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What is SutiExpense? SutiExpense is a top of the class expense management system for Indian companies. It has an artificial intelligence engine system in place to detect expense frauds in real-time. Companies can benefit greatly from SutiExpense by automating a large number of their workflows. Furthermore, the utilization of the machine learning system can assist in the analysis of expenditure patterns and identification of anomalies around the expenses. The expense management software helps in automating the expense reporting process and leaves employees for capturing the receipts and adding new expenses. SutiExpense uses voice commands for reporting expenses on the go. This feature is expanded to chatbot, credit card reconciliation, tiered approval of workflows, and setting the business rules engine, among many others. The software is heavily customizable according to the user requirements. Plus, it has a user-friendly interface that enables users to get acquainted with software quickly. SutiExpense enables organizations to integrate the expense manager with the ongoing APIs for data transfer and seamless workflows. How does SutiExpense work? Here is how SutiExpense works in four simple steps: Employees create, submit and manage the expense reports in real-time through SutiExpense. It includes travel expenses, asset purchases, etc. Artificial Intelligence enables the enforcement of expenditure policies and automatically complies with it for processing the documents created by employees. Once, the document is verified, it is forwarded to the managers for approval. Once the documents are approved, it is checked for eligibility under reimbursements and then proceeded accordingly. All the data is forwarded to the dashboard and reports are generated appropriately. Features of SutiExpense Here is a quick overview of the features offered by SutiExpense: Travel Chatbot Expense Report Receipt Processing Approvals Workflow Budget Controls Integration Payment Reports and Analytics Security Administration Expense Audit Rule Return on Investment Calculator Price of SutiExpense The price of SutiExpense starts at Rs. 600/- per month per user. SutiExpense is a top of the class expense management system for Indian companies. It has an artificial intelligence en... Read More About SutiExpense
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From HR Software

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What is SutiHR? SutiHR is a cloud-based comprehensive human resource monitoring solution, equipped with analytical tools that are capable of optimizing every aspect in an individual business, from recruitment to retirement. The program helps organizations automate talent management, time tracking and core HR operations. Enterprises can store and share unlimited documents, configure workflows, and offer benefit plans to individual employees. Managers can configure tasks alerts like training, reviews, certificates, etc. The integrated solution also helps to run complex payroll variations, track applicants, manage expenses, evaluate talent, and generate data-rich reports. HRs get to manage PTO requests, schedule multiple shifts, projects, and other crucial operations. 360-degree assessment feedback facilitated by SutiHR, enables multi-level evaluation of performances showcased by individual employees. How does SutiHR turn out to be a comprehensive HRM platform? Applicant Tracking: The software helps HR managers post job vacancies on multiple career sites, send mass email notifications, and manage their hiring pipeline. Integrations with Indeed and Resume Parsing enhance the talent acquisition process. Further, enterprises can automate their onboarding tasks and monitor new hires as they move through the orientation process. Goal Management: Managers can set visible goals and KPIs, motivating employees to achieve their targets. The workforce management solution allows organizations to use goals with or without the performance review module. Managers can align an individual target with the organizational goal and foster business outputs. They can measure goals based on various methods, like SMART and design team based goals as well. Succession Planning: The analytical program helps supervisors monitor tendencies and potential talents. Management can streamline their future appraisals based on the skills and talent showcased by individual employees. Pricing of SutiHR The pricing of SutiHR is available on request. For further details, please request a callback. Our product specialists will get back to you at your desired time. Benefits of SutiHR Budgeting: Organizations can define expense limits and control project-related budgets using the online HR software. With accurate cost and work data management can eliminate unnecessary guesswork and scale their business productivity in real-time. Shift Scheduling: With SutiHR time and attendance solution, enterprises can generate shift schedules, monitor employee attendance and time-off requests. Managers get real-time alerts on shift overlaps, droppings and more. They can effectively reduce mal-practices like late arrivals, absenteeism, proxy attendance etc. Expense Tracking: Organizations can control employee expenses on travel, accommodation, food, etc., within a centralized monitoring system. They can generate expense reports to counter gaps between the actual amount and the claimed amount. SutiHR is a cloud-based comprehensive human resource monitoring solution, equipped with analytical tools that are capab... Read More About SutiHR
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Enterprise Document Management Software
SutiDMS is the best document management software that enables organizations to automate and manage the complete document and file management cycle. Its robust functionality helps companies with managing business documents, version control, process workflows, records, and folders from a centralized location. The online document management software has been integrated with SutiSign eSignature solution to simplify the approval process. SutiDMS is the best document management software that enables organizations to automate and manage the complete document... Read More About Enterprise Document Management Software
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From CRM Software

