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Invoay Spa Salon Management Software
What is Invoay Spa Salon Management Software? Invoay is a spa and salon management software that is entirely cloud-based and offers a POS solution. It integrates with enterprise back-end technologies like Microsoft Dynamics, Tally, and SAP to provide better results. Users can integrate the software’s front-end system with the ERP back-ends already present. Its easy-to-learn UI minimizes employee training time. With Invoay, you can build a brand, gain visibility, and retain your clients. Customers can book an appointment, users can manage inventory, and one can maximize profit with accurate billing data. Unique Features of Invoay Spa Salon Management Software Appointment: Spa Room Booking Module Automatic tracking of pre-book appointments Checks for the availability of rooms and resources Appointment confirmation via SMS Track check-in and check-out. Marketing Management: Automated notifications to clients/customers on due service and refill Plan marketing strategies based on client segment and profile Auto recommendation on services and products to clients Reward your clients and customers upon sharing feedback Promote new services and salon products to customers. Customer Management: Know Your Customer (KYC) Record the history of customer visits and payment history Instant gratification and rewards on every customer visit Management of customer balances and advances Automated reminders on product, service, and expiring membership. Also check Complete Retail Pos System BY Invoay Software Pricing of Invoay Spa Salon Management Software There are 3 pricing plans available for Invoay Spa Salon Management Software. These are: Start: The Start plan costs Rs. 19,999/- per year. Grow: This plan comes for Rs. 26,999/- on a yearly basis. Expand: The plan comes for Rs. 39,999/- per year. You can reach out to us via the “request a callback” option on our website. Our support team will provide all the help that you need such as activation and license key, renewal, etc. How does Invoay Spa Salon Management Software help with POS, Inventory, and Chain Outlet Management? POS: GST Invoice Online and Offline Billing Automatic balance of your cash drawer Instant calculation of every sales transaction. Inventory Management: Sends alerts to reorder inventory only when the time is ripe Maintain accurate product counts Analyze all sales for generating the best profit potential Management of product lines by manufacturer Chain Outlets: Common/Independent customer Rates associated with specific regions and stores Warehouse and distribution management Separate returns counter Blind session closure Supported Platforms for Invoay The software is compatible with Windows, iOS, and Android OS. Alternatives of Invoay If you don’t find the software suitable for you, you can go for any one of the following alternatives: Salonist eSalon Spa Software Experts IN Xperts Salon Easy Salon Software Invoay is a spa and salon management software that is entirely cloud-based and offers a POS solution. It integrates wit... Read More About Invoay Spa Salon Management Software
Hair Salon/Spa Management Beauty Parlour Billing Appointment Management +15 More
Invoay Retail POS Software
What is Invoay Retail POS Software? Invoay Retail POS Software is one of the best solutions to get your retail business in order. The POS software for retail helps in managing daily activities of a retail store. Everything from managing relations with suppliers and customers to conducting online payments - Invoay retail POS software covers it all and much more. It provides intelligent features that help retail stores with storage modification, resource allocation, purchase management, etc. It also helps with appointment management, point of sale, membership management, loyalty management & GST accounting. Invoay Retail POS Software is compatible with different types of POS hardware. It can work with both touch and non-touch screens alike. Plus, this software for retail POS can also be integrated with cash drawers for automatic balances. This retail POS software can track your retail store’s daily sales for better financial accounting and employee accountability. Why retail stores prefer Invoay Retail POS System? Invoay Retail POS Software allows retailers to configure the software on their own terms. The software can be used for super market, hypermarket, or even a salon. Retailers can simply enlist the price of all the goods and services to smoothen the checkout process. This retail POS software has intuitive features for marketing management and customer retention. The solution helps manage contact details of customers to run promotional campaigns and wish them on special occasions. The system also provides an in-built option for running SMS campaigns to existing customers regarding new launches and special offers. How is Invoay POS Useful for Business Owners? Usually, business owners have to deal with the multiple task like tracking their sales and looking at the minimum stock requirement for their retail business to ensure that their customer engagement is on track with the market competition. And with the growing demand of hyper local, it's the need for hours to make the business online available to the end customer. Invoay retail POS software brings an omni-channel solution for retailers while they can control and track their business performance from integrated Invoay Pocket mobile applications. What are the features offered by Invoay Retail POS? Here are some key features offered by Invoay Retail POS Software: Point of sale Inventory management Purchase Management Customer management Mobile wallets and prepaid card management Loyalty and membership programs Marketing management Employee management Managing Schedule Integrated eCommerce and mobile applications What is the price of Invoay Retail Software? Invoay Retail POS Software is available in three pricing plans: Start – ₹ 850/- for a month Grow – ₹ 1100/- for a month Expand – ₹ 1900/- for a month Invoay Retail POS Software is one of the best solutions to get your retail business in order. The POS software for reta... Read More About Invoay Retail POS Software
Point of Sale (POS) BackOffice Management Unlimited Employee Users +23 More

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Last Updated on : 10 May, 2021