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14 Best Conversational AI Platform Software in 2021

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ArcGIS Desktop Basic
ArcGIS Desktop Basic is the keystone product of the ArcGIS platform for geographic information system professionals. It... Read More About ArcGIS Desktop Basic
Social Media Integration Single Sign On Third Party Integration +7 More
IBM Watson Assistance

IBM Watson Assistance



IBM Watson Assistance is a conversational AI platform used by companies to provide customers with accurate, fast and fo... Read More About IBM Watson Assistance
AI Recommendations Omni-Channel Engagement Integrations +3 More
WavePad FFT Sound Analyzer
Wave Pad FFT Sound Analyzer is a voice analysis software that can smartly recognise the speaker and the start and end ti... Read More About WavePad FFT Sound Analyzer
Speaker Diarization Speaker Identification Formant Verification +7 More
Rasa Platform

Rasa Platform

By Rasa

(2 reviews)


Rasa Platform is one of the best conversational AI Platform Software. Its chatbot services are ahead of the curve; its... Read More About Rasa Platform
Simple Deployment API Integration Data Structuring +2 More

Top Products

Qlik Insight Bot

Qlik Insight Bot

By Qlik Tech

(2 reviews)


Qlik Insight Bot is a conversational analytics software that is equipped with artificial intelligence. The analytical... Read More About Qlik Insight Bot
Collaboration Integration Analytics & Reporting +2 More
Passage AI

Passage AI

By Passage AI


Passage AI is a conversational AI platform software that makes use of artificial intelligence to help improve customer r... Read More About Passage AI
Artificial Intelligence Automated Software Develpoment Platform Independent Deployment +2 More
BotPenguin is equipped with natural language processing that understands the emotion/context along with content. Being a... Read More About BotPenguin
Natural Language Processing Booking Management Integration +3 More




Product details will be uploaded by brand or vendor very soon.... Read More About Bluedata

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Datamatics TruAI

Datamatics TruAI

By Datamatics


Artificial Intelligence Real Time Aggregation Analytics +3 More


By Answerdash


Product details will be uploaded by brand or vendor very soon.... Read More About Answerdash


By Wigzo Technologies


Artificial Intelligence Tracking Online Insights +4 More


By Yellowmessenger


YellowMessenger is a web-based conversational AI platform for enterprises featuring a global presence. The software is... Read More About YellowMessenger
WhatsApp for Business Customer Support Customer Engagement +4 More

Last Updated on : 21 Oct, 2021

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Buyer's Guide for Top Conversational AI Platform Software

Found our list of Conversational AI Platform Software helpful? We’re here to help you make the right choice and automate your business processes. Let’s discover some of the essential factors that you must consider to make a smarter decision!

Conversational AI Platform Software

Conversational AI Platform Software is used by businesses to build and deploy interactive chatbots. With the help of this software, you can create conversational bots for your brand, which can interact with your customers using artificial intelligence. Most conversational AI platform software uses natural language processing (NLP) tools along with AI and machine learning to create interactive platforms.

What is Artificial Intelligence software?

Artificial Intelligence software is a computer application which imitates human behaviour with data insights and analysis. Artificial Intelligence along with the combination of machine learning is used to give users the functionality that they require to make business processes simpler.

AI software is basically used to develop an application which is intelligent and can automate tasks with the help of deep learning and machine learning capabilities. Artificial intelligence emphasizes the creation of intelligent machines that work like the human brain. Activities like speech recognition, learning, planning and problem solving are done by computers with artificial intelligence.

Features of AI software:

Machine learning

This feature in AI software automates analytical model building. Methods like statistics, neural networks, and operations research are used to find insights in data without being specifying what and where to find the desired result.

Neural network

With this feature in AI software, information can be processed by responding to external inputs and relying on information for each unit. Derive meaningful insights from data with this feature by finding connections between several data sets.

Deep learning

Learn about complex patterns in a very huge amount of data with deep learning. AI software takes advantage of the computing power. Image and speech recognition is also done with the help of this feature.

Cognitive computing

This feature in top AI software helps stimulate human processes by interpreting speech and image and then speaking in response. This feature strives for a human-like interaction.

Computer vision

Perform deep learning and pattern recognition to find out what’s there in a video or a picture. Machines can analyze, process and understand the images after capturing them in real-time.

Natural language processing

Understand, analyze and generate human language, including speech. With AI software, utilize natural language interaction which allows humans to communicate using everyday language with computers.

Graphical processing units

AI software provides the power to compute heavily on iterative processing on the systems used. This feature is also needed for training neural networks.

Internet of Things

The massive amount of data that is generated is not analyzed properly. With AI software, you can automate all of it with the help of AI software.

Advanced algorithms

With AI software, you can combine data in different ways to analyze multiple. With intelligent processing, you can predict rare events and understand as well as optimize complex scenarios.

Application processing interface

This feature includes packages of code that can add image recognition properties to your home security systems. Also, create captions and headlines, add Q&A capabilities to describe data, and identify interesting patterns in the data.

Benefits of AI software

Automate Repetitive Learning and Discovery through Data

Robotic automation and AI are very different from each other. High volume and computerized tasks are reliably performed by AI without any lags. The human inquiry is sometimes needed to make the right decision and ask the right question.

Add intelligence to existing products

AI is never sold as an individual product but is often included in existing products to increase its capabilities. For example, Siri was added as an AI feature to increase the efficiency of the product. Smart machines, bots and automation can be combined to improve technologies anywhere and everywhere.

Adapts through progressive learning

Virtual assistant software artificial intelligence lets the data do the programming as well. AI software identifies regularities and structure in data which enables the algorithm to teach itself certain properties like how to play a certain game, or how to recommend the next product to buy online. There is also an AI technique called backpropagation which the model to adjust its properties with the help of added data.

Analyze deeper data using neural networks

With artificial intelligent software market, you can analyze more data using neural networks that consist of several hidden layers. It was impossible to build a fraud detection system with various hidden layers earlier. But now, thanks to big data and the amazing computer power, it is possible. The more the data in deep learning models, the better they would perform in real-time. Results become more accurate when you provide large amounts of data in the system with artificial intelligence software for windows.

Types of Artificial Intelligence:

Reactive machine

It is a very basic type of AI system. It is purely reactive and doesn’t have the ability to use past experiences for decision making.

Limited memory

These types of machines have the ability to look into the past experience and form informed decisions.

Theory of mind

This type of machine has the understanding that creatures, people and objects have thoughts and emotions which can affect their own behaviour.


Conscious beings are able to predict what others are feeling and know about their internal states as well. They are always aware of themselves. Without a theory of mind, making these sort of inferences is impossible.

Top 10 Artificial Intelligence AI Software

  • TheFinansol Third Party Chatbot
  • WavePad FFT Sound Analyzer
  • Microsoft Azure Speech Services
  • Geosoft GM-SYS Modelling
  • Passage AI
  • Voice Analytics
  • Rasa Platform
  • Geosoft Target
  • Surfer
  • Strater
  • Nuance Dragon Professional Individual
  • IBM Watson Assistance
  • IBM Watson Speech To Text
  • Freshchat
  • Brainasoft Speech Recognition Software
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