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Sabzi Mandi Software

by : Modern Webz


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Sabzi Mandi Software

by : Modern Webz

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Brand: Modern Webz

Type: Software

Operating System: Windows

Free Trial Available: No

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Sabzi Mandi Software Overview

What is Sabzi Mandi Software? 

Modern Webz Sabzi Mandi Software is popularly known as Red Apple ERP is a completely customized solution designed for traders who deal with fruits, vegetables, cereals, pulses, etc. It enables efficient crate and inventory modules to manage their facilities efficiently. It also assists in managing digital registers for stock arrival, movement, expenses, etc.

The Sabzi Mandi ERP software enables traders to create a comprehensive list of perishable good that they deal in, set their moving time, etc. The solution is a one stop guide for traders who aim to optimize their output to the maximum extent. It allows users to: 

  1. Plan their storage
  2. Setup time period for individual good
  3. Setup the time frame under which the goods should be moved 
  4.  Manage storage conditions, and much more. 

Sabzi Mandi Software is one of the best solutions available to manage perishable food efficiently. 
Modern Webz Sabzi Mandi Software allows traders to make use of the best business practices through financial business reports such as ledger balance, credit reports, etc. 

What Features Does Sabzi Mandi Software Offer? 

Modern Webz Sabzi Mandi Software offers following features: 

  1. Crate management 
  2. Arrival entry 
  3. Self-purchase 
  4. Party stock 
  5. Inventory 
  6.  Workflow reporting 
  7.  Financial Reporting 
  8. Distribution Management
  9. Expense supervisor and tracker 

Why Modern Webz Sabzi Mandi Software is a Popular Solution 

Modern Webz Sabzi Mandi Software offers its services to over 1500 users all over India. It is developed by a team of market professionals and coding experts with 10 years plus in experience. The software offers ease in usability with real-time management of the entire workforce. 

What is the Price of Modern Webz Sabzi Mandi Software? 

The price of Modern Webz Sabzi Mandi Software varies based on customer requirements. Please request a call for more information, our sales team will connect with you shortly. 

Sabzi Mandi Software Features

  • checkbox Stock Management The software allows users to manage the stock through direct entry and purchase documents. It automatically updates the
  • checkbox Crate Management  Traders can manage the crates and supervise its issuing and receival from parties efficiently. The crates can be used for
  • checkbox Self Purchase / Party Stock The sabzi mandi software enables traders to record and manage self-purchased or other party supplied stock.
  • checkbox Manage Store Sabzi Mandi traders can manage their personalized storefronts from this ERP software. 
  • checkbox Analytics & Reporting Modern Webz Sabzi Mandi Software offers detailed insights about the workflow to check for improvement that can be made in the
  • checkbox Accounting & Taxation Mange your customers, Suppliers, Brokers accounts and ledgers automatically update with any transactions. 
  • checkbox Alert The software generates alerts to report the traders of any changes in inventory, finances, etc. in real-time. 
  • checkbox Sales Management Red Apple ERP allows traders to manage their sales channels efficiently. It records all the contact details of the customer along
  • checkbox Procurement Traders can maintain a comprehensive list of all the vendors or farmers that they must procure their goods from, in addition with
  • checkbox Billing & Invoicing The software generates bills and invoices for all the transactions done by the business according to the GST guidelines. 
  • checkbox Distribution Management Business owners can manage all the distribution channels of their mandi with time. 
  • checkbox GST Compliances This sabzi mandi ERP complies with all the GST guidelines enforced by the government. 
  • checkbox Data Security All the data is saved securely under PC’s firewall. 

Sabzi Mandi Software Plans & Pricing

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Sabzi Mandi Software Specifications

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  • Language:
  • Windows
  • Desktop
  • Perpetual
  • Retail, Wholesale
  • e-retailers, Shopkeepers
  • English

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23, Feb 2019
star star star star star
It is great to work on this software as it gives us the access to creat a report & get the best result from the offers of this Processes. |||
Dushyant Singh
17, Aug 2018
star star star star star
Techjockey saved us a lot of time by suggesting a few programs that would work for us.

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Sabzi Mandi Software

Sabzi Mandi Software

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Sabzi Mandi Software FAQ

Q. What are the system requirements for Modern Webz Sabzi Mandi Software? arrow

A. Modern Webz Sabzi Mandi Software is a web-based application that is accessed via internet browsers.

Q. Can I get a demo for Modern Webz Sabzi Mandi Software? arrow

A. Techjockey provides demo for Modern Webz Sabzi Mandi Software, please request a call to avail the demo.

Q. Where does Modern Webz Sabzi Mandi save all the data? arrow

A. All the work data is saved in the software as it uses cloud-based system for data storage.

Q. Does Modern Webz Sabzi Mandi support multi-user management? arrow

A. Modern Webz Sabzi Mandi Software allows multi-user management to facilitate smooth operability.

Q. Is Modern Webz Sabzi Mandi software available for mobile phones? arrow

A. No, Modern Webz Sabzi Mandi software is not available for mobile phones as of now. Please watch this space for further updates.

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