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What is Keka HRMS? Keka HRMS is a cloud-based solution, aiming to streamline Human Resource operations for enterprises of all sizes. It helps organizations to cap expense claims by monitoring mileage against punch-in timings. Managers can verify employee hours through GPS and IoT tracking. The intuitive system allows employees to view their leave status as well as that of other members within their team, so that they can judiciously apply for leave, comp offs, or work from home. With the system, HRs can configure requisition of new resources, create salary break-ups, and manage new recruits. Business houses can even customize the attendance regulations for specific employee bands or geographic locations. With the best HR software, enterprises can customize the approval workflow according to their business policies. Keka Human Resource Management Software also helps with onboarding, appraisal, exit formalities, and other aspects related to an individual employee. The rich analytics offered by the software help managers to track employee data in consolidated reporting modules, besides analyzing workforce sentiments and identifying relevant business patterns. How does the pulse survey module within Keka HRMS facilitate enhanced work culture? Ongoing Feedback: Enterprises can adopt a continuous listening program with Keka HRMS, by making their staff take part in regular pulse surveys. This way they can discover important metrics on employee behaviour, work environment within the premises and personal relations between managers and subordinates. Development Opportunities: The detailed surveys offer greater insights into team performance and helps management discover team development opportunities and resolve the evolving problems in real-time. 8 Key Metrics: This payroll management system has developed the entire survey mechanism based on 8 key metrics, consisting of meaningful questions. Thus helping managers to focus on quantitative facets that will help them identify rising issues on-time. Anonymous Feedback: Employees can voice honest opinions with Keka human resource management software in an anonymous way. Pricing of Keka HRMS Keka HRMS software for business is available in the following price options: Foundation: The plan charges Rs. 6999 for 100 users on a monthly basis. Strength: The plan charges Rs. 9999 for 100 users on a monthly basis. Growth: The plan charges Rs. 13,999 for 100 years on a monthly basis. Send us a callback request if you want to know more about the product. Our technical experts will get back to you as per your convenience. Benefits of Keka HRMS Flexible Adjustments: Organizations can review and analyze all unpaid attendance and leave deductions, and make required adjustments. Ad Hoc and Expense: Managers can view all reimbursement claims and choose to either release or hold the payment for the next pay run. FNF: The automated system keeps track of all new joiners and disengaging employees for smooth settlement of full and final payment. Employee Timeline: The entire journey of an individual employee gets captured and showcased within a single frame. All recent information gets updated within the software’s database in an automated manner. Unified Document View: Employees can upload their documents within the cloud database of the human resource management software in a hassle-free manner. HRs get to verify them as per their convenience and business needs. Compare Keka HRMS With Other Human Resource Management HR Software Keka HRMS vs Qandle HRMS Keka HRMS is a cloud-based solution, aiming to streamline Human Resource operations for enterprises of all sizes. It he... Read More
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