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Uengage Addo

Uengage Addo

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What is Uengage Addo? Uengage Addo is a top-notch CRM software designed for accelerating the outreach of a restaurant through various means. The software allows restaurant owners to schedule appointments, book tables, conduct online marketing, and much more. This CRM software helps the restaurant staff to collect real-time feedback from their customers for the services they provide. Uengage Addo also helps users to manage the waiting time at their restaurant during peak hours. Restauranteurs can create a virtual layout of the seating arrangement in the software and check for the occupancy of seats in real-time. Uengage Addo provides a seamless platform for restauranteurs to get comprehensive insights about areas where they need to improve. The dashboard of this CRM software helps users to get a graphical view of their restaurant’s functioning. It provides detailed idea regarding: Dishes which are ordered more frequently Inventory monitoring and supervision Key performers Automated marketing How does Uengage Addo restaurant CRM software help in maintaining customer relationships? Uengage Addo provides instant access to all the information required to provide timely . The customer relationship software helps restaurants save the phone number of save phone number of every visitor and send the users a welcome SMS. Plus, the restauranteurs can take the feedback through text message as well, and get their opinions on: How did they discover the restaurant? Did they like ambience? Did they like their seats? etc. Restauranteurs can also use Uengage Addo to send messages to the customer to inform them regarding the new dishes, discount offers, etc. through the bulk SMS campaign. What are the features offered by Uengage Addo? Here are some core features offered by Uengage Addo: Check-in management Customer feedback Bulk SMS marketing campaign Customer interaction history Reservations and Queue management Table management What is the price of Uengage Addo? The price of Uengage Addo CRM software depends on the size of the operation and the modules required by the user. Please request a call and state your restaurant’s requirements to get proper price quotation. Uengage Addo is a top-notch CRM software designed for accelerating the outreach of a restaurant through various means.... Read More
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Last Updated on : 18 Apr, 2021