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Splashtop Remote Support
What is Splashtop Remote Support? Splashtop Remote Support is a remote access software that is ideal for IT professionals, helpdesk services, and MSPs (Managed Service Providers). It has a reliable design which helps users in supporting computers and servers of their clients from remote locations. It also enables the deployment of both attended and unattended support system. This remote access software facilitates connection and support from laptops, PCs, mobile devices, and Chromebook. Splashtop Remote Support can be easily deployed to units that require backing, with the choice of making their own packages which can be easily distributed to clients for installation. Admins can create user groups with complete control over data access and privileges. It also leaves no rooms for security loopholes as every remote session is encrypted with device authentication, passwords, and firewall that actively prevent any type of data theft. Benefits of using Splashtop Remote Support Here are some key benefits of using Splashtop Remote Support: Remote Support and Access via Any Device: This software offers users with the capabilities to access and support the servers and computers remotely from any device. This feature is even available to your clients. Quick Deployment: The remote access solution can be instantly deployed on remote systems. Companies can also create their customized version of the software and send the link to clients for installation. Unattended and Attended Access: Users are enabled to deliver both attended and unattended types of device control. The attended support allows companies to manage remote devices and servers in the presence of client. However, the unattended facilitates feature allows making changes in a remote system even when the client is not around. User Group Management: The software allows admins to create user groups to organize the technicians who are helping the clients. It also helps in tracking the work of technicians. What are the features offered by Splashtop Remote Support? Here is a quick overview of the features offered by Splashtop Remote Support: Access from any device Quick deployment Remote printing Group computers File transferring during session What is the price of Splashtop Remote Support? The price of Splashtop Remote Support varies based on the user requirements. Please request a call for further inquiries. Splashtop Remote Support is a remote access software that is ideal for IT professionals, helpdesk services, and MSPs (... Read More About Splashtop Remote Support
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Last Updated on : 22 Jun, 2021