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What is EFF FACTOR SOFTWARE? EFF FACTOR SOFTWARE is one of the best office management software for a wide range of office professionals. This office management system is best suited for: Auditor and accountants Lawyers and law agencies Architects and interior designers IT companies Consultants Manufacturing plants Office automation tools by EFF Factor software professionals streamline their daily work and effectively channelize all their projects to a single platform. EFF Factor software makes project management seamless. It has all the features which help professionals run their business in the best shape. The office management software covers tasks such as financial dealings, accounting, work progress updates, etc. EFF Factor software helps professionals simplify the arduous task of computing billable and non-billable hours on a real-time basis. The software eliminates any scope of human error to reduce overall chances mismanagements in the project. It digitally cross-checks every step to ensure that the work is going smoothly and accurately. What are the features offered by EFF Factor Office Management System? Here is a quick overview of the features and office automation tools offered by EFF Factor software: Quick and effortless user logs for designations User-friendly data capturing Captures billable and non-billable work hours Customer feedback portal Graphical reporting Designation based reporting for every employee Reports up-gradation on a real-time basis Project and employee wise profitability and efficiency reporting Reports can be viewed and edited How does EFF Factor Office Management Software enhance client handling? Client management is an important aspect for numerous professions such as lawyer, architects, CAs, etc. EFF Factor software helps such professionals prioritize client interests. And enables them to record the client requirements completely. So that they can provide them with the best possible services. In addition to that, the office management software also helps in calculating the charges of a project by keeping track of billable hours. Professionals can also utilize this software to complete projects with a pre-defined budget. This automated office system can track all the on-going expenses and offers actionable insights for cost-cutting and saving time. What is the price of EFF Factor software? Please request a call for price related inquiries regarding EFF Factor software office management software. EFF FACTOR SOFTWARE is one of the best office management software for a wide range of office professionals. This office... Read More About EFF FACTOR SOFTWARE
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Last Updated on : 15 May, 2021