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31 Best Biometric Device in 2021

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eSSL K30 PRO Biometric Device

eSSL K30 PRO Biometric Device


(2 reviews)

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Inclusive of all taxes

eSSL K30 PRO is a biometric attendance device that is used by a large number of business owners across India. The syst... Read More About eSSL K30 PRO Biometric Device
Fingerprint Scanner Specifications Storage Capacity +5 More
eSSL X990 Biometric Device

eSSL X990 Biometric Device


(4 reviews)

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Inclusive of all taxes

eSSL X990 Biometric Device assists organizations to record their workforce’s attendance in real-time. The machine can... Read More About eSSL X990 Biometric Device
Access Control Fingerprint Scanner Communication +6 More
Real Time-RS 10

Real Time-RS 10

By Realtime

(5 reviews)


Real Time RS-10 is a top of the line biometric device that allows various organizations to conduct their daily attenda... Read More About Real Time-RS 10
Storage Capacity Audio/ Visual Specifications Power Supply +4 More
BioMax N-K30 Biometric Device
BioMax K30 is a biometric device that is equipped with fingerprint attendance and access control. It is designed to be... Read More About BioMax N-K30 Biometric Device
Storage Capacity Access Control Power Supply +7 More

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Realtime C121-TA

Realtime C121-TA

By Realtime

(3 reviews)


Realtime C121-TA is 2.4 inches color screen biometric attendance recording device. It is suitable for attendance manage... Read More About Realtime C121-TA
Specifications Storage Capacity Audio/ Visual Specifications +5 More
Realtime T52

Realtime T52

By Realtime

(3 reviews)


Realtime T52 is a biometric device built to conduct attendance for companies efficiently. It is able to conduct attenda... Read More About Realtime T52
Storage Capacity Audio/ Visual Specifications Access Control +4 More
Realtime T11n GPRS based Biometric Attendance machine
Realtime T11n GPRS based Biometric machine is a Color Screen Attendance Recorder With Access Control & Battery Back... Read More About Realtime T11n GPRS based Biometric Attendance machine
Specifications Storage Capacity Power Supply +5 More
Real Time T304

Real Time T304

By Realtime

(3 reviews)


Realtime T304F is a Face with Finger Attendance cum Simple Access Control System with auto-push technology and cloud con... Read More About Real Time T304
Fingerprint Scanner Storage Capacity Display +5 More

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ESSL Biometric Machine - WL20
ESSL Biometric Machine - WL20 is Biometric device with build-in SSR Excel software and Shift and report management.It pr... Read More About ESSL Biometric Machine - WL20
Operating Environment Physical Dimension Specifications +5 More
F22 Biometric Machine

F22 Biometric Machine


Starting Price


Inclusive of all taxes

F22 Biometric Machine is one of the leading biometric devices in the country that is manufactured by eSSL. It comes inb... Read More About F22 Biometric Machine
Physical Dimension Fingerprint Scanner Operating Environment +4 More
Essl F22

Essl F22


(3 reviews)


Essl F22 biometric device ensures compact attendance maintenance of the employees and integrated security purposes with... Read More About Essl F22
Storage Capacity Physical Dimension Compatibile Software & SDK +5 More
BioEnable eNBioAccess-T9
BioEnable eNBioAccess-T9 is one of the best biometric device that has been innovatively designed to keep track of the em... Read More About BioEnable eNBioAccess-T9
CPU Memory Specifications Sensors +3 More

Top Products

Biometrics RS-70

Biometrics RS-70

By Realtime

Starting Price


Inclusive of all taxes

Access Control TCP/IP EM Card +3 More
ESSL Door Access Control
ESSL Door Access Control is a best biometric device that give lock support on WALL for Access Control Systems is Pole-to... Read More About ESSL Door Access Control
Realtime RS20

Realtime RS20

By Realtime

Starting Price


Inclusive of all taxes

Realtime RS20 is a biometric machine equipped with a fingerprint access control. It is capable of recording fingerprint... Read More About Realtime RS20
RF Card TCP/IP Personal Identity Number +6 More
BioEnable eNBioAccess-T5
BioEnable eNBioAccess-T5 is one of the best biometric device that has been innovatively designed to keep track of the em... Read More About BioEnable eNBioAccess-T5
CPU Memory Specifications Display +5 More

