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Poly Calisto 5300

by : Polybe


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Poly Calisto 5300

by : Poly

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What is Poly Calisto 5300?

Poly Calisto 5300 is a high-power portable speakerphone. This portable speakerphone for desktop and mobile has a compact design, which make it easy to carry. You can use this Bluetooth speaker for both office and personal meetings. It ensures crystal-clear sound with 360-degree audio and the wide frequency response of the amplified speaker. Poly Calisto 5300 has an integrated USB cable for easy connectivity to charging devices. Poly Calisto 5300 speakerphone for conference calls ensures custom settings with one-touch controls. Owing to its outstanding quality, Poly Calisto 5300 speakerphone for mobile and laptop is also used for listening to podcasts and music uninterruptedly. In addition, the full duplex audio cancels the echo and enhances the quality of sound.

The software comes in two different connectivity options, these are:

  1. Wired USB-A and USB-C connectivity cables along with Bluetooth
  2. Wireless connectivity with BT600 dongle in USB-A and USB-C connectivity options.

The speaker can be connected to desktop, mobile phones, etc. It has an easy to carry compact design. You can use this Bluetooth speaker for both office and personal use

Specifications of Poly Calisto 5300 Speakerphone

Here are the product specifications for Poly Calisto 5300 speakerphone for conference calls: 

  1. Talk Time: Up to 16 hours 
  2. Battery Charge: Full charge requires 3.5 hours 
  3. Battery Size: 1000 mAh
  4. Type of Battery: Lithium ion polymer
  5. Speaker Sensitivity: 81.5 ± 2 dBSPL @ 1 m @ 1 w
  6. Impedance of Speaker: 4 Ohms 
  7. Frequency Response: 150 Hz to 20 Hz

Features offered by Poly Calisto 5300 Speakerphone

Here are some key features of Poly Calisto 5300: 

  1. Poly Calisto 5300 offers Microsoft Teams compatibility in both the wired and non-wired variants, with a dedicated button for it. Plus, it also, offers non-compatible version in both the variants as well. 
  2. It also has an amplified speaker with a wide range of frequency response, ranging from 20 Hz to 150 Hz. 
  3. The device has an in-built 360-degree conference quality audio for conducting conference calls efficiently. 
  4. The Bluetooth speaker cancels out noise with its full duplex audio. 
  5. Poly Calisto 5300 is compatible with communication networking solutions such as Cisco, Zoom, Google Cloud, Avaya, AWS, etc. 

Benefits of using Poly Calisto 5300 Speakerphone

  1. Poly Calisto 5300 offers a unique design which makes it for domestic and office usage.
  2. The Bluetooth speaker delivers 16 hours of talk time for a single charging session of 3.5 hours. Or, unlimited talk time during charge. 
  3. Users can connect this Bluetooth speaker to any device through Bluetooth or USB connectivity. 
  4. It has visual indicators that provide information regarding the status of call, battery, mute, volume, etc. 
  5. Poly Calisto 5300 is a lightweight compact device which is easy to carry. 

What is the price of Poly Calisto 5300?

The price of Poly Calisto 5300 is:

  1. Poly Calisto 5300 (Wireless) – ₹ 15,000/-
  2. Poly Calisto 5300 (Wired) – ₹ 12,650/-
Poly Calisto 5300 Features
  • checkbox Portable And Personal This Bluetooth speaker has a compact design, which makes it easy for users to carry it around while listening to the music or
  • checkbox Intuitive Controls It has specific buttons for device connectivity, volume modulation, calling, mute, etc.
  • checkbox USB and Bluetooth Connectivity The speakerphone offers a dual connectivity interface through USB cable and Bluetooth.
  • checkbox Rich Clear Sound Built with 81.5 dB, full duplex system, and wide ranged frequency, this Bluetooth speaker delivers rich and clear sound.
  • checkbox Microsoft Teams Button This Bluetooth speaker has a special button for connectivity with Microsoft Teams collaboration tool.
  • checkbox Bluetooth Adapter Option It provides an in-built Bluetooth adapter to facilitate wireless connectivity.
  • checkbox Languages Users can configure this speaker to any of the 16 different languages Poly supports.
  • checkbox Applications Supported The software provides compatibility with a wide variety of video and audio-conferencing applications such as Zoom, Cisco, Google
  • checkbox Microphone & Technology Poly Calisto 5300 consists of a digital MEMS microphone equipped with omnidirectional technology.

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