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8 Best Dairy Management Software in 2021

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Shivrai Farm ERP

Shivrai Farm ERP

By Shivrai

(3 reviews)


Farm ERP is an easy-to-use, user-friendly GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) compliant computer software system, which he... Read More About Shivrai Farm ERP
HR & Payroll Sales Management Product Mapping +15 More
Sahiwala Poultry Software
Sahiwala poultry software helps one to efficiently manage his or her broiler business, check the broilers and their wei... Read More About Sahiwala Poultry Software
Manage Broiler Business Record Tracking Account Management +6 More
Dairy Management System
Dairy Management System is a cloud-based food service management software suitable for small and large dairy farms. It... Read More About Dairy Management System
Bonus, Loan & Advances Management CRM Asset Management +5 More
Meri Dairy

Meri Dairy


Starting Price


Inclusive of all taxes

Meri Dairy is a milk collection centre software designed for dairies and milk farmers. It assists in efficient coopera... Read More About Meri Dairy
POS Invoicing Product Database Production Management +6 More

Top Products

User friendly interface Daily Milk Details Customer Management +4 More
Modern Webz Milk Dairy Software

Modern Webz Milk Dairy Software

By Modern Webz

(1 reviews)

Starting Price


Inclusive of all taxes

Daily Milk Details Customer Management Billing Master +4 More
Agrivi Farm Management Software
Agrivi Farm Management Software helps users to manage their daily farm activities and plan their future tasks through a... Read More About Agrivi Farm Management Software
Multi-cropping HR & Payroll Weather Monitoring & Pest Detection +3 More
Farmers App

Farmers App

By Prompt

(2 reviews)


Farmer App is a dairy software for modern and digital solution specially developed for farmers to let them manage their... Read More About Farmers App
Analytics & Reporting Monitoring Predictive Analytics +7 More

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Last Updated on : 21 Oct, 2021

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Dairy Management Software Reviews


Junaid Mir

review for Shivrai Farm ERP


"With all the software available, Techjockey was able to narrow down the top companies that best fit the needs of our specialty practice. Thank you!"

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Hariom jagannth tirole

review for Sahiwala Poultry Software


"Sahiwala Poultry Management is so easy to use, takes care of every process without following unnecessary steps. "

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review for Modern Webz Milk Dairy Software


"This software is very easy to use and valuable for money. I will recommend it to a milk collection center."

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Hanuman Singh

review for Farmers App


"With all the software available, Techjockey was able to narrow down the top companies that best fit the needs of our specialty practice. Thank you!"

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Buyer's Guide for Top Dairy Management Software

Found our list of Dairy Management Software helpful? We’re here to help you make the right choice and automate your business processes. Let’s discover some of the essential factors that you must consider to make a smarter decision!

What is Dairy Management Software?

Dairy Management Software is designed for managing dairy farms. But, with the help of technology, now you can monitor each and every activity happening in your farms and record them automatically. Also, the software assists in driving all your efforts towards increased sales at lower costs. Dairy farm management software is an application that helps maximize profits by improving dairy herd fertility. A dairy farming software has the feature of recording breeding events with the help of a smartphone. It can also send notifications as and when there are future breeding opportunities are expected. 

Dairy Milk management software can make day-to-day dairy-related activities easier. From managing the animals in your farm to milk procurement and product distribution, the milk collection software takes care of everything. The whole process gests streamlined, as you can track the movement of raw milk from the farm gate to the plant silo. Along with milk production, dairy software also assists in demand scheduling, plant ordering, reporting, and accounting.

Dairy Software Features

Cattle Management

Using the software, you can manage a database consisting of every animal on your farm. You can also track their health details along with weight, food habits, etc. Getting details about milking patterns and cattle births is also easy with dairy management software.

Mobile Operation

The dairy sector is largely mobile, with most of the operations being carried at the offsite. You simply cannot use a desktop-based dairy software all the time. Most dairy software India vendors are developing software that works on android and iOS.

Handling Multiple Cattle Species

You can handle different types of species at different places to increase profits, with the help of milk dairy software. Different species will have different eating and breeding patterns, which can be taken care of with the help of dairy management software.

Multi-platform operation

The best dairy milk management software is platform-independent. This means that they are able to run on different platforms, be it desktop, notebook or tablet.

Report analysis

With the help of the best dairy management software, you can generate and analyze various kinds of reports. You can store and analyze animal sensor information like heat date, AI date, PD date, calving date, weight measurement.

Automatic Notifications

With the help of automatic alerts, farmers can keep track of the animals. Alerts on animal's lifecycle events like PD check, drying up, weight check, vaccination, etc. are sent to farmers via SMS.

Animal Wise Milk Recording

Each animal’s lactation records are recorded into the dairy management software. The interval in which you want the records can be decided solely by you. It can be done every day or every week depending on your requirements.  

