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22 Best Remote Desktop Software in 2021

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TeamViewer 14

TeamViewer 14

By TeamViewer

(5 reviews)

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TeamViewer 14 is a remote access software that allows desktop sharing and file transfer. It is an exceptionally secure... Read More About TeamViewer 14
Integrate Finger print authentication Remote Device Control Multi Domain Support +25 More
Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams

By Microsoft

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Microsoft teams is an essential official collaboration tool that allows to work from anywhere

Microsoft teams is an essential official collaboration tool that allows offices to work from anywhere seamlessly. The... Read More About Microsoft Teams
Online Meetings Video and Audio calling Instant messaging +10 More


By AnyDesk

(5 reviews)

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AnyDesk remote desktop software helps users connect to a system remotely to fix any issue and ensure uninterrupted work... Read More About AnyDesk
Remote Support Cross-Compatibility High Frame Rates +26 More
Zoho Assist
Zoho Assist is a web-based remote support solution, with which businesses get to provide on-demand support to their rem... Read More About Zoho Assist
Video Call Security Firewall Security +14 More

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Royal TS

Royal TS

By Royal Applications


Royal TS is a robustly designed remote access software. It is predominantly used by system engineers, server administra... Read More About Royal TS
Remote Desktop Control File Transfer External Apps +6 More
NET protector remote support

NET protector remote support


(2 reviews)

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NET protector remote support offers flexible/roaming type licensing to its users who are continuously travelling from o... Read More About NET protector remote support
Optimization Easy to Use Remote View and Control of Client PC +3 More
Teamviewer Remote Management
TeamViewer Remote Management offers a centralized remote management and monitoring of devices. The software helps compa... Read More About Teamviewer Remote Management
Integrated Scalable Monitoring +5 More
VMware Fusion 12 Pro

VMware Fusion 12 Pro

By VMware

(1 reviews)

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Inclusive of all taxes

VMware Fusion 11 Pro is a virtual machine monitoring solution for mac users. It enables intel-based Mac systems to run... Read More About VMware Fusion 12 Pro
Support Graphics API Integration +8 More

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Mikogo is a screen sharing and remote access software designed for office use. The software is capable of handling live... Read More About Mikogo
Remote Control Voice Conferencing Cross-Platform Support +6 More
Zendesk Remote Access Software
Zendesk is a top-notch remote access software that helps connect with your customers to create an efficient relationshi... Read More About Zendesk Remote Access Software
Self Service Portal Live Chat Surveys & Feedback +3 More
LogMeIn Central Base Edition

LogMeIn Central Base Edition

By LogMeIn

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Inclusive of all taxes

LogMeIn Rescue is a remote support software that allows users to connect to any device PC, mac, or mobile securely on... Read More About LogMeIn Central Base Edition
Remote Control Secure Unattended Access Live Chat +2 More
Splashtop Remote Support
Splashtop Remote Support is a remote access software that is ideal for IT professionals, helpdesk services, and MSPs (... Read More About Splashtop Remote Support
Remote Access File Transfer Remote printing +6 More

Top Products



By LiteManagerTeam


Lite Manager is a remote access software build for domestic and office usage. The software allows users to either conn... Read More About LiteManager
Remote Desktop Control Teachers File Manager +9 More




ISL Online SaaS Cloud Makes Support Easier Provide technical support to your clients or access unattended remote compute... Read More About ISL ONLINE
Screen Sharing Join a Session File Transfer +11 More


By IDrive


RemotePC is a top of the line remote access software which can be used for both domestic and office purposes. The highl... Read More About RemotePC
Remote Access Access via Web Platform Independent Deployment +11 More
RealVNC Connect

RealVNC Connect

By RealVNC


RealVNC Connect is a remote access software designed for companies to tackle IT issues of clients located at distant l... Read More About RealVNC Connect
Remote Control Tried & Tested Performance Cross-Platform Support +9 More

Related Categories

Anymeeting Conferencing
Anymeeting Conferencing is a reliable video conferencing software that can be used by businesses of all sizes. Users ge... Read More About Anymeeting Conferencing
Custom Branding Personalization Integration +3 More
Aeroadmin Remote Access Software
AeroAdmin Remote Access Software is one of the best software for IT departments to manage PCs and laptops of other empl... Read More About Aeroadmin Remote Access Software
File Transfer Contact Book Your own Brand +8 More


By Ammyy

(2 reviews)


Ammyy is remote access desktop software, and it does not require any prior or subsequent configuration. It is the simpl... Read More About Ammyy
File Manager High Performance Fast Performance +9 More


By imPcRemote


imPcRemote is a remote support software especially built for IT departments. The software allows IT professionals to ch... Read More About imPcRemote
Role Based User Profiles Data Encryption File Transfer +1 More

Last Updated on : 21 Oct, 2021

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Remote Desktop Software Reviews


Tushar Trivedi

review for TeamViewer 14


"Thank you for your quick, professional, and knowledgeable service. "

See All TeamViewer 14 Reviews


mehboob shah

review for Zoho Assist


"Very quick response from initial enquiry, good providers were recommended who likewise followed up very quickly."

See All Zoho Assist Reviews


Ritik Kumar

review for NET protector remote support


"Can easily connects with clients' system, have easy access to their system. Provides a proper control for it. Above all it allows customers to talk or text."

See All NET protector remote support Reviews


"No installation needed. You just need to download and everything would run already. Easy to use and easy to connect to remote PC without any complicated installation or setups."

