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4 Best Loyalty Management Software in 2021

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Mink Foodiee Loyalty Management System

Mink Foodiee Loyalty Management System

By Indian Mesh

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Inclusive of all taxes

Mink Foodiee Loyalty Management System helps its users in collecting, managing and leveraging their customer-related da... Read More About Mink Foodiee Loyalty Management System
Dashboard Point Redeem System Point Earning System +12 More
Hashtag Loyalty
Hashtag Loyalty enables businesses to grow by building customer loyalty, improving retention and increasing revenue. Cap... Read More About Hashtag Loyalty
Loyalty Management Campaigns Promotions +5 More
Real Time Monitoring Loyalty Program Support Loyalty cards +1 More


By MobiQuest


Customer Loyalty Card. Gift Card Management Member Portal +2 More

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Last Updated on : 30 Jul, 2021

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Buyer's Guide for Top Loyalty Management Software

Found our list of Loyalty Management Software helpful? We’re here to help you make the right choice and automate your business processes. Let’s discover some of the essential factors that you must consider to make a smarter decision!

What is Loyalty Management Software?

The loyalty program software is an effective marketing solution designed for businesses to retain existing customers and attract new ones. Today, the customer loyalty management system finds its usage in various commercial sectors including banking, entertainment, hospitality, retailing, traveling, and many others.

A customer loyalty program basically involves the sales personnel or service provider setting up a loyalty account for the customers and rewarding them with loyalty points every time they make a purchase from that business. Loyalty points can be tracked through a “Loyalty Card,” which uses magstripe or barcode for quick scanning. A lot of new loyalty cards use chip-based technology.

Loyalty program software generates certain points on the customer’s purchase or availing certain services. These points can be retrieved to avail discount on the current purchase or save the points for future purchases. Customer loyalty program management solution works on “Nudge Theory” where business owners incentivize the act of purchase and propose a positive reinforcement behavior towards the business. This behavioral change results in a higher rate of customer retention.

Customer loyalty program management solution assists business owners in strategizing their outreach plans and driving more sales. Business owners can benefit a lot from loyalty program software, as it allows them to collect customer data and determine their target group.

Loyalty Program Management Software Features

Sales Boost

Customer loyalty program software aims to increase the sales, retention of customers and ensures the first-rate customer experience of business. Loyalty program software also facilitates an increased cart value for customers. Customer loyalty programs gamify the purchasing experience for customers who feel excited about adding more loyalty points.

Stable Customer Base

Loyalty program software assists business owners to achieve a loyal customer base that allows them to work without any stress. Customer loyalty program management software also ensures that post-sales customer services are managed properly.

Business Analysis

The customer loyalty management system provides specialized modules to analyze the shopping behavior of customers. Business owners can use this data to monitor the sales of different items efficiently.

Price Planner

Customer loyalty program management solution enables retailers and service providers to offer discounts on products that need to be pushed up the sales ladder by making their prices easy on the customers’ pockets.

Personalized Incentives

A good loyalty program software offers a different discount approach for different customers based on their purchasing patterns. Customer loyalty programs dynamically segment the data for business owners to provide personalized incentives.

Referral Campaign

Customer loyalty program management software allows customers to gather more points by referring other individuals to sign up for the services. It assists in the growth of a stable customer base through one of the most effective methods, i.e., the word of mouth.

Customer Loyalty Management Software Benefits

Customer Retention

Loyalty program software reinforces positive purchase behaviors to ensure that your customers would visit again. Customer loyalty program management software gives a solid motivation to buy from the same place by gamifying the complete purchasing experience.

Customer Data and Consumer Trends

Customer loyalty management system records all the purchases made by the registered customers and provides a personalized buying list for them. Loyalty Program Software gives a complete overview of the employees purchasing habits, seasonal preferences, etc. For business owners to utilize this data to boost their sales figures.

Higher Cart Value

Customer loyalty program management system enables business owners to use the collected customer data to cross-sell and up-sell goods for a higher cart value on checkout. The loyalty point-based gamification of purchasing increases the number of goods customers will purchase at a single attempt.

Customer Interaction

Loyalty program software provides a direct access to customers which makes communication easier. This can be used for a wide range of purposes such as conducting reviews, promoting new products, announcing new offers, take recommendations, etc. Customer Loyalty Program can also be used for sending personalized discount programs for occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

Inviting New Customers

Customer loyalty program allows existing customers to bring new ones through referral programs. Where they can use the referral code to bring other people to avail goods and services from the same business.

How to Find the Best Loyalty Program Software for Small Business?

Most loyalty program software today are completely scalable. However, it is recommended to use a solution that is designed for the operational requirements of the users. Here are a few things that business owners should look out while purchasing a loyalty program software:

Pre-Integrated CRM Functions

Always check whether there is a pre-integrated CRM functions or there is a scope to integrate one, before purchasing a customer loyalty management software. The CRM feature allows users to keep track of post-sales services.

Verify the Vendor

Check the user reviews of the software that you have chosen to buy. Check for post-sales services, ease in integration, user interface, etc.

Demo & Software Training

Seek the information regarding how the points are allocated and discounts are generated. Loyalty points have to be calculated carefully to avoid losses.

User Interface & Complexity

Invest in a loyalty program software that is easy for your employees to manager. Why spend the additional cost on arranging paid software trainings.

Loyalty Management  Software Solution Cost

Loyalty Management System Software Price

Standard Starting Price ₹2,000.00
Advanced Starting Price ₹5,000.00
Premium Starting Price Price On Request


FAQ iconLoyalty Management Software FAQs

Here are some of the best Loyalty Program Management Companies:

  • Zoho CRM
  • iVend Retail
  • Fivestars
  • Apptivo
  • Loyverse POS

Here is how Loyalty CRM software works:

  • Upon checkout, a loyalty account is created for the customer by the Loyalty CRM software.
  • Then, the customer loyalty program management software will identify and assess whether the customer has the potential to become a recurring one based on purchasing patterns.
  • The loyalty program software starts collecting data and determines its target group.
  • Consequently, the customer loyalty management system customizes rewards according to the behaviours of the customer.
  • The customer loyalty program management monitors interaction with the loyalty program performance for further sales assessment.

Below mentioned are some of the best available open source loyalty management software:

  • Tango Card
  • Loyverse
  • Open Loyalty
  • SailPlay Loyalty

Benefits of using loyalty program software in E-commerce:

  • Delightful customer-focused personalization
  • Value-addition to businesses
  • Enables the purchasing habits of users
  • High-value cart
  • Minimum costs for acquisition
  • Instant valuable insights

Here are some of the most popular customer loyalty program software listed:

  • Zoho CRM
  • ONE Rewardz
  • ePaisa
  • Loyaltyxpert
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