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Best Pharma CRM for Pharmaceutical Industry

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Focus 9

Focus 9

By Focus Softnet

(7 reviews)


Focus 9 is a fully integrated ERP software designed to maximize the output for various types of operations. Focus 9 so... Read More About Focus 9
Account Receivable Financial Management Inventory Management +8 More
Acme Insights
Acme Insight provides a set of features for business users to increase productivity and perform core functions accuratel... Read More About Acme Insights
Retail Sales Retailer Wholesale And Distribution Inventory Management +7 More


By E-Tech Services Limited


E-Techs MR Reporting Software is one of the best pharmaceutical sales force automation (SFA) solutions in the market.... Read More About E-Techs
Improve Customer Relationship Sales Force Automation Reporting +4 More
Clatos CRM

Clatos CRM

By Dunes Factory

Starting Price


Inclusive of all taxes

Clatos CRM is a web-based customer relationship management solution that enables its users to enhance their business re... Read More About Clatos CRM
Sales CRM Sales Pipeline Tracking Leads Capture +7 More

Top Products



By Odoo

(1 reviews)


Odoo is a powerful marketing automation tools and comprehensive business applications and easy to Track leads. It has a... Read More About Odoo
Integration Community Forums Monitoring +6 More
MCi Apps CRM

MCi Apps CRM

By MCi Apps


MCi Apps is one of the CRM solution that can help you generate leads and opens multiple avenues for your business. This... Read More About MCi Apps CRM
Lead Management Customer Management Reports +3 More


By Ipercepts


iCRM provides a set of features for business users to increase productivity and perform core functions accurately. Depen... Read More About iCRM
File Storage Call Center Management Chat / Messaging +10 More
Medismo Pharmasoft

Medismo Pharmasoft

By Medismo


Medismo Pharmasoft digital clinic management system provides a set of features for business users to increase productivi... Read More About Medismo Pharmasoft

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Nutshell Crm

Nutshell Crm

By Nutshell


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Helloleads provides a set of features for business users to increase productivity and perform core functions accurately.... Read More About Helloleads


By Ammras


Ammras provides a set of features for business users to increase productivity and perform core functions accurately. Dep... Read More About Ammras


By Neubel Technologies


Smartclick provides a set of features for business users to increase productivity and perform core functions accurately.... Read More About Smartclick
Nethunt Crm

Nethunt Crm

By NetHunt CRM


Nethunt CRM provides a set of features for business users to increase productivity and perform core functions accurately... Read More About Nethunt Crm

Last Updated on : 21 Oct, 2021

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Buyer's Guide for Top Pharma CRM Software

Found our list of Pharma CRM Software helpful? We’re here to help you make the right choice and automate your business processes. Let’s discover some of the essential factors that you must consider to make a smarter decision!

What is pharma CRM Software?

Pharmaceutical CRM is a collaborative tool used by pharma companies to generate more revenue by reaching new clients such as doctors, hospitals, health care centres, physicians, chemists and patients. Pharma CRM systems let you stay ahead of the competition as the data analytics set up within the software generates reports and feedback loops to keep a track of competitors in the market.

CRM for pharma companies helps in improved customer retention. Pharmaceutical CRM does this by leveraging data-driven decisions for collecting deeper insights into customer behaviour. This is done by assessing data from the sales, social media behaviour and support interactions.  

How does CRM for the Pharmaceutical Industry Help

You need customer data for managing the functioning of a pharmaceutical business. CRM software for pharmaceutical companies gathers customer demographics for streamlining their profiles. This information can be later used for the trial of new products, advertising and campaigning purposes. 
Pharma CRM systems have robust analytical tools that use multiple touchpoints for transferring data collected into meaningful perceptions. These findings are being widely preferred by marketers, managers, service representatives and salespersons for strategic planning.     

Pharma CRM Features

Cycle Activities Planning

Pharmaceutical CRM enables cycle activities planning in order to automatically schedule visits and calculate instantly the total number of visits. There are also available preconfigured graphs and reports to plan and analyse key indicators for routine, cyclic tasks. 

Field Force Management

This is an option through which information can be made available to employees at any time and location. Pharmaceutical CRM software makes it easy to view geographic locations, identify routes through route planner and access full customer database.   

Sales Process Management 

CRM software for pharmaceutical companies provides tools for sales automation. It helps with efficiently planning sales activities and managing distribution channels. The unified database of products provides a detailed description of each drug to create a product-segment matrix.  

Omnichannel Service Management

Pharma CRM systems provide a complete overview of customers across different channels. It also helps register cases and assigns agents to work on such cases. This platform is further used for monitoring the status of cases as well as the automation of customer centers.  

