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Zed Sales

Zed Sales

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What is Zed Sales? Zed Sales is a sales management software that offers you with exclusive features to track your dealings. It automates your sales calculation among the widespread network and industry reach. With exceptional scalability, Zed Sales work for all sizes of organizations. The software provides real-time secondary sales tracking system that helps you optimize your sales workflows. Zed Sales provides exquisite features to manage your business and gather intelligence and insights, to make data-driven decisions. Zed Sales helps you track every lead and brings reports precisely from all the channels. Features of Zed Sales Zed Sales is a fantastic software to furnish your sales game and boost your sales output. Here are a few features listed for better acquaintance: Sales Return Management: It eases your reverse logistics workflows and reduces the costs for it. Zed Sales enables business intelligence and sound insights to improve your operations. It helps you smooth out your distributor management systems, sales tracking, and other things. Warehouse Stock Management: Perform smart warehousing supervision that gives you updates about your inventory with few clicks. It makes your workflows simple and gives you an alert whenever you are low on stocks to prevent stock-out situations. It also generates alerts to everyone from warehouse to distributors when the goods are moved. Stock Transfer Management: Cut the clutter that comes while stock transfer management. It provides you the feature to track stocks between man warehouse and different divisions of the supply chain. Billing and Invoicing: Work with ever-changing GST rates as the Zed Sales offers a 100% GST compliant system. It generates invoices for all tour clients and all the critical members employed in the process, and send it to them from the system. Price of Zed Sales Zed Sales have a varying price that depends on the user-oriented customizations. For further price-related inquiries, please request a call. Our sales team will get in touch with you. Zed Sales is a sales management software that offers you with exclusive features to track your dealings. It automates y... Read More
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Last Updated on : 18 Apr, 2021