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by : Automation Anywhere

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IQ Bot

by : Automation Anywhere


Brand: Automation Anywhere

Type: Software

Operating System: Windows

Free Trial Available: No

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IQ Bot Software Overview

What is IQ Bot?

IQ Bot is a next-generation intelligent rpa software designed for developers, allowing them to add cognitive capabilities to processes and enable human logic on patterns of documents. Users can extract values with the accuracy of a machine, and increased speed with an error rate of almost zero. The software uses cognitive capabilities to extract information from unstructured or semi unstructured data.

The software is fully integrated with the Automation Anywhere Enterprise platform and aims at automating the process of business tasks, including unstructured data and complex documents. The IQ Bot allows users to easily set up and manage data with its built-in intuitive dashboard. 

How does Automation Anywhere Technology work in IQ Bot?

IQ Bot's Automation Anywhere, a top-rated tool used in the Robotic Process Automation industry, aims at enabling users to make their business more scalable and secure by providing more resilient services. Automation Anywhere helps reduce human intervention and increases automation processes with the help of workforce analytics, robotic process automation, and cognitive automation.

How does an IQ Bot work?

In this modern age, machine learning and artificial intelligence are applied in everyday processes, and IQ Bot caters to every automation needs of businesses. The application extracts information intelligently after identifying and categorizing the unstructured data. The Bot then comprehends the intent and meaning of data to understand and improve the ability of decision making.

IQ Bot then conducts the phonetic algorithm using a fuzzy string to match it against the applications of the enterprise to enrich and validate the extracted data. The improved machine learning processes enable the Bot to develop domain expertise, resulting in reduced exceptions and increased accuracy by simulating human behavior.

Pricing of the IQ Bot

The pricing of the IQ Bot depends on the extent of requirements and usage of the user. One can also request a callback to get personalized quotes.

Benefits of using IQ Bots

There are many benefits of using IQ Bot, such as it learns from the user inputs overtime. The training requirement is minimum for the Bot, and in some cases, the user may be able to get the value in just one pass. It also supports tabular data extraction and is enabled with advanced table extraction features to support complex cases. The file types supported by IQ Bot are PDF, JPG or JPEG, TIF or TIFF and PNG. It also has multi-language support, including Italian, French, German, English, and Spanish.

IQ Bot Features

  • Business Automation  It is vital as it saves time, and even today, most of the businesses largely rely on manual operations to organize and
  • Machine Learning  It enables the Bot to recognize computer vision and make sense of natural language processing. The software uses Fuzzy
  • Artificial Intelligence IQ Bot enables the users to automate the end-to-end processing of unstructured data, without the help of data scientists or
  • Process Analysis  It is required to evaluate process capability with the help of Bot, and hence optimize them based on observed correlations

IQ Bot Plans & Pricing

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IQ Bot

IQ Bot Specifications

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  • Windows
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IQ Bot Reviews


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Overall Score
Based on 2 Reviews
Features 4.2/5
Value for Money 4.2/5
Ease of Use 4/5
Customer Support 4.7/5
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Sudhir Tripathi


Value for Money
Ease of use
Customer Support
Likelihood to recommend

“Automation Feature is Awesome”

Pros :

Cons :

Posted - Apr 20, 2020


Nihal D’Cruz


Value for Money
Ease of use
Customer Support
Likelihood to recommend

“Business Automation Feature is Cool”

Pros :

Cons :

Posted - Apr 6, 2020

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Q. How does the dashboard of IQ Bot help? arrow

A. IQ Bot can extract data from specific domains and documents to provide valuable insights.

Q. What is the accuracy rate of the IQ Bots? arrow

A. STP (Straight Through Processing) is the primary metric for IQ Bot and it is dependent on the accuracy of field capture, as the field accuracy directly impacts the STP.

Q. Does IQ Bot understand human language? arrow

A. Yes, IQ Bot has natural language processing abilities that comprehend the intent and semantic meaning of content written in human language, thus helping in efficient decision-making processes.

Q. Does IQ Bot enhance fuzzy logic algorithms? arrow

A. Yes, this AI-powered software enriches fuzzy logic and conducts advanced phonetic algorithms. At the same time, it makes sure that the fuzzy logic strings conducted over its interface are matching with enterprise-level applications, thus validating and enriching the extracted data.

Q. How efficient is the machine learning processes of IQ Bot? arrow

A. The application recognises computer vision and categorises the unstructured and disorganised content to extract the required decision-making data intelligently. Moreover, it even learns from observing human behaviours and tries to develop expertise in specific domains. This also increases accuracy and reduces the possible exceptions or errors.

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