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Brand: PlanMyleave

Type: Software

Operating System: Windows, iOS, Android

Free Trial Available: No

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Planmyleave Software Overview

What is Planmyleave?

Planmyleave is a leave management software for small, medium and large business enterprises. Using the software, employees can make leave related applications and get easier access to other leave-based services in an efficient way. The software is compatible with a variety of international languages from all around the globe. Planmyleave offers hassle-free integration with external biometric devices, ERP, and payroll management solutions like QuickBooks, XERO, ADP and more. Further, HR managers can also schedule automated leave accruals and policies. Planmyleave calculates the overtimes done by individual employees in an automated way. The software also sends in leave specific reminders to the managers. All data stored within the particular software is protected by 256-bit SSL grade encryption.  

How is Planmyleave beneficial for the HR managers?

Planmyleave with its multi-variant modules makes it easy for HR managers to monitor and approve employee-generated leaves in an efficient manner in less time. 

  1. Quick View: The software offers a quick view of the entire leave history, making it easy for the managers to find out about leaves taken by an individual employee within a particular time period and make relevant decisions in real-time. 
  2. Multipurpose Calendar: Planmyleave offers team-based yearly calendars making it easy for HRs to find out about the availability of staff within a particular time frame and approve or deny further requests for leave. 
  3. Planning and Customization: HRs of a multinational company can plan to leave related schedules as per the location of their office. The system offers a two-way transparent view, eliminating chances of leave related disputes between employees and HRs.       

Pricing of Planmyleave

The pricing of Planmyleave is available on request. You can request for a callback request and our in-house product experts will get back to you in no time.  

Benefits of Planmyleave

  1. Easy Leave Application: Employees can easily apply for leave using their leave balance and over-time banking from a single window. They can also attach relevant medical documents along with their application while applying for sick-leaves.
  2. Faster Leave Approvals: The HR managers or admins can set up custom rules for automated leave approval. Thus saving a lot of time for both the employees and management.
  3. Escalation: The software escalates the requested leaves to a different manager in case no actions are taken against the particular within a scheduled time period. 
  4. Approval Paths: Admins can set up to 5 leave approvers. They can also schedule the particular as per location, employee levels and individual departments within the company. Moreover, admins can also set individual approval paths for each leave type. 

Planmyleave Features

  • Multi Language Support Planmyleave supports a wide variety of languages from all around the globe, including English, Chinese, German, French, Hindi,
  • Integration The software supports Biometric security integration and ERP. You can also integrate with QuickBooks, XERO, ADP and more.
  • Calendar Managers can monitor employee specific monthly and annual calendars. The integration of Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar is
  • Leave Management  It allows employees to apply for compulsory off, overtimes and TOIL leaves along with proper documents. HRs are notified in
  • Leave Approval/Rejection The software offers automated approval workflows regarding leave request management. Up to 5 approvers can be added within a
  • Overtime Management  Overtime is calculated in an automatic manner and employees can bank on them. They can make comp off requests. HRs can also
  • Shift Management  Admins can generate multiple shift-based schedules as per the working patterns of their individual employees. Thus ensuring
  • Reports Planmyleave offers downloadable reports in pdf and Excel formats. The software offers reports on leave balances, taken leaves,
  • Reminders & Notifications HR and employees get real-time reminders of leave requests, approval, and rejections. They can also forward information to
  • Multi User login & Role based access All the access rights are granted and restricted depending on the employee role. Managers can set IT restrictions along with two
  • Security Planmyleave’s servers and corresponding data flow are heavily guarded with 256-bit SSL encryption. The software uses multiple
  • Document Management Upload, store, and share documents using Google Drive and Dropbox. Employees can also upload relevant documents with their leave
  • Applicant Tracking Employees can track their leaves, travel expenses, and overtime hours, while management can track all the application requests
  • Asset Tracking Real-time asset tracking is available for better management and distribution of the company’s resources.
  • workflow automation  Companies can automate the entire workflow and manage leave requests in an efficient manner. 

Planmyleave Plans & Pricing

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Planmyleave Specifications

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  • Windows iOS Android
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Planmyleave FAQ

Q. Does Planmyleave offer data backup and emergency support? arrow

A. Yes, Planmyleave conducts daily backups. You can request a full restore in case of any emergency.

Q. Can I export my stored data from Planmyleave? arrow

A. Yes, you can export your data in CSV format. You can also download the particulars in PDF and Excel format.

Q. Can I get a demo of Planmyleave? arrow

A. Yes, you can request an online demo of Planmyleave. Our software experts will get in touch with you as per the requested time schedule.

Q. What is the use of a backup manager module within Planmyleave? arrow

A. As an admin, you can set a backup manager within Planmyleave. The software will forward the entire procedure to the scheduled manager when the approval manager in charge will be on leave.

Q. Is there a dedicated mobile app for Planmyleave? arrow

A. No, the software does not have a dedicated mobile app as of now.

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