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SutiCRM is an online CRM software that automates the processes of marketing, sales, support, and contracts from a single multi-sided platform(MSP). This cloud CRM software helps organizations nurture new leads and customers while maintaining strong relationships with existing ones. This centralized, customizable, and easy-to-use cloud CRM software meets the requirements for businesses of all sizes. SutiCRM is an online CRM software that automates the processes of marketing, sales, support, and contracts from a single... Read More About SutiCRM
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SutiAP Accounts Payable Software
What is SutiAP Online Accounting Software? SutiAP is a cloud-based business accounting software that offers accounts payable solutions to small and medium businesses. It assists you in easily tracking payments, invoices, reports and approvals at any time and from anywhere. It streamlines your company’s accounts payable process by giving you accuracy, complete control and visibility. SutiAP helps in enhancing supplier and company relationships by offering a completely automated cycle of accounts payable process. It has automated the entire process of accounts payable with the help of coding, capturing, submissions, payment and approval of invoices. You can gain full control over your business by integrating your travel & expense management and procurement management processes. Why Choose SutiAP Business Accounting Software? Companies with a manual process for accounts payable have to pay a heavy price of delay, time crunch and even losing money. With SutiAP, all this is never a problem as all the processes are automated in a cost-effective manner. Automated PO and Invoicing Cost-effective due to being paperless and reduced storage and shipping errors Easily manage records with the help of the latest technology and continuous technical support Timely payments of products as you can track who owes you what Zero duplication and any unauthorized payment Automated approval workflow Faster payments, giving room for early payment discounts Smart Financial Management with SutiAP Accounts Payable Software SutiAP is packed with robust analytics features and helps companies in accessing their expenses and make wise but quick business decisions. For doing so, it is essential that one can look into their accounts payable at any time and from anywhere. Hence, SutiAP business accounting software comes in multiple integration setups and can be used by almost any device. You can use it on your android device, your laptop or desktop. It works with Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS and on web browser. Small and medium businesses can benefit the best from SutiAP business accounting software due to its customized options, completely based on the business’s requirements. SutiAP comes in multiple language formats and also has multiple formats for invoicing. Benefits of Using SutiAP Online Accounting Software Here’re some of the unique benefits offered by SutiAP online accounting software: Exceptional OCR - SutiAP’s Optical Character Recognition can analyze multiple invoices at once and auto-populate the data. Multiple eSignature Options - SutiAP business accounting software offers multiple signature options like dynamic, touchpad and static to securely approve purchase orders and invoices. System Integration - SutiAP can smoothly work with external applications like SAP, Oracle, NetSuite and many more. Intuitive Dashboard - SutiAP has an intuitive, real-time dashboard offering essential insights into the complete process. Intelligent Automation - SutiAP accounts payable software offers automated purchase orders creations and invoicing along with an automated approval workflow. SutiAP Accounts Payable Software Pricing To know about SutiAP Accounts Payable Software’s pricing or to know the software, you can request a call back from our product expert. SutiAP is a cloud-based business accounting software that offers accounts payable solutions to small and medium busines... Read More About SutiAP Accounts Payable Software
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From Digital Signature Software

What is SutiSign Digital Signature Software? SutiSign is an online digital signature software that provides flexible signing options for a company to never miss out on any business/commercial deal. It helps you to get significant contracts and deals signed and approved from any device. SutiSign can be used from any corner of the world, what separates it from other digital signature software is that it provides real-time handwritten and static signature verification for authenticating a user. Digital signatures have played a significant role in the digital transformation of businesses. Updated and Interactive User Interface of SutiSign Digital Signature Software Based on the interactive algorithms, SutiSign can match the registered templates with parameters extracted from a signature. This helps in verifying the user and continue with that big bucks deal. One of the best digital signature software online, SutiSign enables the users to send multiple documents within seconds and begin receiving signatures. To ensure that every e-signature is legally binding, SutiSign complies with e-signature laws like ESIGN, UETA and EU Directives. Advantages of SutiSign Digital Signature Software In today’s world, where meeting everyone isn’t always possible, you cannot miss a great deal just because you have the paperwork ready. That’s where SutiSign comes in. Easy to use across businesses and locations - With SutiSign digital signature app, you have the liberty to get your clients sign a document using their smartphone or even a tablet. Tracking Workflow - You can easily track who has signed, opened, or approved a document and who is holding up the deal. You get a complete trail of who has viewed the document and that too, without any actual paper. Convenient - You can collect multiple documents, approval and signatures all at one time, without having to print anything. Enhanced client experience - Since your clients wouldn’t have to wait for the hard copy to sign, the document and the work would be done within minutes, they will trust your company for your efficient way of working. Vast storage options - With SutiSign digital signature app, you will have a central document repository to store all the important documents. Paperless - You do not need to print any document, all your work will be done in the software itself, which makes your organization eco-friendly and efficient. Increased collaboration - Since you and your clients will get to communicate more often virtually, this will help in getting to know their requirements better. This will give you an edge to perform better than the competitors. SutiSign Digital Signature Software Pricing To know more about pricing, reach out to our team of consultants by clicking on the link below, and we will contact with you at your requested time. SutiSign is an online digital signature software that provides flexible signing options for a company to never miss out... Read More About Sutisign
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