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RealVNC Connect
What is RealVNC Connect? RealVNC Connect is a remote access software designed for companies to tackle IT issues of clients located at distant locations. For example, bus depot operators can manage their IT infrastructure of all the locations centrally with remote access. The software allows clients to share their screen and provide remote connection to a computer working from anywhere in the world. RealVNC Connect is a one stop solution for all the remote access requirements. This remote-control software facilitates two important functions, these are: Device Access: Admins can add device access to the VNC viewer online and manage computers on their own. Once the software is installed onto the targeted computers, any person in the team can have access to the device directly or through cloud. This capability is useful for departmental teams, IT support teams, and for the integration of suppliers and customers. Instant Support: The instant support allows users to connect to a customer or colleague’s computer in few seconds with their permission. It allows the user to perform complex tasks without leaving any footprint behind. It is perfect for IT support in a BYOD (bring your own device) offices and is quite popular amongst service desk technicians. What are the benefits of using RealVNC Connect? Here are some of the benefits of using RealVNC Connect: Remote and distributed working BYOD policy management Expansion of business ecosystem Boosts efficiency Risk reduction Time and money saving Instant deployment Full session security Easy to use Extensive platform support What are the features offered by RealVNC Connect? Here are some core features offered by RealVNC Connect: Instinctive remote control Tested performance Cross-platform working Remote-control access Direct and cloud connectivity Connection on demand and pre-installation Real-time file transfer What is the price of RealVNC Connect? The price of RealVNC Connect varies based on consumer requirements. Please request a call for more information regarding the software. RealVNC Connect is a remote access software designed for companies to tackle IT issues of clients located at distant l... Read More About RealVNC Connect
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Last Updated on : 22 Jun, 2021