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Infoplus Warehouse Management System

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About Infoplus Warehouse Management System

What is Infoplus Warehouse Management System? 

Infoplus warehouse management system is a logistic and warehouse handling solution used by companies worldwide. It allows logistical organizations to handle their operations seamlessly. The software is built to overcome the challenges faced by logistics companies in real-time. The infoplus warehouse management system streamlines all the regular activities of logistical operations, such as, warehousing, billing, invoicing, shipments, etc. The software is designed by industry experts who understand the business operations for logistical companies. 

Infoplus Warehouse Manager helps manage inbound receiving, inventory, fulfillment, barcode, and document-related processes. It offers a cloud-based operation system which allows employees to work from remote location efficiently. The cloud-based data management system also facilitates last-mile shipment handling efficiently as companies can track the status of goods in real-time. 

What features does Infoplus Warehouse Management System offer? 

Here is a list of features offered by Infoplus Inventory management system: 

  1. Warehouse and Inventory management
  2. Order handling 
  3. Shipping 
  4. APIs and integration
  5. GPS tracker 
  6. Inbound and receiving 
  7. Picking and packing 
  8. Barcoding and scanning 
  9. Financial auditing
  10. Workflow auditing
  11. Total custom control 
  12. Workflow designing 
  13. User-defined workflow 
  14. Flexibility Core
  15. Customized reports and format exporting

What are the benefits of using Infoplus Warehouse Management System? 

Here are a few benefits of using Infoplus Warehouse Management System:

  1. Infoplus software provides integration facilities for users to connect with other software for better workflow management and visibility. 
  2. Infoplus software helps conducts surveys and feedback through online webforms to get customer’s assessment of the services.
  3. Infoplus warehouse management system improves the employee’s productivity. It helps in better comprehension of the logistical process for better decisions. 
  4. This best warehouse management software performs detailed cost analysis of every step to remove overhead excesses. 

What is the Price of Infoplus Warehouse Management System?

Infoplus Pricing depends on the company’s requirements. Please request a call to get the accurate price quote. 

Sold By : Infoplus Commerce

Get Infoplus Warehouse Management System support 26 Chatting right now

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Infoplus Warehouse Management System Features

The software allows logistic companies to handle their warehouse and track the movement of goods in real-time. 
Infoplus users can provide post-sales services to their customers through this module.
This warehouse management software generates detailed and insightful reports for workflow enhancements. 
Logistical companies can customize the modules of this software to add more field entries and design the bills, invoices, etc. 
This software can be easily integrated through APIs for an enhanced operational handling.
Warehouse managers/operators can handle their inventory seamlessly with this software. It allows them to create a master sheet of the goods they are dealing with at any given time. 
Logisticians can schedule the pickup and transport of goods as per their necessities. 
The software facilitates thorough coordination of work vehicles for efficient delivery reduced losses.
Users can maintain a contact list and history of interaction with all the suppliers for efficient working of warehouses.
 Infoplus warehouse management system ensures smooth shipment of goods by tracking the status in real-time.
Logistic operators can schedule the pickup of goods from the system and start tracking the vehicle instantly. 
The software has a pre-built GPS system that allows users to locate their vehicles and track shipments instantaneously.
Infoplus warehouse management system has an in-built scanner for quick check-out and check-in of goods. It also saves the time in data entry.
This warehouse management software has a customizable tax feature that allows users to create GST compliant bills. 
Companies can handle the return of defective pieces from the software. 
The software generates constant reminders for the delivery and pickup of goods. 
Employees can check their workflow through the dashboard provided by the software.
The software allows users to manage their orders individually and track their movement in real-time. 
Companies can conduct audits for inconsistencies and faults in the inventory management, transit and delivery stages. 
This warehouse management software allows users to handle financial accounts from the software. 
The software allows users to create a master list of all the products that companies are dealing with in real-time. 

Get Infoplus Warehouse Management System support26 Chatting right now

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Infoplus Warehouse Management System Specifications


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Infoplus Warehouse Management System FAQs

Infoplus Warehouse Management System is available for a demo at Techjockey. Please request a call for getting the demo scheduled.
Infoplus Warehouse Management System provides a universal ledger report that can be used for accounting worldwide. Plus, Infoplus can integrate different accounting solutions.
Users can synchronize their pre-existing workflow data to Infoplus quickly and efficiently.
Infoplus warehouse management system is available for both iPhone and Android platforms.
Infoplus warehouse management system is a web-based cloud application that can be accessed via internet browsers.

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