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Type: Software

Operating System: Windows

Free Trial Available: No

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Couchbase Software Overview

What is Couchbase?

Couchbase is a NoSQL cloud-to-edge database monitoring solution that offers scalability and financial optimization to enterprises. It streamlines data and helps in managing across on-premise, hybrid, edge, cloud and distributed cloud platforms. The enterprise-class cloud to edge services offered by the software aims to simplify data management and data loss prevention. Couchbase is an open-source and full-suite database management solution that offers data replication, memory-first data transferring, flexible scaling controls and automatic transactions. The architecture of the program is best suited for cloud deployment, where memory resources and storage are separately allocated and expanded. The software with its memory first architecture, enables enterprises to optimize their resource usage and lower their overall expenses of cloud operations.

How can your enterprise outperform competitors with the DBaaS Architecture, offered by Couchbase?

  1. Memory First: It offers memory-optimized implementations for data management, including data buckets and comprehensive memory residence indexes. Couchbase is capable of streamlining data-access and reducing operational costs in the entire process. By implementing memory-speed transferring of data between nodes, the database management software helps in eliminating bottleneck issues like Disk I/O, in a cluster.
  2. MDS Architecture: With multi-dimensional scaling abilities, enterprises get to support both scale-out and scale-up approaches. It allows users to segregate multiple data processing tasks as separately scalable services, and configure data processing according to their requirements. Enterprises can leverage this module to scale responsive applications and help in adopting emerging application requirements and workloads.
  3. Data Protection: The NoSQL database server offers protection against data failure and loss. Users can configure buckets to replicate and create redundancy for managing failures. During recovery, lost data can be retrieved from the disk. Users can adjust the durability settings to suit their application requirements.
  4. Transactions: The software automates transaction management. It saves metadata in the storage as business applications execute the transactional logic. Its inclusive, distributed, multi-document ACID transaction module supports consistent availability across single documents.
  5. Eventing: The scalable module enables real-time triggering of user-defined business logic in the server, when data changes occur due to application interactions. It provides a centralized hub to manage actions, including deploying, debugging, developing, and maintaining functions that are highly data-driven in nature. This module is natively integrated with the software and does not require external data ops support or licencing. 
  6. Query: The NoSQL program has incorporated N1QL within its mobile deployment. This enhancement allows mobile app developers to utilize their SQL skills and adapt to the flexibility of JSON.

Pricing of Cloudbase

The pricing of Couchbase is available on request. To know more about the program, send us a callback request. Our product specialists will get back to you in real-time.

Benefits of Cloudbase

  1. Developers: Developers can utilize the memory-first approach of this database management solution accompanied by tools and tutorials, to create a scalable, flexible, and responsive application, on cloud or edge.
  2. Architecture: With NoSQL database system, architects within an enterprise get to utilize multiple elastic and distributed functionalities, distributed transactions of ACID, asynchronous, geo-aware and masterless clustering, consistent performance through native replication, cloud-to-edge infrastructure, etc.
  3. Lower TCO: With Kubernetes-enabled scaling capabilities, organizations get to globally manage their distributed clusters within one console. They can also align the elastic cloud-based NoSQL database with their VPC infrastructure, to minimize the total cost of ownership.

Couchbase Features

  • checkbox Dashboard Couchbase features a dashboard of its own, showcasing a banner, main panel, navigation bar and a lower panel as well.
  • checkbox Project Management  The database management software can be used to operate open source projects. Users can also ask for assistance regarding
  • checkbox Cloud-Based The Cloud service of the software is built using cloud native architecture. It offers services like Indexing, Data Management,
  • checkbox NoSQL Databases Enterprises get access to a full-suit multi-purpose NoSQL database for unlimited testing of pre production, development, and
  • checkbox Scalability and Performance Couchbase database monitoring solution offers Dynamically Tunable memory and Database Change Protocol based on stream, hence

Couchbase Plans & Pricing

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Couchbase Specifications

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  • Windows
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  • Web-Based
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Couchbase FAQ

Q. Does Couchbase offer JSON Schema? arrow

A. Yes, Couchbase offers JSON Schema for persistent delivery.

Q. Does Couchbase provide SDKs for developers? arrow

A. Yes, Couchbase provides fully integrated SDKs, tutorials, and tools, for .NET, Java, Scala, Python, JavaScript and more.

Q. Is Couchbase available for an online demo? arrow

A. Yes, you can request an online demo of Couchbase. Our in-house product experts will get in touch with you as per the date and time mentioned in your demo request.

Q. Is peer-to-peer to cloud syncing available with Couchbase? arrow

A. Yes, Couchbase provides peer to peer to cloud syncing for edge and mobile computations.

Q. Does Couchbase have a dedicated mobile app? arrow

A. No, Couchbase is not yet available as a dedicated mobile app.

Q. What is the main use of Couchbase? arrow

A. The software is capable of exposing scale-out. Purpose-built indexers accompanied by a robust query engine, within the particular are capable of resolving queries in an efficient manner.

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