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What is Speechmatics? Speechmatic is speech to text recognition software powered by machine learning with high accuracy. Speechmatic supports talk to text in 74 languages. The software is available on both cloud and on-premise for users; it can also be embedded in devices. It uses a custom language build substructure i.e., automatic linguist, which lets the software learn new languages at a high pace. Speechmatic boasts a high accuracy level that is further boosted by the custom dictionary feature. You can add new words to a language quickly. Speechmatic takes a new approach to recognize the English language, and it provides accurate speech recognition despite the user’s accent. Features of Speechmatic Speech to Text: Speechmatic gives a very accurate speech to text conversion. Accuracy: Speechmatic constantly delivers a low word error rate across all the languages it is supporting. Speechmatic provides frequent testing of the languages they are offering to keep a check on word error rate. Language Coverage: It is an industry major in language coverage. Speechmatic is getting updated with new vocabulary to meet business-relevant needs. Flexible Locating: Speechmatics can be installed with cloud services to avail its speech-to-text technology in real-time. Or, one can avail a pre-recorded (batch) files for on-premise installation. Speechmatics provides adjustable deployment. Custom Dictionary and Sounds Feature: Speechmatic allows its users to add context-specific words to its dictionary. It enhances your transcription accuracy. This feature enables you to define the context of a conversation in advance. You can input variables like name, accents, abbreviations, acronyms, special, or industry-specific language, et cetera. Advanced Punctuation: Speechmatics give advanced punctuation, that is built over 2.5 billion words and holds an industry-leading set of supported punctuation marks. This optimizes the pace and ease of reading a transcript for human users. Speaker Identification: The software identifies a change of speaker within the user’s transcript. It adds a token automatically when the change in the speaker is noticed. This helps in easing the transcript modification for readability. Speechmatic Pricing Speechmatic provides flexible pricing, as the prices vary on factors like size of the operation, setup (cloud or on-premise), etc. Speechmatics can be embedded with your mobile applications. Speechmatic is speech to text recognition software powered by machine learning with high accuracy. Speechmatic support... Read More
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Last Updated on : 13 Apr, 2021