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What is iDrive? iDrive is a cloud storage software for enterprises and personal users enabling them to reserve all the data stored within their business computers and mobile devices. The software runs data back up in the background without affecting the actual productivity of its user’s computers. Moreover, it also retains the previous versions of all backed-up files within an individual account, which users can restore as per their requirement. All data transferred and stored within iDrive are secured with 256-bit AES encryption ensuring proper security. Further, with iDrive, enterprises can also create multiple sub-accounts for their employees and business associates, allowing steady backup of unlimited PCs and mobiles. How does iDrive Facilitate Easy Management of Your Data? With iDrive’s dashboard, admins and IT managers can monitor the health of their backups at regular intervals. They can also perform the following tasks with ease: Create: Admins can generate separate accounts for individual users, they can organise them into multiple groups and schedule particular tasks to them. Manage: The dashboard can be used to monitor multiple account-related activities and manage data backups on remote computers. Make Changes: IT Managers can change the settings of particular backup sets and schedules across multiple devices. View: The dashboard facilitates seamless monitoring of information regarding utilization of storage space, recent backups and user-based sub-accounts. Report Generation: Admin users can generate detailed reports about the status of individual devices synced with iDrive accounts and backups processed through them. They can also create a list of multiple recipients and send scheduled reports to them over emails. Pricing of iDrive iDrive is available as per the following pricing options: iDrive Personal: The software charges Rs.4,865 per year offering 2TB storage. iDrive Business: The software charges Rs. 6,965 per year, offering 250GB storage space. In case you are interested to know more about iDrive, do send us a callback request. Our customer care executives will get back to you on the date and time mentioned by you. Compatible Platforms for iDrive iDrive is compatible with Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 versions, Mac OS version 10.10 and later. It also has a dedicated mobile app for Android and iOS platforms. Benefits of iDrive Data Security: All data is secured with 256-bit AES encryption. You can also change privacy settings to the highest level by generating a private key for an individual account during sign up. iDrive runs third party reviews on their network infrastructure at regular intervals, to figure out service vulnerabilities. Create Sub-Accounts: Companies can create multiple sub-accounts for their staff or business associates, within the main iDrive account to facilitate unlimited backup and monitoring. Individuals having access to sub-accounts can back up any number of Macs PCs and smartphones with ease. Versatile File Backup: iDrive supports versatile file types for backup, including both open and locked files, along with MS Excel, QuickBooks, Outlook files and more. iDrive is a cloud storage software for enterprises and personal users enabling them to reserve all the data stored with... Read More About iDrive
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What is RemotePC? RemotePC is a top of the line remote access software which can be used for both domestic and office purposes. The highly scalable interface of RemotePC makes it favourable for companies of all sizes including SOHO types (small office home office). It allows users to work from home or while business trips seamlessly. The software facilitates access to any Mac, PC, or Linux PCs from any device at any time. The software also enables users to do several other tasks such as file management, data transfer, document printing from mapped and unmapped devices. RemotePC encourages users to work in a team setting through collaboration system feature, where they can invite a team member or an associate for a temporary access to their device to work on projects in real-time. RemotePC reviews place it high among the choice of software for remote access workflow. What is RemotePC Helpdesk? RemotePC Helpdesk is a specialized tool built for companies to connect with their customers’ PC through a secure remote access session from any web browser. The purpose of RemotePC helpdesk is to provide real-time customer service without any interruption. This module is powered by an augmented reality (AR) engine via “RemotePC Vision.” It also has the provision of multiple session management where a user can attend several support requests in real-time. The remote access software helps in establishing service queue to effectively channelize all the requests from customers. What are the features offered by RemotePC? Here is a quick rundown of the features offered by RemotePC: Domestic and office usage Scalable system Platform agnostic Remote access always-ON Real-time file transfer Remote printing Whiteboard What is the price of RemotePC? RemotePC pricing varies based on the remote access needs of your organization. For RemotePC download and various other inquiries, please request a call. RemotePC is a top of the line remote access software which can be used for both domestic and office purposes. The highl... Read More About RemotePC
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Last Updated on : 22 Jun, 2021