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What is RingCentral? RingCentral is a web-based video conferencing software. That helps its users initiate collaboration, screen sharing, messaging and video/audio calling among their large and small teams in real-time. By using RingCentral, users can assign tasks, update stakeholders and manage multiple projects from any location across the globe. Most importantly, advanced KPIs and intuitive metrics offered by the software helps its users set up automatic alerts for business-related reports. They can download and share those reports with their internal team to facilitate a detailed analysis of individual business metrics. Further, the user’s data is stored within the software’s world-class data centers and servers. The whole system is audited on a monthly basis to ensure maximum security. Why is RingCentral Webinar Software Important For Your Business? RingCentral Webinar software allows its users to host online training, product launch events, executive briefings and sales presentations for 10,000 attendees at a time. They can customize the entry forms, add brand logos and unique questions within the forms as per their business requirements. Moreover, hosting a webinar saves a lot of travel-related expenses for their company. Further, users can add interactive questions and live polls within a webinar to gather their participants’ opinions in real-time. Users also get to record their webinar sessions and share them for further follow-ups, employee training and product briefings. Pricing of RingCentral Video Conferencing Software RingCentral is available as per the following plans and pricing: Essentials: ₹1522.03 per month or individual user Standard: ₹1902.74 per month for individual user Premium: ₹ 2554.14 per month for individual user Ultimate: ₹ 3806.24 per month for individual user You can send us a callback request. Our product experts will assist you regarding RingCentral activation key and license renewal. Compatible Platforms for RingCentral RingCentral is compatible with Windows 7 and later versions MacOS 10.7 and later versions There is a dedicated RingCentral app for Android and iOS users. What are the benefits of using RingCentral? User-friendly: RingCentral features a friendly user interface enabling its users to operate the software in a hassle-free manner without undergoing any vigorous training. Centralized Monitoring System: Admins can manage audio and video calls, webinars, clients and queues using the centralized monitoring system offered by RingCentral. Targeted Reporting: By using RingCentral users get access to advanced metrics and out of the box KPIs which makes targeted reporting a simple process for them. Users can also set up automated email alerts to get notified about important reports in time. Security: The software offers strong access controls, includes built-in support for regulatory requirements and can detect threats and mitigations in real-time. Enterprise-grade video conferencing: By using RingCentral, users get to experience HD quality audio and video conferencing. They can receive or make calls across any global location to connect with clients. Compare Ringcentral With Other Most Popular Instant Messaging Software Ringcentral vs Troop Messenger RingCentral is a web-based video conferencing software. That helps its users initiate collaboration, screen sharing, me... Read More
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Last Updated on : 13 Apr, 2021