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What is Skype? Skype is an advanced audio, video conferencing and best online meeting software designed for personal communication as well as for corporate meetings with up to 50 clients. You can even record all the audio and video calls, write live captions in a meeting or add subtitles while presenting an idea to your clients. Further, the smart messaging feature of the software allows its users to add GIFs, citations and reactions of their choice. Moreover, Skype is available across 26 countries, enabling its users to connect with each other over voice calls, texts and video calls as well. Users can make calls to landline numbers or send SMS to mobile numbers, using their individual Skype numbers. How is Skype translator useful for its users? Users get to break down all language-related barriers using the real-time language translator offered by the software. The voice translator is capable of translating conversations in 10 languages which includes French, Russian, Arabic, German, Italian and more. The text translator can translate 60+ languages enabling its users to communicate with each other in a seamless manner. Moreover, the Skype Translator uses a machine learning mechanism and it gets smarter with every use. Thus, offering a better experience to its users. Pricing of Skype The pricing of Skype is available on request. You can request us for a callback. Our product experts will get back to you with a negotiable quote. Compatible Platforms for Skype Skype is compatible with: Microsoft Windows version 7,8, 8.1 and 10. Mac OS 10.8 or later versions. What are the benefits of using Skype? Search while on a conversation: Users can find out important quotes, messages and topics as per their requirement by pressing Ctrl+F and Command+F buttons on Windows and MacOS to enable the Find window. Voicemail: Skype allows its users to set in voicemails on their Skype number, enabling the callers to leave a message at times when users are too busy to attend a call. Skype to go: Users can make calls or receive one from international numbers at a low call cost, using Skype to go feature of the software. Skype Connect: With Skype, users can make or receive calls on their office phone by integrating it with their existing VoIP or SIP phone systems. Advanced SMS: Users can text messages to any mobile number located at any place all around the globe using the Skype platform. Compare Skype With Other Best Instant Messaging Software Skype vs Troop Messenger Skype is an advanced audio, video conferencing and best online meeting software designed for personal communication as... Read More
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Last Updated on : 23 Apr, 2021