management System helps the businesses to minimize the operational costs with efficient distribution. Fo... Read More About Focus WMS
Warehouse Goods Inward Management Goods Outward Management +5 More
Focus MRP
A leading edge focus MRP software solution that incorporates infinite planning capabilities to assist complex manufactur... Read More About Focus MRP
Fixed Asset Management Maintenance Quality Control +4 More
Focus POS

Focus POS

From POS Software

(1 reviews)

Focus POS is a retail management solution that provides enriching in-store experience with effective management of vario... Read More About Focus POS
Dashboard Sales Management Order Management +11 More
Focus i
Focus i is a revolutionary manufacturing erp software that combines business intelligence (BI) tools with traditional... Read More About Focus i
Financial Management Payroll Management HR Management +8 More
Centra HCM

Centra HCM

From HR Software

(2 reviews)

Human Capital Management comprises of different sets of business practices that help with the management and acquisition... Read More About Centra HCM
Business Benefits Functional Benefits Technical Benefits +15 More

Last Updated on : 30 Jul, 2021