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SketchUp Pro
What is SketchUp Pro? SketchUp Pro is a computer modeling program designed by Trimble. This architect design software can be used to develop a wide range of drawing applications such as interior designs, civil, mechanical engineering, video games, films, and architectural designs. SketchUp Pro believes that simple is powerful. It has a wide array of 3D design tools that offer the most innovative ways to create designs and communicate their ideas accurately by creating 3D models. How has SketchUp Pro made 3D Modelling an easy procedure? SketchUp Pro allows users to create professional-looking 3D models with ease. Drawing with Hands: The software allows users to draw by using their hands. Pre-built Extensions: With the 100+ professionally developed pre-built extensions within the software, users are allowed to create sustainable designs. Sharing and Collaboration: SketchUp Pro also allows users to share their designs with their designing teams and clients. Pricing of SketchUp Pro The pricing of SketchUp Pro is available as per your needs and demands. If you are interested in using the software, you can request us a callback. Our customer care representatives will get back to you shortly. If you are already using SketchUp Pro and want to upgrade it to the latest version, you can drop us a renewal request. The Latest Version of SketchUp Pro The latest version of the software is SketchUp Pro 2019.3. Compatible Platforms for SketchUp Pro SketchUp Pro is available for Windows and macOS platforms. Currently, it can only be used in desktops. What are the Benefits of using SketchUp Pro? SketchUp Pro offers a vast range of beneficiary tools to its users. Compatibility- The software is compatible with all other designing tools in the user’s toolbox. Customizable- SketchUp Pro allows users to customize their project styles as per their needs and demands, thus creating unique projects. SketchUp Objects- The software’s SketchUp Objects feature allows users to work faster and smarter. Inferencing- The software uses inferencing procedure and offers accuracy in 3D modeling along with speed. Report Generation- SketchUp Pro allows users to generate detailed reports so that they can show them to their stakeholders to keep them informed about work progress. SketchUp Pro is a computer modeling program designed by Trimble. This architect design software can be used to develop... Read More
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Trimble Fleet Management Solution
What is Trimble Fleet Management Solution? Trimble fleet management solution is a fleet tracking and management software that empowers vehicle owners and fleet managers with GPS-based real-time monitoring and tracking of vehicles over the internet, anytime and anywhere. The solution is designed in a modular format to enhance tracking flexibility. One can analyze and track fleet performance by virtue of exception alerts and MIS reports. Trimble Fleet Management Solution helps improve the vehicle turnaround time and reduces operating costs for the customers by combining wireless communication, GPS and other internet technologies. The software also ensures the safety of passengers and vehicles by offering an increased level of real-time reports, information, and alerts. The software ensures maximum construction productivity and checks whether support vehicles are effectively utilized and deployed at job sites. You can also optimize your vehicular rental services by using Trimble Fleet Management Solution. Benefits of Trimble Fleet Management Solution There are 6 benefits of using Trimble Fleet Management Solution: Increase Fleet Visibility: Trimble PULSE fleet telematics tracking software ensures whether your vehicles are in their appropriate place at the right time. Lower Operating Costs: Through active tracking of the driver behavior, fuel consumption and idle time measurement, you can optimize the fleet operating cost. Improve Driver Safety: Using Trimble PULSE fleet telematics tracking software, you can monitor how the vehicles are driven to reduce speeding and other harsh manoeuvres. Evaluate Driver Behavior: The software enables you to evaluate driver behavior and provides coaching or tutorial to correct his unsafe activities. Manage Vehicle Maintenance: Proactive vehicle maintenance management reduces mechanical failures so that the car doesn’t get stuck mid-way. Route Awareness: The software optimizes a driver regarding the unsafe locations and routes so that he doesn’t take them. Pricing of Trimble Fleet Management Solution The pricing of Trimble Fleet Management Solution is completely customizable. You can request a callback to get all the insights regarding cost, activation and license key and renewal of your current plan. How does Trimble Fleet Management Solution ensure increased driver productivity? Improve Fleet Efficiency: The software can effectively manage the fleet of vehicles and render quality service. Optimize Driver Safety: The software comes inbuilt with road alert capabilities for drivers to reduce road mishaps. Driver Productivity: Driver productivity has improved by over 10,400 hours per year with Trimble Driver Logs. Achieve Notable Savings: The software helps monitor fleet operations in real-time and identify stolen vehicles and dismiss any false insurance claims. Supported Platforms of Trimble Fleet Management Solution The software runs exclusively on Windows OS and is supported on desktop version only. Trimble fleet management solution is a fleet tracking and management software that empowers vehicle owners and fleet ma... Read More
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Tekla Bimsight

Tekla Bimsight

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