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What is YellowMessenger? YellowMessenger is a web-based conversational AI platform for enterprises featuring a global presence. The software is useful for businesses scattered across multiple industries like banking, advertising, travel and hospitality, retail, automobile, education, insurance and more. Enterprises can integrate the AI-powered conversational software with their existing CRM to resolve customer generated queries in real-time. AI-powered Whatsapp Chatbots help organisations to enhance their customer retention levels. They get to converse with millions of clients in 120+ languages, send product related notifications, offer post purchase support, scan QR codes, and more. YellowMessenger can also be used to generate leads and validate them. Organizations get to engage consumers, shorten sales cycles, gather client specific data and drive considerable outcomes across 30+ channels. How does YellowMessenger conversational AI platform help enterprises with Supply Chain Management? Sourcing: While sourcing vendors, the AI-powered solution can help us with insights on supplier performance and risk monitoring. Contract Management: YellowMessenger automates contracts awarding process to the best contender against predefined metrics such as low-risk bids, low-value tenders, etc. Order Management: Enterprises can track all ordered purchases, and analyze their delivery time as well. Logistics: Organizations can produce timely notices for advance shipments and other exceptional metrics. Vendor Management: Businesses can utilize YellowMessenger to monitor vendor registration, onboarding and support. YellowMessenger Chatbot solution pricing YellowMessenger chatbot solution’s pricing is available on request. For further details around the product, you can send in a callback request, and our experts will be happy to assist you with it. Benefits of YellowMessenger Chatbot solution WhatsApp Digital Assistant: Enterprises get to converse with their customers in more than 100 languages via WhatsApp chatbot. Organizations can get their WhatsApp business account verified in a nominal time and deploy automated conversational chatbots to engage their customers from Day-one. Omni-channel Assistant: Businesses can manage their customers spread across multiple communication channels, including websites, Google Assistant, phone, Facebook, WhatsApp, IVR, etc. AI based Marketing Automation: Organizations can schedule enhanced marketing campaigns, capture leads, answer FAQs, launch promotions, and surface product related information using YellowMessenger Chatbot solution. Deployment of Virtual Assistant: An AI-driven HR assistant offered by YellowMessenger Chatbot solution helps employees schedule departmental meetings, apply for leaves and answer FAQs. Customer Support Automation: Companies can depend on virtual assistants to monitor repetitive FAQs, transfer complex queries to human agents and offer seamless customer support across multiple channels. YellowMessenger is a web-based conversational AI platform for enterprises featuring a global presence. The software is... Read More
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Last Updated on : 15 Apr, 2021