Related Categories

Realtime EL128

Realtime EL128

By Realtime

Starting Price


Inclusive of all taxes

BioEnable eNBioAccess-T1
BioEnable eNBioAccess-T1 is one of the best biometric devices that has been designed keeping in mind the changing market... Read More About BioEnable eNBioAccess-T1
CPU Memory Specifications Sensors +5 More
Realtime T401F

Realtime T401F

By Realtime

Starting Price


Inclusive of all taxes

Biometric Device Personal Identity Number TCP/IP +4 More
Biomax N-X990

Biomax N-X990

By Biomax Security


Storage Capacity Biometric Audio/ Visual Specifications +9 More

Last Updated on : 21 Oct, 2021

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Biometric Device Reviews


Hemant Singh

review for eSSL K30 PRO Biometric Device


"k30-expert Very Nice item On account of Mile stone Seller for establishment through Online Support.Very Quick Process Stunning item and cash worth "

See All eSSL K30 PRO Biometric Device Reviews


Sreshtha Nagroy

review for Real Time-RS 10


"The device helped me to keep track of my employees’ entry and exit timing. It has also helped me in keeping my employees’ work timings organized."

See All Real Time-RS 10 Reviews


Improvise Constuctions

review for Realtime T11n GPRS based Biometric Attendance machine


"Techjockey saved us a lot of time by suggesting a few programs that would work for us."

See All Realtime T11n GPRS based Biometric Attendance machine Reviews



review for Real Time T304


"ongoing t304 pleasant item to choose by online no afraid. I felt apprehensive by submitting this request till apprehensive got. however at this point I m free. "

See All Real Time T304 Reviews

Buyer's Guide for Top Biometric Device

Found our list of Biometric Device helpful? We’re here to help you make the right choice and automate your business processes. Let’s discover some of the essential factors that you must consider to make a smarter decision!

What is a Biometric Device?

The biometric device is also known as a biometric machine for employee's attendance. it is a secure and authentic method to track employee's attendance with the help of a fingerprint, thump impression, face scanning, iris, and voice recognition. The biometric security system ensures the security of the data and information accessed. Switch from the traditional methods of adding PIN numbers and passwords and use biometric devices to verify identity and ensure security.

Human resource management software providers have installed these biometric attendance machines along with hr software. This characteristic includes real-time attendance, payslips, and leaves.

Types of Biometric Devices

Biometric authentication includes two types of sensors: behavioral biometrics and physiological biometrics. Behavioral biometrics include voice recognition and signature while physiological biometrics include fingerprint, face recognition, Iris recognition and hand/palm recognition.

Voice Recognition

Every individual has a unique voice pattern that may go unnoticed to the human ear. This voice recognition technology notices the slightest difference in speech patterns to authenticate the identity of a person. Pace, nasal tone and modulation are key properties used for speech authentication. 

Signature Recognition

This technique involves analyzing the signature of a person to authenticate the individual’s identity. The pressure applied while signing, the speed and stroke order are used to identify signatures correctly.

Fingerprint Scanner

The fingerprint recognition technique includes identifying individuals by their fingerprints. This is done by recording the pattern of ridges, loops and arches, and other minute details of the finger.

Face Recognition System

It is a flexible and accurate technique to verify a person’s identity. All individuals have distinct facial features. Their distance between the eyes, the shape of their nose, cheekbones, chin or even something as small as the placement of their eyebrows are recorded and compared to authenticate a person’s identity.

Iris Recognition

This process of automated biometric identification recognizes individuals based on the complex patterns of one or both irises of their eyes. These patterns are stable and unique. Usually, the iris is grey, brown, blue or green in color and has complex patterns that can be noticed upon close inspection.

Hand/Palm Print Patterns

This technique involves placing one’s hand on a biometric scanner to identify their identity. Each hand has a unique pattern. The difference in the shape and size of an individual’s hand helps authenticate one’s identity.

