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133 Best CRM Software in 2021

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By BusinessEzee

(2 reviews)

Starting Price


Inclusive of all taxes

ezeeCRM is a cloud-based CRM solution that aims to serve small and medium level enterprises. The customer relationship... Read More About ezeeCRM
Dashboard Sales Automation Mobility & Security +11 More
CircleOne CRM

CircleOne CRM

By Bluewhirl

(1 reviews)

Starting Price


Inclusive of all taxes

CircleOne is a cloud-based CRM software for enterprises, which provides comprehensive customer experience management fa... Read More About CircleOne CRM
Lead Management Cognitive Solutions Contact Management +8 More
Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM

By Zoho by Target Integration

(3 reviews)

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Inclusive of all taxes

Zoho CRM is one of the best online CRM software for the Indian and international markets. It helps the sales teams and... Read More About Zoho CRM
Workflow Management Social Media Integration Lead Management +15 More
Salesforce CRM

Salesforce CRM

By Salesforce

(3 reviews)


Salesforce CRM is a CRM software for enterprises using which they get a comprehensive view of individual customers and... Read More About Salesforce CRM
Accounts Management Opportunity Management Lead Management +12 More

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SalesBabu CRM

SalesBabu CRM

By SalesBabu

(5 reviews)


SalesBabu is one of the best CRM software available in the Indian market. This customer relationship management softwa... Read More About SalesBabu CRM
MIS Reports Reminders and follow ups Contact Management +24 More
Zeta CRM

Zeta CRM

By Zeta

(1 reviews)


Zeta CRM is a cloud-based sales force automation software for business houses, offering relevant support in sales and m... Read More About Zeta CRM
Lead Management Sales Pipeline Tracking Alerts & Notifications +15 More


By San Software

(7 reviews)


SAN CRM is a software that offers strategies and technologies to study your customer interaction and movement. It helps... Read More About SAN CRM
Manage Contacts Track Opportunities Support Cases +9 More
NCH Reflect CRM

NCH Reflect CRM

By NCH Software

(2 reviews)


Reflect CRM is the best CRM software India available for both Mac and Windows. The solution enables a business to easil... Read More About NCH Reflect CRM
Task & Management Events & Reminders Reports +2 More

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Centra CRM

Centra CRM

By Focus Softnet

(1 reviews)


Centra CRM solution is one of the best CRM Software in India. Focus Softnet offers Centra CRM which is a highly integrat... Read More About Centra CRM
CRM Deployment Management Services +7 More
NextSky Sales

NextSky Sales

By NextSky Tech

(3 reviews)


SkyCRM is an integrated CRM solution helping organizations manage sales team(s) efficiently. The robust software comes u... Read More About NextSky Sales
Contact Management Quote Management Invoices +4 More
R Plus CRM

R Plus CRM

By Refux Software

(2 reviews)


Increase the productivity of sales and marketing by our CRM Software. You can boost your business using this software. T... Read More About R Plus CRM
Email and Document Sharing Analytics & Reporting Customer Information System (CIS) +9 More
Bytepaper Sales CRM
Bytepaper is an online CRM software designed to improve the handling of the sales for both inbound and outbound sales t... Read More About Bytepaper Sales CRM
Database Management Campaign Management Lead Management +4 More

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By Apptivo

(2 reviews)


Apptivo is a cloud-based full suite Business Process Management Solution for small and medium scale enterprises offerin... Read More About Apptivo
Email Marketing Territory Management Field Worker Management +6 More
Kapture CRM

Kapture CRM

By Adjetter

(6 reviews)


Kapture CRM is a customer relationship management software loaded with numerous features that are beneficial for the s... Read More About Kapture CRM
Salesforce Lead Management Lead Distribution Self Service +7 More
Enjay CRM Software

Enjay CRM Software

By Enjay

(2 reviews)


Enjay CRM is one of the best customer relationship management software for the Indian market. This CRM software enables... Read More About Enjay CRM Software
Sales Tracking Contact Management Service & Support +3 More


By Exclusife

(2 reviews)


Exclusife is a customer relationship management software for organizations that deal with sales. It offers services fo... Read More About Exclusife
Customer Information System (CIS) Lead Management Social Media Marketing +9 More

Top Products

Ubitech SugarCRM
Ubitech Solutions offers SugarCRM Solutions in different business areas enabling corporates to expand their customer bas... Read More About Ubitech SugarCRM
Marketing Management Multi Language Support Project Management +14 More
Deskera CRM

Deskera CRM

By Deskera

(3 reviews)