Preconfigured Industry Reports

The platform generates real-time reports for analyzing and planning visits, plans and cyclic tasks. The dashboard feature is used for assessing both short-term/long-term results. KPI (Key Performance Indicators) tools provide key growth metrics for tracking the performance of your pharma business.  

Unified Customer Database

CRM for pharma companies records the history of customer interactions and communication in one place. The CRM also provides a report for a smart duplicate search to keep data up-to-date and free from bugs. Many businesses also use it for enriching their company’s data.   

Marketing Resource Management

Pharma CRM platforms provide marketing automation tools for segmenting and targeting pharmaceutical products. Closed-loop marketing tools help manage event schedules for effectively handling the target audience. 

Account-Based Selling Model

Pharmaceutical CRM tools are used for identifying key accounts and maintaining meaningful communication with primary/speciality care clinics and preferred pharmacy networks. You can also plan target activities with your key accounts to market newly launched products and improve relations with customers/clients.

Informational Organisation

Pharma CRM model is built upon organizational technology for quantifying and categorizing data. You can add sticky notes and comments into this documented data and save the same automatically. Such information can be easily shared across all departments or employees.  

Pharma CRM Modules

Contact Management

CRM software for pharmaceutical companies streamlines an organization’s operational process by improving business relations. The software does this by managing a company’s interaction with clientele and customers. 

Lead Management

Manage all your leads in a single platform through Pharma CRM systems’ intelligent automated lead assignments. The software is also used for providing context-based coaching tips to field reps. Pharma CRM software helps with lead tracking, bulk lead assignment, bulk upload of leads, etc. 


Pharmaceutical CRM’s actionable analytics provide powerful functionality for managing a pharma sales force. It also offers rich integrations for extensive operational performance. With a comprehensive database of customers, it’s easy to manage the interaction history with customers and provide personalized services. 

Performance Management

Pharmaceutical CRM software helps predict demand in the market for pharmaceutical products by evaluating druggist purchase patterns and physician recommendation patterns. You can also organize target prospect groups for maximizing the reach of promotion campaigns.  

Social Media Management

CRM for pharma companies is used by enterprises, start-ups, businesses and other entities for capturing leads from social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, etc. Pharma businesses require social media management processes for customer management and support. 

Email Marketing

Collect email lists, segregate your customers and create new mailing lists to create customized marketing messages. You can also run email campaigns and monitor their performance for improved client/customer relations.  


Pharma CRM models utilize data management and geo-targeting functionality for creating territory management reports. The software also provides transmission review reports, drill-down and drill-trough reports.   

Task Management

Pharma CRM offers multichannel engagement and capabilities for sample inventory tracking, expense reporting and targeting for efficient task management. You can also use portfolio data and embedded analytics for the purpose. 

Mobile System

Mobile CRM tools of a sales force automation software help with company and contact profiling/tracking. The software uses advanced targeting tools for smooth mobility. Mobile systems result in inefficient targeting and scheduling for you to access data from any location, any time. 

Customer Feedback 

Customer feedback management is a necessity for improving the performance of a business and earning profits. Mass marketing, target marketing and relationship marketing can be done on the basis of data collected by Pharma CRM tools. 

Sales Data Management

Sales automation processes within this data management software automatically store sales data and perform such ancillary tasks that let you focus on more crucial business activities. Some of the ancillary tasks include form filling, managing reports and accessing call records. 

Call Center Management

Customer’s history in the form of purchases and references are stored by Call Center CRM Software for pharmaceutical software. Any time a customer calls with an issue, your team can immediately access all the information available to provide an urgent solution.

FAQ iconPharma CRM Software FAQs

In a competitive business environment, quick marketing and sale of products is mandatory. Pharma CRM offers actionable analytical tools for gathering insights into customer behaviour and market trends. This is critical for developing business strategies and staying ahead of the competition.

Pharma CRM helps in profiling customers for developing individualized services and products. This is used by businesses and organisations for building strong and trusted customer relations. Customised plans, medications and treatment options are being used for manufacturing patient-specific drugs thus providing businesses with an opportunity to nurture customer relations.

A- Some of the best free and open source pharma CRM are:

  • Capsule CRM
  • Bitrix 24
  • ERPNext
  • CiviCRM
  • EspoCRM

Companies in the pharmaceutical industry are becoming more customer-centric. Adopting a pharmaceutical CRM strategy is the only way to understand customer demands and beat the competition.  The strategy is important to drive growth and improve customer loyalty.

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