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Dell EMC NX3240-60TB

by : Dell


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Dell EMC NX3240-60TB logo

Dell EMC NX3240-60TB

by : Dell

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Brand: Dell

Type: Software

Operating System: Windows

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Dell EMC NX3240-60TB Software Overview

What is Dell EMC NX3240 60TB?

Dell EMC NX3240 60 TB is a storage appliance in the long line of Dell NX storage appliances. This storage device simple to utilize and supervise. It has a familiar and centralized management interface that works for both single and cluster configurations. 

Dell EMC NX3240 has a pre-installed operating system for quick establishment and installation. It is predominantly used by small and medium-sized businesses that need to store data in an increasing number. It can be even utilized by large enterprises for their branch and zonal operations. Dell EMC NX3240 offers a quick, adaptable, and smooth system to boost daily operations efficiently. 

What are the system specifications for Dell EMC NX3240 60TB?  

  1. Dell EMC NX3240 is a 2U dual-mounted network-attached server.
  2.  The NX3240 storage system has dual socket.
  3.  It utilizes the Intel Xeon Bronze Processor family. 
  4.  Dell EMC NX3240 comes with up to 64 GB of memory.
  5. NX3240 has SATA, NL-SAS, and SAS drive options for storage system integrations.
  6. Dell EMC NX3240 can integrate up to twelve 3.5” HDDs in front bay and four 3.5” HDDs in mid bay for data; it can take two more 2.5” drives for the operating system.
  7. The entire NX3240 system is scalable up to 192TB in raw capacity when using 60TB Nl-SAS drives.

What is the price of Dell EMC NX3240 60TB?

Dell EMC NX3240 60TB is available for Rs. 4,13,000/-. Your single purchase will constitute all your feature, software, additional hardware needs. For further details and inquiries, please request a call. 

Dell EMC NX3240-60TB Features

  • checkbox Processor Specifications Dell EMC NX3240 is a rack mounted server that is equipped with current generation multi-core processor. It uses Intel Xeon
  • checkbox Storage Controllers The NX3240 system uses Integrated Dell Remote Access Controller version 9 (iDRAC9) for automated supervision of your data. 
  • checkbox Simplify your data landscape. The network-attached system storage by NX3240 smoothens your data storage capabilities greatly. 
  • checkbox Optimize any workload at scale. Dell EMC NX3240 has a scalable system that offers a “pay as you grow” module. You can easily increase the size of your
  • checkbox Secure your data asset Dell EMC NX3240 utilizes robust protective measures to safeguard against any attempts of data theft and file corruption. 

Dell EMC NX3240-60TB Plans & Pricing

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Dell EMC NX3240-60TB Specifications

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  • Windows
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  • All Industries
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  • English

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Dell EMC NX3240-60TB

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Dell EMC NX3240-60TB FAQ

Q. How many nodes does NX3240 support in a clustered configuration? arrow

A. NX3240 supports up to 64 nodes that helps it leverage the clustered shared volumes.

Q. What type of switch does NX3240 uses for client end workflows? arrow

A. NX3240 has a specialized Dell Networking switch for client-side workflows. You will receive the switch with your purchase.

Q. What are the basic integrated features within NX3240 system? arrow

A. NX3240 offers data reduplication and thin provisioning to optimize your disk space efficiently.

Q. What are the storage services used by NX3240? arrow

A. Dell EMC NX3240 uses the Microsoft Windows Storage server 2016 for better performance and versatility.

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