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6 Best GIS Software in 2021

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By Esri India Technologies Ltd


AGOL, also known as ArcGIS online is a cloud-oriented mapping and examination tool. This GIS tool can be used for a var... Read More About AGOL
Storage Location Reporting and analysis tools +5 More


By Esri India Technologies Ltd


EDN, also known as ESRI Developers Network, is a complete mapping and geo-data analytics platform for developers involv... Read More About EDN
Routing Network Management Multiple vehicle Tracking +1 More
ENVI GIS Software
ENVI GIS software is designed for GIS professionals that help in analyzing and processing geographic information and im... Read More About ENVI GIS Software
FX Editor ACM photogrammetry +4 More
Geosoft Target

Geosoft Target

By GeoSoft

(1 reviews)


Geosoft Target is geographic information software designed to visualize, quality check, and share geoscience and drill... Read More About Geosoft Target
Data Import/Export Geological Model Well Logs & Boreholes Models +4 More

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By Golden Software

(2 reviews)


Strater is an excellent geographic information system tool that helps you represent the data available in geological mod... Read More About Strater
Well Logs & Boreholes Models Subsurface Data Made Clear Geological Model +3 More
DEM Extraction
The DEM Extraction Module enables you to extract elevation data from scanned or digital aerial photographs, or from an a... Read More About DEM Extraction

Last Updated on : 21 Oct, 2021

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Buyer's Guide for Top GIS Software

Found our list of GIS Software helpful? We’re here to help you make the right choice and automate your business processes. Let’s discover some of the essential factors that you must consider to make a smarter decision!

What is GIS Software?

Geographic information GIS software is designed to manage, exhibit, store, tried and analyze all kinds of geographical and spatial data. GIS software is used for getting maps and other geographic data for research and analysis.

With the help of GIS software, you can build interactive user-created searches, edit maps for data, track spatial information, and create a report of all the results. GIS has a number of applications in the field of mapping, engineering, agricultural practices, management, and transport/logistics. It is also used in banking and insurance, telecom and network services, accident analysis, disaster management and mitigation, surveying and asset management and maintenance. It’s a great tool for demography studies, natural resource management, urban planning, and environmental analysis.

Characteristic features of Best GIS Software

Some of the noteworthy features of GIS software are listed below:

RealTime Positioning and Easy Accessibility

GIS Software provides access to maps with data needed about the location inbuilt in the software. It eases the work of those organizations which want data on a specific geographic area.

Mobile App Support

The availability of GIS software services on mobile phones helps the user leverage the benefits of the app at any place, position, and time.

Data Capture

Data capture feature helps in importing digital data from a disk, network or database, or from peripheral devices.

Data Analysis of GI

The best GIS software searches answers to your questions. GIS is customarily used to answer questions related to spatial aspects. A GIS should be able to provide tools to solve queries and retrieve data, along with functions for data integration and modeling.

Data Management

Data management is an extension of the data capturing process. It includes data editing with tools for adding, duplicating, and deleting spatial data. It also helps with the development and management of metadata along with detecting errors and performing transformations.

Data Visualization

GIS software collects and analyzes data and offers it in a presentable way. It provides tools to present data in several ways, ranging from displaying tabular information, over graph/chart production, to printing maps (or heat maps). GIS offers advanced visualization in 3Dmodeling. The output is sharable by storing it on a disk or a web server, which allows for dynamic viewing of the data.

Incorporation of Field Devices

A state of the art GIS can be integrated with field devices like cameras and sensors to the map for enhanced data capturing and analysis.

Customization of features

Top GIS systems provide the user with the option to customize its features according to their organizational needs.

What are the Advantages of GIS Software?

The advantages of using a geographic information system GIS Software include:

  • GIS software simplifies the process of taking decisions as it provides detailed and specific information about one or more locations.
  • Best GIS software works actively to increase efficiency by tracking fleet movements and managing timetables. These features also help increase cost-efficiency.
  • GIS software can visualize spatial information that helps improvise communication among organizations or departments involved. As the designs are presents in a visual format, it becomes simple and easy to understand.
  • GIS works as an active recordkeeper of all data documented by an organization. It easily stores all the geographical changes and also, notes the reasons for changes.
  • Online GIS software provides predictions of changes in geography and gives a solution to plan the course of action and model natural disaster activity precisely.
  • GIS software provides a paperless experience by cataloging all the data as back up. It also helps GIS users enter the data about the geographical area online in real-time. The GIS software works as a journal for users and makes their experience a lot less messy.
  • GIS also allows viewing, understanding, questioning, visualization, and interpretation of the data in multiple ways. It reveals trends and patterns in globes and maps and shows relationships in the form of charts and reports.

Most Popular GIS Software List And Companies 

  • Surfer
  • Strater
  • Geosoft Target
  • Geosoft GMSYS Modelling
  • ENVI GIS Software
  • DEM Extraction

Check Out the Different Types of GIS Software

  • GIS software for mac
  • Online gis software
  • Desktop gis software
  • Commercial gis software
  • Simple gis software

GIS Software Solution Cost

GIS Software Price in India

Standard Starting Price ₹3300.00
Advanced Starting Price ₹29600.00
Premium Starting Price Price On Request


FAQ iconGIS Software FAQs

ArcGIS online software is one of the most popular GIS mapping software. Apart from this, there are other web GIS software to consider.

  • Esri ArcGIS
  • Maptitude
  • MapInfo Pro
  • LocationIQ
  • eSpatial
  • QGIS
  • CleverMaps
  • MAPublisher
  • ETAP Software
  • Google Maps API

Students often prefer these free GIS software options to create quantity maps and heat maps, edit feature geometry and feature attribute data, and so on.

  • QGIS 2
  • gVSIG
  • MapWindow

Here are some of the best open source GIS software examples that support complex analytical capabilities.

  • QGIS 3
  • GeoDa
  • Whitebox GAT
  • uDig

Web GIS software is a web based geospatial information system, which can be used to manage geographic data and take meaningful decisions. You can use web GIS software on any device, be it desktop, mobile or tablets. Web GIS software helps with the following activities:

  • Government projects like disaster management, flood management, forest land management, etc.
  • Popularly used in research activities related to Geoscience
  • Mapping and visualization of geographic areas
  • It provides geospatial analysis related to pollution dispersion, site measurement and selection, fleet track optimization, etc.

Web GIS software is widely being used in our daily life for functions like:

  • Tracking the location of a person
  • Discovering nearby restaurants, retail shops, ATM, hospitals, etc.
  • Vehicle & fleet tracking for supply chain management
  • Parcel tracking for courier management
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