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23 Best Medical Billing Software in 2021

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Birlamedisoft HIMS Quanta V4.0
Birlamedisoft HIMS Quanta V4.0 is a leading web based hospital erp software which is aimed at streamlining Hospital oper... Read More About Birlamedisoft HIMS Quanta V4.0
Manage Records Examination and Result Data Entry +14 More


By BbniSys

(4 reviews)


eHMS is a web-based medical billing software for small and medium-sized hospitals, helping them to streamline their adm... Read More About eHMS
Registrations Helpdesk Management OPD +11 More
My ERP Medi Plus

My ERP Medi Plus

By MY ERP Software

Starting Price


Inclusive of all taxes

My ERP Medi Plus is one of the best hospital erp software that keeps a comprehensive record of all your financial transa... Read More About My ERP Medi Plus
ERP System Pharmacy Management Stock Management +5 More
Viva Medical Billing Software
Make your clinic a force to be reckoned with Viva Medical Billing Software. It makes billing faster and more efficient a... Read More About Viva Medical Billing Software
Billing system SMS integration & Notification Touch Screen +13 More

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JP H-Care

JP H-Care

By JP Software

(1 reviews)


H-Care software is a hospital database management system, which is devised for hospitals, nursing homes and clinics, to... Read More About JP H-Care
Registration Module Investigation Financial Module +12 More


By BbniSys

(4 reviews)


CloudHMS is a best hospital management software by Bbnisys helps in running hospitals and other healthcare units profita... Read More About CloudHMS
Patient Management Increase Productivity Inventory Management +5 More


By BbniSys

(4 reviews)


OrthoSys is an advanced hospital management software and highly efficient orthopaedic imaging software for hospitals sys... Read More About OrthoSys
Patient Management Efficient Design Analytical Reports +5 More
Healcon Practice

Healcon Practice

By Healcon Practice


Healcon Practice is the most powerful & comprehensive yet very easy to use tool which helps doctors and clinic owner... Read More About Healcon Practice
Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Medical Billing Appointment Scheduling +7 More

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OPD Easy

OPD Easy

By RJ Easysoftech

(1 reviews)


OPD Easy is one of the best clinic management software in India. It covers all the workflow of a clinic, such as, pati... Read More About OPD Easy
Clinic Management Patient Registration Appointment Management +10 More
Medical Billing Barcode Scanning Stock Management +8 More
Manage Entries Inventory Management Accounting +8 More
Coelentera Hospital Management
The C-Vantage Hospital Management Software simplifies the day to day activity of all type of hospitals and clinics by he... Read More About Coelentera Hospital Management
Reception Management Outpatient Management Inpatient Management +19 More

Top Products

Drug Inventory Management System
DIMS(Drug Inventory Monitoring Software) construct the flow of managing Inventory of medicene/drugs in a store smooth an... Read More About Drug Inventory Management System
Stock Management Billing & Invoicing Sales Analysis +5 More
Mink Chemist Management Software

Mink Chemist Management Software

By Indian Mesh

Starting Price


Inclusive of all taxes

Mink Chemist Software is developed specifically for pharmacy owners, pharmaceutical companies, and other stakeholders i... Read More About Mink Chemist Management Software
Dashboard Enquiry Management Reporting & Analytics +16 More


By AdvancedMD


AdvancedMD is a medical practicing management software for both hospitals and clinics. All the appointments of the doct... Read More About AdvancedMD
Claims Management Billing & Invoicing Analytics & Reporting +6 More
MED-E-NOVA is a web based advanced hospital erp software that helps a medical organization to streamline activities and... Read More About Med-E-Nova
Front Office Management Laundry Management MIS Reports +9 More

Related Categories

Doctor Sahab
Doctor Sahab is a medical practice management software that helps in the efficient management of a clinic. This platfor... Read More About Doctor Sahab
Case Management Inpatient Billing Time Tracking +10 More
Flash Code

Flash Code

By Flash Code


Flash Code is a coding software designed specifically to cater the needs of healthcare organizations. This healthcare s... Read More About Flash Code
Dashboard Billing & Invoicing Patient Management +3 More


By Hype Systems


QuickClaim is a clinic management software. This clinic management software facilitates excellent outpatient management... Read More About Quickclaim
Claims Management Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Patient Record +3 More


By OpenEMR


OpenEMR is a certified electronic health record (EHR) software for medical organizations. It is open source software w... Read More About OpenEMR
Electronic Medical Records OPD Prescriptions Billing & Invoicing +7 More

Last Updated on : 30 Jul, 2021

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Buyer's Guide for Top Medical Billing Software

Found our list of Medical Billing Software helpful? We’re here to help you make the right choice and automate your business processes. Let’s discover some of the essential factors that you must consider to make a smarter decision!

What is Medical Billing Software?

Medical practice is made easy with medical billing software as it helps with automated billing, patient appointment management and workflow management. Now one can optimize revenue while delivering faster service and quick diagnosis. Online, web-based medical billing software includes all important functionalities to manage medical billing workflow to help medical practitioners focus on to provide a quick and accurate diagnosis.