Deskera Customer Relationship Management software provides an organization with a single view of its customers, helps au... Read More About Deskera CRM
Lead Tracking Pipeline Management Tools Account Management +6 More
Koops CRM

Koops CRM

By Kevit Technologies

(2 reviews)

Starting Price


Inclusive of all taxes

Koops CRM software is a web-based solution for enterprises, helping them to prioritize individual leads in an efficient... Read More About Koops CRM
Lead Management Workflow Management Deal Management +6 More
Service CRM

Service CRM

By Smart Logic

(4 reviews)


Smart logic is the best CRM software and all aware of the growing significance of the Internet in our lives. Businesses... Read More About Service CRM
Email & SMS Integration Import / Export Management Quotations and Invoicing +12 More

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Last Updated on : 21 Oct, 2021

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CRM Software Reviews


Anamika Kulkarni

review for CircleOne CRM


"This CRM software provides in-depth insights into the intent of our customers and helps us understand their expectations. A really unique software that uses advanced technologies."

See All CircleOne CRM Reviews


P. Sharma, Delhi Trader

review for SalesBabu CRM


"Easy to set up. Very little training needed. Great customer service and the help was available for easy installation and setup. It’s quite a tailored CRM at such a low price."

See All SalesBabu CRM Reviews


Bhanu Pande

review for SAN CRM


"Super affordable for the amount of tools, features and applications it includes. Great user interface"

See All SAN CRM Reviews



review for R Plus CRM


"In our search for the software we contacted Techjockey.The process was simple and the representative was both professional and helped us narrow our choices to a select few."

See All R Plus CRM Reviews


Dinesh Nagpal

review for Apptivo


"Excellent service. Very trustworthy software at lowest cost. Highly recommended."

See All Apptivo Reviews

Buyer's Guide for Top CRM Software

Found our list of CRM Software helpful? We’re here to help you make the right choice and automate your business processes. Let’s discover some of the essential factors that you must consider to make a smarter decision!

What is CRM software?

Customer relationship management (CRM) software is a computer application and It is designed to help the organization capture and maintain sales inquiries in one place or automate the sales process from scratch to conversions. CRM software builds a relationship between customers and companies by timely follow-ups, better communication interactions, the quick notification received from customers end, and set auto marketing and discounts e-mailers for to customers, etc. CRM Software is the smartest solution for tracking and analyzes the sales inquiries to avoid the pending tasks, reports, conversions.

Why Do You Need A CRM Strategy?

Make a good relation with customers and business partners: If you don’t have any CRM software then your sales leads spread or all over the places and track these customers’ inquiries hard to analysis and track, so we do CRM strategy with CRM Tool.

CRM model smoothens sales operations and customer service processes of an organization to improve the efficiency of business operations. The software does this by analysing the data and automating marketing activities, sales as well as other such works of the business. CRM tools also generate leads and conversions to track marketing as well as sales funnels.

The list of best CRM software easily integrates with the prevailing systems within a company thereby optimizing all the functions of a business. Granular reports developed by the software help produce a complete and accurate picture for both clients and businesses.

Every business has sensitive and confidential information that needs to be securely stored. Customer relationship management tools save data in a vendor’s database from where information can be accessed anytime, anywhere. 

Why Business Needs A CRM Software

Customer Satisfaction: A good CRM enables users to contact every customer on priority and ensures that their queries are heard. Sales agents can put annotations on specified cases, set up automated follow-ups through mail and calls, and much more. The case management module facilitates careful customer handling.

Leads Management: Companies can integrate their Customer Relationship and lead management solutions system to monitor leads accumulated from their ad campaigns or other means such as call, email, etc. It creates a meticulous sales funnel for agents to manage the progress they are making with the customer effectively.modules of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software for Small business

Leads Data Analysis: Cloud-based CRM software records all the work data of the company, e.g., customer calls, sales patterns, customer responses to scripts, etc. and use it for business analytics & training by data analytic software. It also provides major assistance in examining business procedures and sales personnel’s performance.

Sales Performance Management: CRM software solutions enable organizations to cross-check their employee’s performance thoroughly. Managers can check the calls, emails, messages that were made by the agent and their outcomes to examine how employees are working by this performance management software.

Report Management: A good customer relationship management solution creates detailed and insightful reports on the daily activities of the sales teams by reporting tools. It empowers companies to see how their customer approach is resulting in terms of conversion. The reports are generated based on different attributes such as customer feedback, agent performance, cashflows, etc.

CRM Ticketing Software: CRM software generates a ticket every time a customer approaches or raises a query. This helps agents in supervising every customer individually, plus the ticketing system allows users to update and check for progress made with each ticket.

