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What is Sigmanest? Sigmanest is an advanced nesting program for architectural firms and individual designers, helping them in streamlining projects from quotation to delivery. It provides multiple customizable modules that can be optimized as per the manufacturing needs of an individual business. With this software, architects can import parts from any leading CAD systems. In Sigmanest, parts get grouped into tasks in an automated manner, based on the machines and materials they are related to. Further, architects also get to enhance their machine motion and material usage. Users can post programs to their profile, cutting machines and track overall productivity from start to end. Sigmanests intuitive interface and active integration with CAD sets it apart from the rest. How does Sigmanest simplify online architecture designing requirements of your enterprise? Common Line Pair: The align rotate command saves machine time and delivers better results along with lesser click fatigue. Task Parameters: Designers can apply cutting conditions directly on the materials, reducing reprogrammed nests with incorrect cutting parameters. It also improves the efficiency in workflows in real-time. Memory Manager: Users can reduce the waiting time for complex calculations. They can use the available system memory to boost speed while nesting or completing any high processor functions. Dynamic Array: With the Array command, users get faster results in lesser clicks/time. Nesting Improvements: With HD Super Nest, users get access to the Continuous Nesting module along with the best sheet options. Multi Drop Module: The HD engine nests common cut parts in columns. Multidrop NC applies a toolpath to process sheets from left to right. Scraps and parts in every completed column get dropped before the next column is processed. Machine Motion: The machine motion module facilitates faster programming and enhanced user experience. The Compatible Platforms for Sigmanest Sigmanest architectural software is compatible with Windows operating systems. Pricing of Sigmanest The pricing of Sigmanest is available on request. To know more about the software, feel free to request a callback. Our product experts will get back to you within one or two business dates. Benefits of Sigmanest Intelligent Nesting: Smart algorithms at Sigmanest optimize material savings by using mirroring, part rotation, etc. The nesting strategy plans are dedicated to complex machines, accounts for clamps, hold downs, bevel cutting, repositioning, along with other secondary processes. The system allows nesting parts for special operations and materials such as drop door part ejection, right angle shear, common line cutting, etc. It offers automated options for the best possible sheet priority and sheet size. Inventory Management: With the First in First out system of Remnant Nesting module, architectural firms can sustain a lean inventory. Users can track down their inventory and cost through the integrated database related to stocks and remnant materials, besides tracking sheet and heat number in real-time. The integrations with MRP and ERP solutions, ensure correct sheet quantities. Efficiency: The architecture solution helps designers to get their cutting time reduced and capacity enhanced. The nesting solutions offered by the portal helps to save 4% on average of remnant and new use. A centralized control gives designers more flexibility. Sigmanest helps in gaining detailed insight and gets controlled by integrating operational data. Organizations also get access to automation and rapid programming solutions. Sigmanest is an advanced nesting program for architectural firms and individual designers, helping them in streamlining... Read More About Sigmanest
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Last Updated on : 22 Jun, 2021