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What is Talentcube? Talentcube is a web-based recruitment management and applicant tracking solution for enterprises looking out for strategy-based talent acquisition mechanisms. The software offers intuitive recruitment services for building a high performing talent pool, ensuring long-lasting employee retention. With an automated voice interview module, the program streamlines the recruitment process in an organised manner so that no recruiter misses out on an appointment or a vital candidate follow-up. The system offers pre-built and customizable evaluation modules for effective filtration of skilled candidates. Detailed analytics offered by Talentcube, facilitates recruiters with actionable insights into their applicants and hiring processes. Recruiters can drill down and identify the right candidate for their organization and nurture them for prospective future roles by leveraging on advanced tools offered by Talentcube. How does Talentcube facilitate an enhanced recruitment management procedure? Applicant Sourcing: The interactive recruitment campaign management solution, helps enterprises by significantly reducing their applicant sourcing time. Moreover, the in-built modules like automated no-touch evaluation, single-click profile downloads, enables talent acquisition teams to filter out skilled candidates in an efficient manner. Evaluations: The system offers customizable, pre-set skills and personality assessment tests. These tests help enterprises evaluate the individual skills of different applicants and decide whether the person is suitable for the given job role or not. Collaborative Reviews: A collaborative review process offered by Talentcube, allows recruiters go through multiple interviews within a short time span and get the most qualified candidate possessing impressive skills on board. Pricing of Talentcube The pricing of Talentcube is available on request. If you want to know more about the solution, please feel free to request a callback. Our team will get back to you in real-time. Benefits of Talentcube Automation: Talentcube recruitment management software automates hiring onboarding related complex tasks. Recruiters can review more candidates in less time. Thus resulting in a diverse and robust talent pool. Monitoring: Supervisors can manage multiple recruiting tasks within a centralized hub. They can set visible goals, criteria, and qualifications for every recruitment process. This way, all members will be on the same page. Talentcube is a web-based recruitment management and applicant tracking solution for enterprises looking out for strate... Read More
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Last Updated on : 18 Apr, 2021