Content / Notes: Sales teams can create a short and interactive script for contacting leads. This extends to communicate through email, phone call, text messages, and online messengers. The script creates well fleshed out responses in yes/no pattern for ease in communication. It also includes sharing of important files such as a brochure, video demos, etc.

Follow-Up: After the first contact, the customers should be kept in the loop, and a good CRM reminds sales personnel to do that. Client relationship management solutions work as a personal itinerary planner for customer approach. 

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software Features  

Salesforce Automation: Automate different aspects of sales processes such as outgoing calls, data organisation, managing customer feedback and follow-up campaigns.

Sales Forecasting: Sales forecasting is used for determining success metrics to ensure that results match with the efforts you are putting in. Cloud CRM solutions help ascertain if more efforts are required.Best Customer Relationship Management Software Features, online crm software features

Email Client Integration: Take advantage of the CRM user interface for automating client/customer interactions. This is especially useful in managing customer calls where immediate solutions in the form of responses can be provided.

Workflow and Approvals: Optimise workflow through such processes as data analysis, data collection and marketing campaigns. This procedure helps in streamlining work and improving efficiency.

CRM Data/File Storage: Data must be properly stored to maximize its utility. CRM management systems help in avoiding losses and security breaches through its data storage capacity.

Files Sync and Share: CRM solutions provide synchronization benefits, as a result of which you can import spreadsheets, upload emails from Outlook office and sync these with Google drive.

Inside Sales Console: Web-based CRM software provides inside sales console platform with an effective UI system inbuilt into it. This feature optimises data analytic tools, improves sales performance and increases customer retention.

Sales Performance Management: Manage the performance of sales partners and handle working aspects of the sales team for identifying areas that need improvement. The concrete data available is used as a quantifier by businesses for measuring the performance of their department.

Marketing Automation Integration: You can use CRM software solutions for automating marketing programs and such key features to strategically plan about the audience you would be targeted soon.

Chat Integration: Customer relationship management solutions easily integrate chat programmes from CRM software and let you converse easily with employees and partners. You can also offer customer services through this feature.

Web Analytics Integration: CRM customer relationship management system gathers data of the people who visit your website and analyses the same to identify problem areas. It also offers insights into user interactions with the website.

Support Automation: Chatbots, FAQs and email correspondences are being automated by a customer management system. As a company, you can ensure higher customer support with real-time responses. The improved AI database of top CRM software has further helped is offering personalized solutions to customers.

Product Level Quotes: Customer relationship management software functions as a database for products so that a business can manage what’s in transit and what’s in rest. Identify not only the products that receive a good response from the customers but also areas where sales are low.

Role-Based Views Dashboard: Customer relationship management applications provide added security by restricting employees’ access to crucial information. This platform also helps prevent data leaks and security breaches. Popular CRM software keeps the data safe and provides access to the information based on employees’ designation or requirement.

How To Choose The Right CRM software?

Online CRM Software: Cloud-based CRM uses a centralized database for making information available to users irrespective of the device they are using. This option enables round the clock accessibility of data.  Online CRM software companies provide higher information security levels and backup policies to ensure complete data security. Web-based CRM software is preferred for managing both leads and customers. CRM web application comes loaded with features such as email integration, web-based telephony, sales funnel and automation business-related processes. You can also use cloud CRM for boosting SEO rankings, gathering customer reviews and improving online reputation.

Sales Data Analysis: The inbuilt marketing optimization mechanism leads to a detailed analysis report to evaluate the success of strategies used in sales processes. The sales force automation software also helps reinvent marketing campaigns and promote services and products.

Simplified Customer Data Access: As a user, it is possible to access data from any device, browser or operating system. The database is cloud-hosted and stored securely in a knowledge base from where the assigned contacts can access them.

Cross-Selling and Upselling: CRM solutions do upsell and cross-selling for closing some of the best deals. Cross-selling is used for tracking a customer’s purchase history to make suggestions for new services or products. Upselling is used for drawing intelligence from the current purchases of a customer to immediately list the same kind of products on the same page.

Scalable: CRM business applications are quick and easy to install that require no heavy maintenance or recurring costs. Not only the top CRM companies but also the available free CRM for small business enterprises are being used for streamlining product, finance, leadership and contacts management operations.

Automating Workflows: Automation of workflows helps make tasks less time consuming and saves data in a more secured format. Operational costs get reduced to a great extent through paid and free open source CRM.