Uses of Biometrics

The biometric security system is used widely around the world. Healthcare, businesses, finance, and various other industries use biometric devices for various purposes. Biometric technology is already being used in industries for registering voters, identifying people, or making e-passport.

Let’s look at the main uses of biometric devices.

Authenticates Transactions in Banks

Nowadays, banks are increasingly using biometric techniques to efficiently manage customer and employee identification. Such a system not only ensures secure transactions but also keeps frauds and identity thefts at bay.

Ensures Security at Airports

In most airports worldwide, authorities use iris recognition to authenticate a person’s identity. Airport authorities take photos of their iris and face. After this, passenger details are stored in the authority’s database for quick identification.
Nowadays, with technology advancements taking an all-new high, biometric devices allow passengers to simply look into an iris camera which captures an image of the iris for accurate and fast identification.

Identifies Criminals

Today, biometrics is being used by law enforcement agencies worldwide to identify criminals and offenders. Biometric Fingerprint scanner is a popular technique used in prisons for identifying inmates.

Advantages of Biometric Devices

Verifies Identity

Biometric devices can recognize you almost instantly. Governments, banks and financial institutions and high-security zones use biometric devices as these facilitate ID verification to identify individuals quickly.

Provides High Level of Security

A major advantage of an efficient biometric machine is that it accurately identifies people. Biometrics uses fingerprints, facial characteristics, iris patterns, and other physical traits to identify end-users. Unlike pins and passwords, fingerprints can’t get lost or damaged. Additionally, fingerprints can’t even be illegally copied. Several firms use biometric machines to ensure a high level of security in all their processes. 

Used in Multiple Industries

Healthcare, businesses, financial and other industries rely heavily on a biometric machine for the identification process. Industries also use biometric technology to register voters, identify people, or generate e-passports.

Manages Attendance for Payroll Processing

Biometric devices record the work hours of employees and keep track of their attendance. This facilitates the ease of processing payrolls of employees, with details fetched easily through the system.  

Increases Employee Accountability

The biometric machine provides a great way to make employees accountable for their work. A biometric employee attendance device for attendance maintains time and attendance records of employees and helps them manage their time better. To ensure that employees work responsibly and continue to deliver productive results, biometrics is great. It monitors work hours and breaks times which in turn maximizes employees productivity.

Reduces Administrative Costs

The latest biometric devices contain hardware and software that can be simply installed and used. Any new technology that is easy to understand and use, eliminates the need for intense training sessions. This reduces costs incurred on training and workshops. Additionally, with an efficient biometrics system in place, firms need not worry about issuing new identity cards or replacing lost cards. As a result, they end up saving on the time, energy and expenses they would’ve incurred otherwise.

Ensures Security

Biometric verification relies greatly on a person’s physical characteristics. Biometric systems are highly secure. This is because biometric devices rely on a person’s physical characteristics. These physical features of an individual are unique and cannot be damaged or stolen.

Saves Time and Costs

The biometric machine is a very dependable technology. It is highly accurate and very easy to use. The greatest advantage of this technology is that one needs no prior knowledge or training to use biometrics. Inexpensive yet accurate for identification – that’s Biometrics for you.

Install Complete System In Your Organization

Best Biometric Machine Cost

Top 10 Biometric Attendance Machine Price In India

Realtime T401F Starting Price ₹5,300.00
Realtime RS20 Starting Price ₹5,300.00
Biometrics RS-70 Starting Price ₹6,500.00
F22 Biometric Machine Starting Price ₹7,856.00
eSSL X990 Biometric Device Starting Price ₹8,965.00Lifetime
Realtime T11n GPRS based Biometric Attendance machine Starting Price Price On Request
Realtime EL128 Starting Price ₹56,000
Realtime C121-TA Starting Price Price On Request
eSSL K30 PRO Starting Price Price On Request
ESSL Door Access Control Starting Price Price On Request


FAQ iconBiometric Device FAQs

Biometric device software for Android mobiles has an integrated device into their systems for accessing attendances with ease.

Depending on the number of biometric devices that need to be installed, the entire setting-up procedure requires around fifteen to twenty minutes.

Yes, you can very well use your laptop for operating a biometric machine.

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