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What is Jobitus? Jobitus is a web-based job applicant tracker and recruitment management solution for small and medium-sized enterprises. It helps in managing multiple applications captured from various sources centrally. Organizations can reduce hiring time and enhance the quality of recruitment with automation. Corporates can build their own databases containing candidate profiles that match with their hiring needs. The program facilitates enterprises to communicate with their candidates, vendors, and business associates, putting everything on a common platform. With Jobitus, business houses can manage multiple branches and personalize role-based access permission for their employees and franchise partners. The software enables organizations to accept resumes in numerous formats, including PDF, RTF, Doc, and Docx. Its in-built resume parse boosts the hiring process. The detailed analytics offered by the software allows organizations to generate insightful reports on candidates, recruitment activities and other operations. Organizations also get to streamline bills, invoices, and tax reports with the same. What type of options are offered by Jobitus to recruitment agencies? Develop new clients: Agencies can develop new business opportunities, work with new clients and check out job openings from non-existing clients. Invoice automation: The software offers an automated invoice management system, with timely follow-ups. Permissions: Recruiters can assign role-based access permissions using Jobitus. It is most suitable for franchises, branches and freelance recruiters. Monitor business growth: Recruitment agencies can monitor the growth of their business, at multiple stages, using the wide variety of business management tools offered by Jobitus. Pricing of Jobitus The pricing of Jobitus is available on request. To know more about the software, kindly request a callback. Our technical experts will get back to you in real-time. Benefits of Jobitus Centralized Management: Organizations can track applicants sourced from multiple sectors with a centralized system. Recruiters can monitor candidates’ progressing through defined stages and schedule interviews in an instance with the bulk scheduler module. Own Database: With the recruitment management software, enterprises can build their own databases, as per their unique recruiting requirements. Hiring managers can use advanced filters to capture potential profiles matching their criteria and accept resumes in every format. Optimized Job Posting: Recruiters can share job postings on external platforms like job boards, social media, aggregators, etc. They can also manage to record walk-ins and schedule telephonic interviews, optimizing the selection process. Jobitus is a web-based job applicant tracker and recruitment management solution for small and medium-sized enterprises... Read More
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Last Updated on : 18 Apr, 2021