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We don’t just celebrate success but also embrace failure as part of the process. As a result, we always feel free to think innovatively and share ideas outside of our usual role. We are looking for more such creative people who are not afraid to try a new approach.

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  • Product
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Alliances
  • HR/Admin
  • Category Manager


1. Product Design
Powerful visuals ideated by our team of UX specialists and graphic designers help us communicate convincingly with target customers and highlight our products’ unique value propositions. We work across platforms to create user-centric designs that facilitate the demand for diverse IT solutions & services. We are looking for more such graphic designers who know how to transform ideas into intuitive and appealing designs.
2. Product Engineering
We never launch a product unless we are completely sure that it’s perfect for the end users. With the collaborative vision, our techno gigs create online tools and platforms of the future that fulfil customer expectations unfailingly. Are you ready to think big and introduce the “next big thing” into the marketplace? Join our team of enthusiasts who are always ready to take risks and create exactly what the customers want.
3. Product Management
With our sharp focus on resolving world's problem, out team works closely with business owners, designers and top engineers to deliver world class products in market. We manage products throughout complete product life cycle by analysing, problem solving, and data driven approaches. One of the many reasons Techjockey continuously brings happiness and innovation to business sector is due to our collaborative work. Every single individual in Product Management Team, has user first approach and always is an advocate for user.

The backbone of Techjockey’s success, our sales experts and account managers are making vital IT innovations accessible to all. We negotiate with and provide best customer experience to top-notch companies for enterprise technology upgrade. At the same time, we address technical challenges of SMBs to make everyone tech-enabled. What differentiates our role in is the passion to perform superbly in terms of customer satisfaction. If you also speak the language of sales convincingly, make the most of the chance to work with us!

We are known as the creative group of storytellers who live and breathe the motto ‘customer first’. We focus on telling compelling stories that shape the perception of and develop brand materials that address complex business issues. Driven by stats and analytics across multiple networks of communication, we bring success to every promotional endeavour. If creative marketing ideas strike you often, come join us! Together, we can define the way businesses interact with technology innovations.

Nothing can go wrong with our planning, budgeting, and scheduling for orders as long as we are backed by our champs in operations management. Right from order processing to on-time product delivery, we create a versatile product path to make more and more businesses tech-enabled. We are looking for more such operational buffs who adopt a more practical perspective to order fulfilment and vendor management.

We, as the alliance team works closely with OEMs to accomplish bigger business goals. Backed by people skills and problem-solving abilities, we are growing in terms of numbers and adding new OEMs to our platform every day. Not just that! We are also bringing new sales opportunities to all our OEMs by working in a collaborative manner. If you are an expert at striking the right business chord with stakeholders, we are glad to bring you onboard!

If you also believe in this mantra - “hire them, engage them, grow them”, this place is just for you! Our People Operations and administrative professionals includes a bunch of creative people who fuel up employee engagement and keep up and running. Following the best practices in staffing and development, we ensure equitable and generous HR reforms and promote supportive collaboration across departmental silos.