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Best Multi Level Marketing Software (MLM) In 2020

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WebInfo MLM

WebInfo MLM

By Evolve WebInfo

(2 reviews)


WebInfo is known as the best MLM software which is leading the way with innovative software features for every MLM &... Read More About WebInfo MLM
Membership Management Payout Calculation Facility Incentive Management +2 More
iVerticals Multi Level Marketing Software
iVerticals Multi-Level Marketing Software is one of the best MLM software that provides you with a unified solution to a... Read More About iVerticals Multi Level Marketing Software
Content Management Password Management User Management +5 More
YAKS MLM Software
YAKS MLM Software is a multi-level marketing direct selling solution to help businesses design their marketing plan. Th... Read More About YAKS MLM Software
Dashboard E-Wallet Multi Currency +15 More
Infinite MLM Software
Infinite MLM Software is a Network Marketing Solution that eliminates its user’s network marketing concerns in real-t... Read More About Infinite MLM Software
Dashboard Profile Management E-Wallet +14 More

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MLM Software Pro

MLM Software Pro

By MLM Software Pro


Easy Integration ANYTIME ANYWHERE ACCESSIBILITY Manage Database & Resources +5 More
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RSL Multi-Level Marketing is one of the best mlm software that comes with some amazing features like reporting. This MLM... Read More About RSL Multi Level Marketing
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Last Updated on : 21 Oct, 2021

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Buyer's Guide for Top MLM Software

Found our list of MLM Software helpful? We’re here to help you make the right choice and automate your business processes. Let’s discover some of the essential factors that you must consider to make a smarter decision!

What is Multi-level Marketing Software (MLM)?

Multi-Level Marketing Software (MLM) is a web-based solution for efficient administration and management of marketing networks in accordance to MLM levels. This solution aims to implement a structure for managing users, taking into account the MLM philosophy with which each user can have access of data required for their own job profile and administrators can control and monitor the activities such as purchasing, invoicing and commission management. With this software, MLM companies can manage their entire business processes, including new user registration, transactions and product purchasing.

Use of MLM Software?

  • Generate and assign unique member profiles which will be given controlled access by the admin to carry out operations designated to them.
  • Provide and save registration details
  • Record user data (Tickets Payments and receipts)
  • Register user passwords for vendors, employees and administrators
  • Comply with terms and conditions (Terms, conditions and code of conduct are decided by both parties and are confidential)
  • Activate services. (After the registration information is validated, the new affiliate is provided with the clearance to access their personalized portal)
  • Manage billing, invoicing and other financial transactions
  • Secure the confidential user data

MLM Software Features

Compensation and Commission

MLM software ensures effective commission and compensation management to help businesses manage their e-commerce sales, sponsor and level bonuses. Using this software, you can easily set plans for impeccable reward distribution.

Seamless Transaction System

One of the most important features of any MLM software is automatic payment processing with multiple payment options. For any business to run smoothly and hassle-free, a good MLM software company uses a secure gateway system, which automates transactions between vendors and other independent sellers. With the help of hassle-free access clearance, admins can process payments easily.

E-Commerce Incorporation

E-commerce has become an integral part of doing any business today. With the help of e-commerce incorporation, a business can soar to new heights of profitability. So, it is natural for MLM businesses to incorporate e-commerce features to expand their horizons. A good MLM software helps in furthering the business by providing necessary tools to felicitate online transactions and garner new vendors.

Support/Ticket System

The best MLM Software ensures hassle-free customer support for issues like withheld transactions. The support system takes care of all enquiries from multiple channels. MLM Software helps administrators raise tickets for different issues depending on urgency and requirement.

E-Wallet Integration

Cloud storage system provided by MLM software helps in saving information for e-transactions. E-wallets ensure that the transactions on e-commerce websites happen safely and rapidly. By integrating MLM software with e-wallets, administrators can transact with the vendors securely.

Currency Conversion System

Since MLM software is used by businesses which have vendors overseas, managing their payout becomes a hassle. With MLM software, one can easily initiate currency to be converted and paid to the vendors from different countries. Apart from this, it also helps convert you're earning from international currency conversion mode. 

Benefits of MLM Software

There are numerous advantages of using a good MLM software for the smooth functioning of your business operations. As any business grows, operational challenges come its way and can’t be handled manually. Here, the role of MLM Software comes in. Given below are the benefits of using MLM software for your business:

Increased Growth Possibilities

With multi-language and multi-currency features of MLM software, businesses can manage their transactions globally. You can manage compensation and commission levels and handle transactions efficiently with this software.

Multi-level Security

Staying true to its name, MLM software deals with employee information hierarchically. Hence a robust system of secrecy is important to secure the records and other documents. As salesperson, stakeholders and associates etc. are all connected to the network, it is crucial to design a mechanism that prevents spillage of classified information. A good MLM Software is efficient in keeping data secure with additional protection against malicious activities.

Lead Generation

For an enterprise, lead generation is one of the most fundamental aspects which ensures the steady inflow of business. All MLM companies need this software which ensures. MLM lead generation system helps companies manage their own lead capture pages for prospect details.

Buy MLM Software Online

Identify requirements and challenges

By doing this, you will be able to make a list of all the things that you need from an MLM software, without paying a fortune on a software that doesn’t even match your requirements.

You need to look for all the challenges and issues that your MLM business is facing. By doing some research you will be able to sort out which MLM software has all (or most) features that would help in solving those issues.

Fix a budget

This is one of the most fundamental rules that one should follow before purchasing anything expensive. There are a number of MLM software in the market that offer the same set of features at a lesser price.

Therefore, it is really important to choose a product which is reasonably priced but has all the features that you require out of an MLM Software. The best way to do this makes a list of all the software brands that meet your requirements and get quotations from their sellers.

An appropriate MLM Compensation plan

There are various MLM compensation plans, out of which some companies choose to merge two or more plans to present a customized plan. If there are two different plans that provide some of the features that you want, you can ask for a merge. The software can be customized to suit your compensation plan considering the structure of the brand and the nature of the product.

MLM Software Demo

Almost all of the major online MLM Software companies provide free demo before you make a purchase. When you list out the companies that suit your preference, visit their website and ask for a demo from the sellers. It is crucial to also ensure the live performance of these products for smooth functioning, post-purchase. It might also be useful to check for product reviews by users for an insight on the useability and functionality of the product.

MLM Software Price

Any generic MLM software company in India would sell their products at exorbitant prices. Before purchasing, you should check for all the possible options which offer the features that you need. At times vendors can put some useless mandatory features and charge extra for them. Hence taking quotations from different vendors and then selecting the ideal MLM software is a wise move.

Buy MLM Software that is appropriately priced for the services that it offers.

MLM Software Solution Cost

MLM System Software Price

Standard Starting Price ₹30,000.00
Advanced Starting Price ₹65,000.00
Premium Starting Price Price On Request


FAQ iconMLM Software FAQs

Some of the best MLM software in the market are listed on our website. You can visit the categories section of our website and choose the software for your business.

MLM Software is a web-based application that helps manage hierarchical networks and keep a record on downline's expenditure and incomes. It reduces the manual work done by employees at MLM companies. 

Yes, you can request a free demo by clicking on the button beside the product and our sales personnel will be glad to assist you.

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