See All Aeroadmin Remote Access Software Reviews


Meenakshi Arora

review for Ammyy


"The thing I liked the most about the software is that it is easy to connect to remote machines whenever needed, thus saving time as well as the unnecessary hassles."

See All Ammyy Reviews

Buyer's Guide for Top Remote Desktop Software

Found our list of Remote Desktop Software helpful? We’re here to help you make the right choice and automate your business processes. Let’s discover some of the essential factors that you must consider to make a smarter decision!

Whats is Remote Access Software?

With this desktop remote access software, users can connect to and access a remote computer or a network. With remote access software, you can connect two or more computers that are on different networks or on different geographical locations. Remote access is widely used by computer manufacturers and by customer service of large businesses for troubleshooting of the customers' problems by remotely accessing their devices.

How Does Remote Access Software Work?

Remote access software works by establishing a connection between a local and remote host over an Internet network. Requests to access the remote computer or server can be initiated by users as and when needed. Upon authentication, the user has permission to access the whole device for different data or file type.

Features of Remote Access Software:

Get Free Best Remote Access Software Features List at TechJockey.com.Remote Access

With this feature, you will not have to disturb the client to get control of a remote device every time, and there will be no need to repeatedly walk them through the connection process.

Multi-Session Handling

Many remote desktop software vendors used to put restrictions on the number of support sessions which can be run simultaneously. But now, quality remote support can be provided with multi-session handling.

Multi-Window Control

This feature in the best secure remote access software is important when you want to open multiple remote desktop windows. It is useful when you need to support more than one user at a time. Multi-window control allows you to easily switch between different remote control windows, and transfer files from one remote device to another.

Built-In Chat

As soon as the remote connection is established, the instant messaging feature will allow you and the customer to exchange messages. This is known as remote tech support. In this way, both the parties stay updated on the latest events or issues. You won’t have to call or send an email every time a new issue arises with online remote access software.

File and Clipboard Transfer

This feature is important as there are times when you need to install applications or replace a corrupted file from the computer. The clipboard sharing feature is needed to perform tasks like giving commands or copying scripts to remote computers.

Auto Reboot and Reconnect

Auto reboot feature is helpful in bringing the computer to a clean state by flushing the memory and clearing its caches. It gives you the opportunity to start fresh. This step is important if a computer’s performance is not up to the mark or requires repair.

Switch User

When you have to work on machines with multiple user accounts, the ability to log in as a different user is very useful. With this feature, you’ll be able to install updates as well as full-fledged software.

Two-Way Desktop Sharing

In remote access software, this feature is important when you need to inform or educate users on your company’s product, its features, and its benefits. The two-way desktop sharing feature is useful because it lets you connect to a remote computer screen or share your screen with other users.

Video Session Recording

With web-based remote access software, you can even record and store these support sessions and use them for future demonstration. These can also be used for educational purposed in the future as well.

Session Usage Reporting

You can keep track of your own work with the session usage reports. If you are a helpdesk team manager, you can keep track of how and when your software is used with the best remote access software.

Benefits of Remote Access Software

Remote Access Software Benefits for Online Conference Meetings. Get Free Demo at TechJockey.com
Instant Support

The first and the most important benefit of using a remote access software is the ability to give instant support to the clients and customers. The IT team provides on-demand technical support to customers. Corporate remote access software can be used right out of the box, which means that no installation is required. As long as there’s an internet connection, remote support can be given at any location where there is internet available.

Efficiency in real-time network monitoring

With the help of the best remote access software for small businesses, every task inside the network can be monitored in real-time from just one location. Remote access software provides easy access from anywhere and everywhere and also let your staff work remotely.


Using remote access software for windows is cost-effective because hiring a remote access technical support service will cost way lesser than employing a full-time employee. With a top-rated remote access software, your technicians are able to work remotely. Using remote access software eliminates the cost of travel as well, so the executive doesn’t need to travel to the customer’s end to fix his issues.


The best remote access software for windows is client-friendly in a way that it doesn’t require the physical presence of the client while solving the issue. Meeting customers to fix their problems involves a lot of factors like the availability of both the parties together, last-minute changes in the scheduled plan, etc. By using remote access software windows 10, you can provide support to the client even when they are not available. The most secure remote access software also increases customer satisfaction because it has a system that works according to the customer’s convenience.

Proactive system maintenance

Remote access software for business is important where you need to keep an eye on the maintenance of their software inside a system. You have the freedom to log into their systems to check if their hardware and software are up to date. This helps to update their systems on a regular basis easily. Using the top remote access software also reduces the need to visit the client's location frequently.

Remote Access Software Solution Cost

Remote Access System Software Price

Standard Starting Price ₹150.00
Advanced Starting Price ₹9000.00
Premium Starting Price Price On Request


FAQ iconRemote Desktop Software FAQs

A. Some of the common remote access methods are wireless network (WAN), integrated service digital network (ISDN), digital subscriber line (DSL) and cable modem.

A. Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) which is developed by Microsoft, is used for remote access. It provides an interface to the user which helps to connect to another system. The RDP client software is used by the user and RDP server software is used on the other computer.

A. Yes, secure remote access software is completely safe. Remote access software uses two-factor authentication which acts as an extra layer of security by allowing only authorized users to access the system. Remote access software also includes end-to-end encryption which implies that only the sender and the recipient can read the messages that are shared between them.

A. You can another computer remotely by installing the remote access software in that system. With this software, you can get access of every feature and functionality of that system.

A. There are various remote access software available for Mac. TeamViewer is one of them. TeamViewer can be used to remotely to access your Mac. TeamViewer also has professional features for enterprise users.

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