Balanced Ration Creation

With the help of the report analysis mentioned above, you can create customized diet charts for each animal, which are cost-effective.

Reproduction Assessment

The reproduction pattern of each individual animal is recorded within the software. This is done to take the necessary measures to increase the fertility of the animals as more population would mean more profit.

Dairy Accounts & Finance

Financial management and accounting software module of dairy include functions for managing your bank details, every transaction done, and how much did you earn in a particular period of time.

Why Do You Need Dairy Products Management Software?

To manage multiple functions at your dairy farm, you need dairy product management software. It can ease a variety of business processes like cattle management, herd management, report analysis, milk supply chain, accounts, and finance. Dairy management software can:

  • Help with automatic registration of the dairy population
  • Provides detailed performance analysis of the herd
  • Monitor cattle movements and their sales can be recorded easily
  • Generate reports on pregnancy rates, submission rate, etc.
  • Allow multiple users to use the software at the same time
  • Record medical supplies used, feedstuff, and the cost of animal treatment as well

Benefits of Dairy Management Software

  1. Animal-wise milk recording can be received with the help of dairy software. The lactation of each animal is recorded individually after a specific interval of time.
  2. You can get heard status, insemination and fertility status about the animals.
  3. You can get day-to-day updates on the activities of your farm.
  4. All the information can be accessed anytime, anywhere.
  5. You can directly import the list of your animals from excel sheets.
  6. You can view customized weather forecasts with the help of milk collection software.
  7. With the help of this software, you can never go out of stock with rations.
  8. It can help you collect crucial data for further analysis.
  9. With milk collection software, you can identify top-performing and non-performing assets.
  10. The best diary management software comes with a mobile application for farmers that records accurate data in real-time to help them keep track of milk quality and also improvise milk production.
  11. Farmers can apply predictive analysis to predict the amount of payment in advance based on their milk data for the current month as displayed by the mobile app.
  12. With the help of the statistics that you get, you can compare milk collection in the current month to the previous month or year.
  13. You can also record and get notified about the amount credited & debited to the farmer’s account, date period, and milk description along with total remuneration account balance.

Buy Dairy Software Online (Things To Be Consider Before Buying)

Ease of Use

Most dairy management software is easy to use, but make sure that you are able to understand and operate the software easily once it’s implemented. Any software functionality that you cannot use conveniently will result in wasting both time and effort.

Vendor Support System

Reliable vendor support is a must for you, just in case things don’t work out according to your plan. If you face any issue with the software, you would need a vendor support executive to fix it. Make sure the vendor has an efficient after-sales service, as any delay in fixing the issue can take a major toll on your business.

Ask Dairy ERP Software Demo

Before buying a diary management software, you can ask for a demo trial, which elaborates every feature. This would help you understand the software better and enable you to make the right decision.

Top 10 Dairy Management Software List In India

  • Prompt Farmer’s App
  • Sahiwala Dairy Milk Management Software
  • Afifarm
  • Vaquitec
  • DairyLive

Dairy Management Software Open Source

Some dairy software companies allowed to download free dairy management software full version for trial along with the specific feature.

Dairy Management Software Solution Cost

Dairy Farm Management System Software Price

Standard Starting Price ₹499.00
Advanced Starting Price ₹20,000.00
Premium Starting Price ₹75,000.00


FAQ iconDairy Management Software FAQs

A. A milk payment software is quite easy to use. Every software for dairy industry has different functionalities. You can get a demo for the vendor to understand every functionality and ensure that it works well.

A. You can install software for milk dairy management in your pc and use it after installation. You will get a wide range of functionalities with dairy software.

A. The main function of milk payment software is to keep track of every kind of activities on your farm and handle your payment transactions.

A. Dairy management system provides features for cattle management, account management, milk management, reproduction management, report analysis and more.

A. Most milk collection software works on both mobile and PC. You can also check this before finalizing a dairy software.

A. Many billing dairy farm software includes accounting feature as well, however, please ask your vendor before purchasing the software.

A. Choosing the best dairy management system depends on your business needs. The features and functionalities of software differ from one another, hence, choosing the best one depends on your needs.

A. A farm owner or a farm manager should invest in a dairy herd management software for managing you're heard from anywhere in the world. It enables you to keep all your records at one place and analyze them, manage all your animals at one go, create specialized diet charts, and even handle your accounts and finances.

A. Most dairy management systems work on mobile phones, however, please check with your vendor before buying the software.

A. For installing dairy software, there are specific instructions available in the form of an online or physical manual. You can also ask for expert guidance from the vendor to install the software or look online for their tutorial videos for installing the dairy software.

Milk purchase software is for large scale dairy and farms business. It will help to calculate tonnes of litre milk easily with their amazing features and also help in milk purchasing. Some software companies offer a free trial version download for limited time.

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