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Troop Messenger

Troop Messenger

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What is Troop Messenger? Troop Messenger is a feature rich collaboration software used for the seamless one-on-one and group communication. The software helps improve inter and intra-team communications with an innovatively designed chat messenger. Troop Messenger facilitates high quality communication and allows team members to come together virtually and discuss projects, business ideas, work plan, etc. It has a scalable design that works for businesses of all sizes. One of the standout features of Troop Messenger is the self-hosting service. Companies/users can save all the communication in their preferred location. Troop Messenger Founder & CEO Sudhir Naidu aim for Troop Messenger is designed with information security as a priority function. It offers a unique feature called “Burnout.” It allows teammates to set a timer to have a private chat. Once the timer stops it automatically deletes the chat from the storage. Why Choose Troop Messenger Collaboration Tool Instant messaging with the options for message recall, copying chat conversations, forwarding messages to groups, etc. Uninterrupted video calls to manage projects, deadlines, group discussions with your team. The chat background can be customized with interactive wallpaper themes. It ensures crystal clear audio messages. It provides a private chat window where messages don’t get saved. Helps with live location tracking of your employees. Provides features for file sharing & screen sharing at the time of instant and group chats. Main Key Features of Troop Messenger: Instant Messaging:- one on one messaging, Recall, Copy, Info (Unique Feature), Reply, Forward, Delete Calling:- video call, Voice Call Groups:- Unlimited Group Wallpapers Help Tile Setting Audio Messaging (Unique Feature) Dashboard Profile Splashboard Troop Messenger Burnout (Unique Feature) ForKout Live Location Tracking Emoji Layout Sharing: File Sharing, Screen Sharing Read Receipts Edit (Unique Feature) Responds Later (Unique Feature) Flagging Search: Global Search, Text Search Search Filters:- Advanced Search Filters, Time Filters Unread Messages Mute Conversations (Unique Feature) Favourite Users Message History Live Chat Support Data Record Storage: 150GB, 1TB What is the price of Troop Messenger? Troop Messenger is available in two plans, these are: Premium Plan – ₹ 75 per month per user Premium Plan – ₹ 900 per year per user Enterprise Plan – ₹ 375 per month per user Enterprise Plan – ₹4500 per year per user Compare Troop Messenger With Other Most Popular Instant Messaging Software Troop Messenger vs Flock Troop Messenger vs slack Troop Messenger vs Skype Troop Messenger vs Ringcentral Troop Messenger vs Microsoft Teams Please request a call for further inquiries. Troop Messenger is a feature rich collaboration software used for the seamless one-on-one and group communication. The... Read More
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Last Updated on : 23 Apr, 2021