Medical Coding Software

By generating codes for ICD and CPT, medical coding software can claim submissions as well as minimize denials. Medical coding software has an interactive user interface and provides advanced features to validate insurance claims and ensure faster reimbursement."

Features of Medical Billing Software

Medical Stock Management

Medical stock management software can also be used as an inventory solution for several healthcare facilities. The cloud-based medical stock management system helps in handling medical supplies and equipment.

Medical Records Management

Medical record software helps store as well as update and maintain digital health records of your patients. Features like order entry, charting, support and live reporting are available with a medical record software.

Medical Scheduling 

Medical software can be integrated with appointment scheduling and front office tools. You can even collect your payments with just one-click. It can display information about the patients and their appointment status.

Data Conversion

Medical software applications also allow data conversion. Data experts can easily handle the data and migrate it from one system to another.

Claim Scrubber

Check claims with accuracy against a huge database of 10 million claims. One can automatically scrub and edit claims before filing them.

Remittance Advice Electronically

All kinds of government and commercial payments like copays and deductibles can be paid instantly to all the patients. Now reduce the amount of paperwork and store information in the cloud with a medical billing software.

Batch Payments

You can record payments from various claims and tickets at one go.

Report and Analysis

Fiscal health is taken into consideration with a medical store billing software. You can track reimbursements as well as outstanding payments with the large number of reports available.

Benefits of Medical Billing Software

Automated billing

A medical retail software can automate billing and invoicing. Claims can also be processed through a medical software system.

Reduced Paperwork

A medical billing software would automatically reduce paperwork since everything will be stored online. Information like patient bills, claims and records, everything can be stored electronically using a medical billing software.

Reduced Expenses

Initially medical billing software prices might seem a little high but in the long run, it is going to be beneficial. You can save money on hiring new employees, expense on social security, and insurance costs as well.

Easy Access to Information

One of the main benefits of using a medical billing software is that you can access patient-related information easily. All the information would be recorded in just one platform and can be accessed anywhere and anytime with the help of internet.

Minimal Error

Human errors are bound to happen when it comes to manual work. A web based medical billing software helps to catch and correct these mistakes. Reduce errors while entering data and save time as well as money with this software.

10 Steps Involved in Medical Billing Process Smothers and Easier

Registration of Patients

This is the first process which includes the documentation of information provided by the patient, for example, his contact information, insurance card, medical history, insurance policy number and other reports.

Insurance Verification

The next stage includes the verification of the information provided by patients. You need to check their eligibility, coverage, benefits and conditions of the insurance.


One has to enter the right codes with the right information. One should give extra attention to patients’ existing diseases and procedure though these diagnosis codes.

Crosschecking Codes

One has to crosscheck all codes that has been entered in the previous step to ensure there is zero error.

Filing the Charges

Charges need to be documented for any medical procedure to happen. Charges associated with different procedures, services and diagnoses need to be included in this step.

Audit Claim

Document should be examined to avoid future errors.

Submitting Claims

After creating a medical document, payment is done by sending the document to the insurance payer. Different guidelines are followed for different procedures.


Follow-ups are essential to monitor claims. It is done with insurance companies over calls and emails. This includes receiving updates on the claims that are already submitted.


Reimbursements are done when the amount that has been received is properly reviewed. After verification, the account that belongs to the patient is updated.

Denial Management

For any unpaid (rejected) claims, rechecking is done regarding all the insurance related documents.

Medical Billing Software Solution Cost

Medical Billing System Software Price

Standard Starting Price ₹6,000.00
Advanced Starting Price ₹21,000.00
Premium Starting Price Price On Request


FAQ iconMedical Billing Software FAQs

The following are the best free open source medical billing software:

  • Medeil
  • Pharmiz
  • GOFRUGAL Pharmacy Software
  • CureMD
  • OpenEMR
  • PracticeSuite
  • Bahmni
  • OpenClinical
  • OpenMRS

But it is better to use an advanced level software with advanced features for managing billing and invoicing in large numbers.

Denial codes in medical billing are basically standard messages used to state the information to both patients and providers. These denial codes are generated by insurance companies using medical billing denial management software to ease the processes for medical providers.

The following is the list of denial codes in medical billing:

  • CO4 Denial Code: Inconsistency in the modifier used
  • CO11 Denial Code: Inconsistent diagnosis
  • CO16 Denial Code: Lacks Information
  • CO18 Denial Code: Duplicate Claims
  • CO22 Denial Code: Covered another payer for benefits

There are several companies that specialize in the development of medical billing software. A few of them are:

  • CureMD
  • Epic
  • NueMD
  • Drchrono
  • Nextgen
  • Kareo

The following medical billing software are best suited for home businesses and start-ups:

  • My ERP Medi Plus
  • Med-E-Nova
  • JP H-Care
  • Birlamedisoft HIMS Quanta V4.0
  • CloudHMS
  • eHMS
  • OrthoSys
  • Anodyne

Medical billing software prices may vary but you can always contact us to get the best medical billing software costs.

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