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Dataman Grahaak CRM

Sold by : Dataman Computer Systems

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About Dataman Grahaak CRM

What is Dataman Grahaak CRM?

Grahaak CRM (Dataman CRM App) is a comprehensive solution for lead management systems & customer relationship management. It is designed for service industries that are involved in administering sales leads. The Sales CRM solution spots trends & opportunities and enhances the efficiency of sales operations. Users can trace their sales team’s workflows in real-time. The software generates constant reminders for sales personnel to keep communicating with the lead and convert them to the customer.

Dataman Grahaak CRM can also be used for providing customer support. The software streamlines multiple tasks with a single platform to shorten the sales cycle. With the help of Dataman Grahaak CRM, all information is readily accessible to the user. Dataman Grahaak provides an innovative approach to execute daily sales tasks.

Salient feature of Grahaak CRM (Dataman CRM APP):

Dataman Grahaak CRM offers thoroughly well-defined modules for every designation required in sales operation. It includes manager, field, distributor, and CRM. The software integrates all these modules in a syncretic fashion to smooth reporting and workflows management while increase the number of leads converted.

Features of Grahaak CRM (Dataman):

Here are a few features of Dataman Grahaak CRM listed to get a quick overview of the software:

  1. Tele calling
  2. Contacts creation
  3. Follow-up reminder
  4. Call/Email
  5. Personalized Notes
  6. Email and Emailer
  7. HRMS
  8. Sales Funnel
  9. Sales Target
  10. Geo Location

Grahaak CRM Mobile App:

Data Grahaak CRM software offers multiple mobile applications based on the designation of the user. There are four different mobile applications available for Data Grahaak CRM Mobile App, these are:

  1. Grahaak CRM Manager
  2. Grahaak CRM Field
  3. Grahaak CRM Distributor
  4. Grahaak CRM

What is the price of Dataman Grahaak CRM?

Dataman Grahaak CRM prices vary based on the requirements stated by the customer. For more inquiries about the prices, please request a call. Our sales team will connect with you shortly.

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Sold By : Dataman Computer Systems

Get Dataman Grahaak CRM support 34 Chatting right now

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Dataman Grahaak CRM Features

This CRM software offers tele-calling module for sales personnel. It includes saving contact details, call logs, direct calling from the mobile application, and many more.
The software saves all the contact information like phone number, email address, etc.
Dataman Grahaak CRM generates automated reminders for sales personnel to take follow-ups after first contact.
Sales team can work on a comprehensive script to serialize the sales process with the note-manager feature.
Organizations can integrate email feature in this CRM software to establish communication with co-workers and customers.Employees can apply for leave through this software and managers can approve and reject the leave applications accordingly.
Employees can apply for leave through this software and managers can approve and reject the leave applications accordingly.
Managers can set sales targets for the entire workforce and assign them the leads through the software.
Dataman Grahaak CRM also provides features that helps field force automation teams to work seamlessly. It has an integrated GPS system that provides whereabouts of the on-field employee and tracks their activity.
This CRM software provides much needed help to managers for assessing the performance of the workforce.
Sales teams can generate comprehensive and thorough reports on their performance and the sales output of the entire team.
All the employees can track their task completion through sales funnel.
This feature is useful for scheduling plans to meet with customers for sales-related activities.
Keep track of all the transactions to avoid any financial discrepancies.
Finance teams can keep track of all the expenses through the software and supervise where the money is being spent.
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Get Dataman Grahaak CRM support34 Chatting right now

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Dataman Grahaak CRM Specifications


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Dataman Grahaak CRM FAQs

Dataman Grahaak CRM supports both Android and iPhone platforms.
Dataman Grahaak CRM software is a web-based software that can be accessed through web browsers.
Dataman Grahaak CRM saves all the data on cloud storage service.
This CRM software is available in two different payment methods, i.e., SaaS and Onetime. The updates are free for SaaS as it is covered under their subscription. For onetime paid users, updates have to be purchased separately.
No, there is no limit to the number of contact details of the customers that you can save in this software.

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