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What is Assetmint? Assetmintis an asset management solution that allows companies to optimize their resource utilization on a regular basis. It includes all kinds of assets such as: Manufacturing plants Machinery Office space and equipments Building lease hold improvement Computer parts Fixtures and furniture Assetmint eliminates the necessity of paperwork for managing assets. Instead it enables the users to enlist their assets into the solution for tracking its usage. This asset management software allows users to optimize the use of the fixed assets to boost its longevity. It has a robust design that facilitates proper organization system for assets to enhance productivity and efficiency of the company. Assetmint helps companies overcome several challenges associated with handling of data such as – maintaining data transparency, reduction in costs, decrease in rate of depreciation, etc. - with actionable and potent strategies. Why should you use Assetmint? Assetmint enables companies to make decisions that are best for their assets in the long run. It reduces the workload by providing companies with the most advanced technologies in the field of assets management. The fixed asset management software offers valuable and honest advice based on the workflow daily usage analytics. Along with that, Assetmint also offers competitive pricing so that users only pay for the features that they use. Assetmint also helps companies in data hosting with complete freedom to easily scale it as per their requirements. What are the benefits of using Assetmint? Here are a few benefits mentioned that companies can get for using Assetmint: Real-time Asset Handling: The software facilitates live administration of the control in constantly changing situations. It enhances the workflow efficiency by identifying and visualizing the movement of assets. Maintenance Tracker: This allows companies to stay updated with the maintenance status of their assets with a digital record keeping module. It also allows companies to resolve minor issues, which are still at a nascent stage. Streamlined Scheduling: The fixed asset software enables companies to schedule maintenance process for each asset as per their requirements. What is the price of Assetmint? Please request a call back from us for further inquiries relating to the price of the software or in case you want to buy Assetmint. Our sales team will contact you at the earliest. Assetmintis an asset management solution that allows companies to optimize their resource utilization on a regular basi... Read More About AssetMint
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Last Updated on : 22 Jun, 2021