Benefits Of CRM Software

Dashboards: Customised dashboards and reports provide a visual representation of statistics through real-time updates. Charts, graphs and maps are being generated by the dashboard feature for viewing the performance of a business. The sales team and customer opportunity management. Cloud CRM software is used for optimizing sales processes and improving the efficiency of marketing teams. The CRM management software is used for quantifying opportunities available to the sales team.

Social Media Management: Best CRM solutions facilitate integration with social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. to increase the horizons for customer connectivity. Social media management software offers a common portal of interaction for both customers and companies.

Sales Flow Management: CRM sales management software solutions create a sales funnel to track the progress of the agent. The best CRM assists in managing different types of sales processes such as third-party, ground force, in-bound, etc.

Mobile-Friendly CRM: Cloud CRM Management system offers a mobile application that enables sales agents to work from their mobile phones. It results in data accessibility and working from anywhere. Mobile CRM software is especially helpful for those who have to consistently meet with their clients and involve in on-ground sales.

Email Marketing Management: Client relationship management software enables sales teams to launch large scale email marketing software campaigns to attract new leads. This results in a more effective, direct, and interpersonal method of gathering new customers and improving visibility.

Returns and Claims: Sales teams can handle the claims for return and defective items from the CRM software. The software automatically raises a ticket when customers call and assign the ticket under the viable option presented in the returns section. Companies can even customize the CRM solution to create subcategories under which returns can be filed.

Campaign Management: Some of the best CRM solutions use a single UI to manage campaign operations or campaign scheduling, analytics and ROI (return of investment). The software combines analytical tools with data collection mechanisms to give both the employer and the employee numerous access points.

Order Fulfillment: Order fulfilment is one of the best strategic methods to increase customer retention through a CRM system solution. The software allows sales teams to provide desirable and engaging customer experience follow-ups. Order fulfilment results in positive feedback from customers.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software Solution Cost

CRM Software Price List
Zoho CRM Starting Price ₹500.00
Salesforce CRM Starting Price Price On Request
Realkeeper Starting Price ₹1,200.00
HubSpot CRM Starting Price Price On Request
Koops CRM Starting Price ₹240.00
Freshsales CRM Starting Price ₹1399.00
Pipedrive Starting Price Price On Request
Insightly CRM Starting Price Price On Request
Dataman Grahaak CRM Starting Price ₹500.00
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Starting Price Price On Request
Salesboom CRM Starting Price ₹980.00


FAQ iconCRM Software FAQs

Some CRM software development companies are offering to use free version CRM software with limited features in limited time. In this free version is basic CRM and not able to automate your workflow, only manage customers contact details. In Premium version of CRM allow to use full features which helps your sales and business growth. TechJockey.com offer to upgrade your free CRM software instant at minimum cost without any extra charges

The 5 most important CRM integrations for higher work efficiency are:

1. Market Automation: This integration ensures automated data transfer between the CRM and the different APIs of the company for continuous and hassle-free working.

2. Email & Calendar: Email and Calendar integration enables users to manage their time and work efficiently. Email integration automates communication with customers through welcome and follow-up messages and manages sales processes through email responses. While Calendar allows users to manage their sales pipeline with more efficiency. I.e., it enforces the streamlining of operations.

3. Business Intelligence: To process and study this large amount of data could be an overwhelming task for an individual. Hence, a cloud-based CRM solution analyzes the data through business intelligence software integration.

4. Website: Another important integration that a CRM must-have for higher outreach to customers. Website integration facilitates direct management of leads accumulated from the web page. Companies can simply attach webforms for asking contact details from customers.

The biggest advantage of integrating CRM and ERP is the centralization of the company and verification of data from different sources. The integration of CRM and ERP creates a common database that checks for data entry and duplication. Top CRM software prevents data duplication for efficient task management. This also helps in getting a comprehensive single customer view, as it shows all the essential information in a table chart format.

A custom CRM for a business can be easily developed by considering the following factors. For instance, you need to be sure of the complexity of the project so that the required features can be attached to the CRM platform or the sales force automation software.

Second, once the scale of the project is finalized, select such features that are as per your requirement. Some such core features are chatbot, custom reports, pipeline view, invoicing, third party integrations, multi-device support, customer interaction options, etc.

Third, calculate the number of hours that need to be invested into the development of each feature. Fourth step would involve looking for the amount that you would have to pay for developing the requisite CRM application.

CRM in cloud computing is used by manufacturing industries, healthcare companies, telecommunications, insurance companies and IT industries for lead management, customer retention, financial planning as well as claims adjustment. It is also used for generating earning reports and ensuring well-organised sales functionality.

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