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About Expensebit

What is ExpenseBit?

ExpenseBit is a daily expense tracker app. You can use this to personally manage your money matters. This app allows users to share and split expenses between friends, roommates and colleagues effortlessly. It syncs with your inbox and email to automatically calculate expenses so that you can get the reports instantly. You can also analyze your expenses over a particular period of your choice with illustrative charts and graphs. ExpenseBit mobilizes all your financial activities, and hence, you can chalk out a suitable budget accordingly. This expense management app never compromises with your personal privacy; instead, it allows you to go paperless by managing all your expenses online.

How does ExpenseBit Optimize your Personal Finance Management?

ExpenseBit optimises all your financial activities. Some of them are:

  1. Track Your Expenses: The app maintains a log of all your offline purchases and calculates expenses based on various categories, such as fixed or variable. ExpenseBit also has the capability to track the expenses linked with e-commerce sites so that you can be financially secure.
  2. Know Your Balances: This money tracker app maintains the logs from connected wallets and tracks the wallet history from a linked account. This helps users to know their balances easily.
  3. Know Your Purchase History: ExpenseBit collects the purchase history from various websites and logs all transactions on a single screen. This not only helps in a concise budget planning but also allows you to keep a check on your expenses.

Pricing of ExpenseBit

ExpenseBit pricing is available on request. You can get in touch with our support team by requesting a callback. 

How does ExpenseBit ensure privacy & allow users to go paperless?

ExpenseBit money tracking app allows you to have comprehensive control over your money matters. You can achieve that in the following ways:

  1. Topmost Priority Allocated To Your Privacy: The app never compromises your personal privacy and keeps your transaction history secure. 
  2. Travel Paperless: ExpenseBit manages all your travel expenses and allows you to maintain multiple travel records. It also comes with a special feature of keeping a list of all your tickets online.
  3. Know What To Buy: The app shortlists trending products across categories as per your choice. It also keeps you posted with the latest brands and styles and allows you to go for the most affordable one.

Compatibility of ExpenseBit

This money tracker app is exclusively available for the mobile version and runs on Android OS only.

Sold By : ExpenseBit

Get Expensebit support 20 Chatting right now

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Expensebit Features

You can easily maintain the logs of all your offline expenses and calculate your spendings based on categories such as fixed or variable.
ExpenseBit collects purchase history from various websites and logs all transactions on a single screen for your convenience. It further helps in better budgetary planning.
The expense tracker app keeps a tab on all the tickets online and manages every travel-related cost. Users can also keep multiple travel records.
This expense tracker app accesses emails from e-commerce websites and asks only for offline access to your email ID. This ensures that there is no breach of personal privacy.
The app provides illustrative charts and graphs to highlight the expenses incurred by you over a period.
ExpenseBit app manages all your travel expenses at your fingertip so that you don’t panic at the time of auditing.
The expense tracker app runs on your phone, which ensures that you are the sole proprietor of it and that ExpenseBit doesn’t require a separate server or cloud for storage.

Get Expensebit support20 Chatting right now

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Expensebit Specifications


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Expensebit FAQs

A. No, ExpenseBit doesn’t read your personal texts. It only searches for e-receipts and nothing else.
A. ExpenseBit app notifies price drops across a range of categories and provides suggestions based on the purchase history of users.
A. ExpenseBit requires Android 6.0 and above to run smoothly. Additionally, it requires the following permissions: ? Photos/Media/Files ? Location ? Gmail
A. The role of SMS sync feature of this money tracker app is to add expenses automatically and keep you updated on the same.
A. Yes, Techjockey will provide you with an online demo of ExpenseBit based on your convenient date and time.

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