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Best PLM Software List For Small Business

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SoftExpert PLM

SoftExpert PLM

By SoftExpert

(2 reviews)


The SoftExpert PLM is an affordable plm software, easy to use and completely web for life cycle management of products... Read More About SoftExpert PLM
Project Management Process Management Change Management +5 More
Aras PLM

Aras PLM

By Aras

(3 reviews)


Aras PLM software (Product lifecycle management) is highly flexible, scalable, and upgradeable software for all size of... Read More About Aras PLM
Infor Optiva

Infor Optiva

By Infor

(3 reviews)


Developed by Infor, Optiva PLM is a product lifecycle management software designed for food, chemical and consumer packa... Read More About Infor Optiva
Recipe /Formula Management Mobile App Integration +5 More
Infor Fashion PLM

Infor Fashion PLM

By Infor

(2 reviews)


Infor Fashion PLM is a product lifecycle management software designed for the fashion industry. The solution is created... Read More About Infor Fashion PLM
Product development Synchronisation Production Lifecycle Management +3 More

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By Selerant India

(1 reviews)


DevEX Baseline is the best of web-based PLM Software for small and medium businesses. It modules provides for Data Man... Read More About DevEX
Economical Configurable Workflow Centralization +5 More
Vision PLM

Vision PLM

By Fast React

(4 reviews)


Vision PLM is one of the best PLM software (product lifecycle management) that lets you carry out audits in your organi... Read More About Vision PLM
Optimization Integration Material Management +6 More
Ptc Integrity Requirements Connector
Product details will be uploaded by brand or vendor very soon.... Read More About Ptc Integrity Requirements Connector
Document Management Project Management Customer Feedback +3 More
Ptc Windchill

Ptc Windchill



Product details will be uploaded by brand or vendor very soon.... Read More About Ptc Windchill

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Infor Plm

Infor Plm

By Infor


Collaborations Product Management Customer Management +1 More

Last Updated on : 21 Oct, 2021

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PLM Software Reviews


Kamal Choudhary

review for SoftExpert PLM


"Fast, efficient service. Very helpful when contacted. Will be a returning customer. Thanks."

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Karthikeyan S

review for Aras PLM


"In the sea of choices and criteria for success, Techjockey listened and made relevant suggestions. They were prompt and professional. I am glad to have found them."

See All Aras PLM Reviews


Equan Malik

review for Infor Optiva


"Simple to locally available new determinations and plans. It is truly configurable and you can acclimate to address your issues."

See All Infor Optiva Reviews



review for Infor Fashion PLM


"Very easy to understand and use. Clean interface and excellent support team."

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Vikram Singh

review for Vision PLM


"The tool helps with regulatory requirements such as allergen capture, labeling, formulations, sample generation etc."

See All Vision PLM Reviews

Buyer's Guide for Top PLM Software

Found our list of PLM Software helpful? We’re here to help you make the right choice and automate your business processes. Let’s discover some of the essential factors that you must consider to make a smarter decision!

What is Product Lifecycle Management Software?

With a (PLM) product lifecycle management software, firms can effectively manage the entire lifecycle of a new product. The software takes in its realm all activities from conceptualizing and designing the product to finally manufacturing the product in an affordable, easy-to-use, and web-based interface.

Additionally, efficient PLM software for small businesses as well as large firms controls enterprise-wide data to facilitate firms to make informed decisions related to the products. It’s important to understand product functionality and measure the opportunities available for the product in the market, this too is taken care of by a fully-featured PLM software.

Thus, a top cloud PLM tools manage the entire lifecycle of a product as it offers a data warehouse to store all essential information that has an impact on the product.

Feature of Product Lifecycle Management Software

As mentioned above, the best PLM Software facilitates support for all product-related activities right from ideation to manufacturing and product service. Let’s look at some features of the PLM Software.

Computer-Aided Design Management (CAD)

CAD PLM software help firms manage changes in product configurations. You can make designs quickly and accurately with effective CAD software. These designs can be reused when needed.

Product Information Management (PIM)

PIM software creates a central storehouse for firms to collaboratively manage all the information you need to maximise your product sales. It stores all product data to be given for advertising and catalogs and all information related to product design and processes.

Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE)

It is the use of computer software to simulate performance with an intent to improve product design as well as identify and resolve engineering issues.

This open source PLM software allows users to simulate, authenticate, and improve products. If deployed effectively, CAE can improve your design by providing significant data to guide the design process from its initial stages to production.

CAE allows engineers to see the future and predict the consequences of any product design change on the actual product performance.

Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM)

Manufacturers use CAM software to create products exactly as per product design specifications. This application technology uses computer software and computer-controlled machinery to automate the entire process of product manufacturing.

CAM is the next step after CAE and is used along with CAD.

Manufacturing Process Management

As part of the product life cycle management software, MPM is used to define and manage how products are to be manufactured. It manages the manufacturing process used to make parts and finally assemble products.

From product design to production execution, MPM performs inspections and makes the entire production process very efficient.

Reporting and Analytics

A PLM ERP helps in managing lead times and maintain cost-efficiency, you can use analytics. It monitors the product’s lead time and ensures that your project remains within the budget allotted to the entire product life cycle management process.

To help you know your product better, reporting and analytics provides you with a web-based, user-friendly solution that collects the data produced from multiple data sources in the entire lifecycle of a product.

Direct Materials Sourcing

Also known as direct procurement, it is a major component in a broader product lifecycle management strategy. This area of PLM is considered the lifeblood of the supply chain as it deals with sourcing the materials from suppliers during the design process. Along with a strong integration across processes, direct materials sourcing demands in-depth product knowledge and supplier collaboration.

Bill of Material Management

BOM is essentially a complete inventory, rather a centralized source of information about the raw materials, parts and components required to manufacture a product.

It also gives an overview of the quantities of each component used while manufacturing the process. Once the BOM is analyzed, the sourcing agent can accurately plan the costs and supply availability of the new product.

PLM Software Solution Cost

PLM System Software Price

Standard Starting Price ₹3500.00
Advanced Starting Price ₹11000.00
Premium Starting Price Price On Request


FAQ iconPLM Software FAQs

  • Siemens Teamcenter PLM
  • Arena
  • Autodesk Vault
  • Empower PLM
  • Propel
  • SoftExpert PLM
  • Vision PLM
  • Aras PLM
  • DevEX
  • Openbravo Commerce Suite
  • ApparelMagic
  • YuniquePLM
  • FastReact
  • Powersoft365 ModaPro
  • Elastic
  • AIMS360 Fashion ERP
  • Accellar
  • Amor

PLM (Product Lifecycle Management)is a tool that guides products through the product development lifecycle. And as products and supply chains gets more complex, a way to manage the development process becomes more and more important.

PDM (Product Data Management) is a tool that manages product data as it moves through the product lifecycle. PDM systems specifically keep CAD files organized and version controlled.

  • Arena PLM & QMS
  • Propel
  • OpenBOM
  • Upchain
  • Pdexpert plm
  • Whichplm
  • Siemens plm

Plm (product llifecycle management)helps in managing entire lifecycle of a product.  A product's lifecycle of apparel industry starts from the time the idea is conceived, designing is the next step and then manufacturing, maintenance, service and ends with the sale of the product.

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