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What is Wrike? Wrike is an all in one project management Sofware and collaboration software used primarily for facilitating easy communication between multiple teams so that productivity and efficiency at work are never compromised. The wide variety of project management tools offered by the software allows admins to regularly check the status of a particular project and progress made by team members working under it. Advanced calendar here keeps track of team-based tasks, milestones and projects. Wrike also generates detailed reports for helping admins, managers and team lead determine progress made with tasks so far. How does Wrike facilitate enterprise project management? Empower Teams - Due to fast communication, collaboration is super easy and time-saving. Teams are able to spend a good part of their time doing constructive tasks instead of spending hours maintaining spreadsheets and email records. Elimination of Silos - With Wrike, admins can schedule and monitor both multiple projects as well as members of a team from a centralized platform with ease. This eliminates all possibility of missing out on potential information. Set Goals - Admins and team members can use Wrike for setting and viewing all company-related goals/tasks to work accordingly. Pricing of Wrike The pricing of Wrike is available on request. You can send a callback request, our executives will get back to you in real-time. The Compatible Platforms for Wrike Wrike is compatible with Windows 7 and later versions, Mac OS Yosemite (version 10.10 or later). The software also has a mobile app of its own available on iOS and Android platforms. Benefits of Wrike Resource Management - Wrike helps with efficient resource management by helping not just with project scheduling activities but also distributing work hours amongst team members. Customizable Detailed Reports - Admins or project managers can generate detailed reports with ease and even customize them as per the company's requirements. Timesheets and productivity charts can also be used here for depicting the performance of teams on a weekly or monthly basis. File editing - Wrike allows team members to work on documents directly from its interface without ever going through the hassle of downloading unedited files or re-uploading its new versions. Edit history of individual documents can also be tracked here. Wrike is an all in one project management Sofware and collaboration software used primarily for facilitating easy commu... Read More
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Last Updated on : 18 Apr, 2021