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Amazon Redshift

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Amazon Redshift

by : Amazon

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Brand: Amazon

Type: Software

Operating System: Windows

Free Trial Available: No

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Amazon Redshift Software Overview

What is Amazon Redshift

Amazon Redshift is a web-based data warehouse solution providing a collection of computing resources termed as nodes that are further organized into multiple groups known as clusters. One or more than one database is included in a particular cluster, which is running the Amazon Redshift engine. The software supports multiple open data formats like Avro, Amazon Ion, ORC, CSV, Grok and RCFile.

Analyze such data using Structured Query Language or pre-existing business intelligence tools. Such analysis helps secure the data both at rest and in transit The software makes sure that all data through AWS IAM, AWS KMS integration as well as AES-256 encryption along with SSL.

How can I optimize Amazon Redshift as per my data warehousing needs?

Amazon Redshift offers three different nodes to help end-users optimize their service as per the requirements of the data warehouse.

  1. Dense Compute nodes: You can create high performing data warehouses using large RAMs, fast CPUs and SSDs (solid-state disks) for 500GB data or less.
  2. RA3 nodes: The particular node allows you to scale storage without depending on compute. It also ensures that you get access to a high performing data warehouse that will store all the data within the segregated storage layers. You only have to adjust the size of the particular data warehouse as per the query performance of your individual business.
  3. Dense Storage nodes: You can create large data warehouses with the help of hard disk drives.

Pricing of Amazon Redshift

Pricing of Amazon Redshift is available on request. In case you are interested to know more about the particular solution, please send us a callback request. Our executives will get back to you real soon.

Benefits of Amazon Redshift

  1. Materialized Views: The materialized views offered by the software can be used for caching intermediate results for speeding up the slow running queries. Users can also achieve faster query performance related to analytical workloads like ELT data processing jobs, queries from BI tools and dashboarding. Moreover, Amazon Redshift continues to offer low latency performance benefits by managing the materialized views in an efficient manner.
  2. Automated Provisioning: Amazon Redshift provisions infrastructure for its users in an automated manner by allowing end-users to deploy a new data warehouse in just a few simple clicks. Most of the administrative tasks including replication and backup are automated here. Further, you also get access to for easily configuring the workloads.
  3. Audit and Compliance: Users can audit their Redshift API calls by integrating Amazon Redshift with AWS CloudTrail. All SQL operations like attempts, queries, connections and changes within data warehouse are recorded by Amazon Redshift. Additionally, the software is compliant with SOC-1,2 and 3 along with PCI DSS Level 1 requirements.
  4. End-to-end encryption: Amazon Redshift uses SSL technology to secure the data in transit and AES-265 encryption to secure the data that is at rest.

Amazon Redshift Features

  • checkbox Data Lake & AWS Integration By using Amazon Redshift, users get to connect with the AWS analytics ecosystem for operating their data and performing
  • checkbox High Performance The software offers intuitive machine learning capabilities, industry-leading flexibility and performance while dealing with
  • checkbox Scalable Amazon Redshift offers a virtually unlimited service where users can scale up the data as per their business needs.
  • checkbox Best Value Amazon Redshift can be termed as the best-valued service as users get to pay for their storage and compute in a separate manner.
  • checkbox Easy to Manage All tasks and processes related to common maintenance are automated by Amazon Redshift to help end users manage their data
  • checkbox Efficient Storage & High Performance Amazon Redshift offers datasheet-related fast query performance in variable sizes starting from gigabytes till petabytes. It also
  • checkbox Result Cache The system uses result caching mechanism to deliver sub-second response rates regarding repeated queries. It goes through
  • checkbox Petabyte-Scale Data Warehousing Users can change the node types within their data warehouse in a single click and scale it up and down as per their needs. 8PB of
  • checkbox Limitless Concurrency The solution supports unlimited amounts of concurrent queries and concurrent users irrespective of the data queries made in a
  • checkbox Flexible Pricing Option Amazon Redshift can be termed as the most cost-efficient data warehouse. Users get the full liberty to customize their plan as
  • checkbox Automated Backup Data stored within the software gets backed up to Amazon S3 in an automated manner. Redshift API or AWS management console can be
  • checkbox Fault Tolerant The health of an individual cluster is monitored at regular intervals, data is re-replicated from failed drives and nodes get

Amazon Redshift Plans & Pricing

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Amazon Redshift Specifications

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  • Windows
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Amazon Redshift FAQ

Q. Q.1. What is the function of Short Query Acceleration within Amazon Redshift? arrow

A. The SQA feature offered by Amazon Redshift sends short queries from dashboards and gets them processed immediately.

Q. Q.2. Can I isolate my data warehouse cluster with Amazon Redshift? arrow

A. Yes, you can make the software run within Amazon’s VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) and isolate the data warehouse cluster in your virtual network or get it connected with your existing IT infrastructure.

Q. Q.3. Can I get a demo of Amazon Redshift? arrow

A. Yes, you can request an online demo of Amazon Redshift. Customer care executives from TechJockey will get back to you as per the time schedule mentioned by you.

Q. Q.4. What are Granular Access Controls within Amazon Redshift? arrow

A. It is an intuitive security control feature for granular columns and rows, which ensures that users only get to view the data, whose access rights have been assigned to them based on their designation within the organization.

Q. Q.5. Is there a dedicated mobile app for Amazon Redshift? arrow

A. No, Amazon Redshift does not have a mobile application.

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