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Best Quick Heal Internet Security
Best Quick Heal Internet Security
Best Quick Heal Internet Security
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Quick Heal Internet Security

Sold by : Quick Heal

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About Quick Heal Internet Security

What is Quick Heal Internet Security?

Quick Heal Internet Security is antivirus software for online protection. The software protects user data from any type of data theft or hacking. It ensures safe online banking for users by constantly checking for the authenticity of the website to facilitate safe banking. Internet security software monitors internet files for malware and notifies the user. 

Quick Heal Internet Security also offers email security to safeguard it from phishing, spam, and malware-infected emails. This internet antivirus software integrates with firewalls and improves the PC security system. 

Features of Quick Heal Internet Security:

Here are a few features of Quick Heal Internet Security for a quick rundown: 

  1. Total Ransomware Protection 
  2. Malware Protection 
  3. Browser Sandbox
  4. Parental Control 
  5. Core Protection 
  6. Enhanced Self-Protection
  7. Automated Backup 
  8. Safe Mode Protection
  9. Laptop Tracker
  10. Flash Drive Protection
  11. Quick Heal Remote Device Management (RDM)

Price of Quick Heal Internet Security: 

Quick Heal Internet Security is available in ten different subscription plans, these are: 

  1. Internet Security – Rs. 800/- for 1 PC per year
  2. Internet Security – Rs. 986.67/- for 2PCs per year
  3. Internet Security – Rs. 1,538.89/- for 3 PCs per year
  4. Internet Security – Rs. 2,364.44/- for 5 PCs per year
  5. Internet Security – Rs. 3,528.89/- for 10 PCs per year
  6. Internet Security – Rs. 2,849/- for 1 PC per 3 years
  7. Internet Security – Rs. 3,149/- for 2 PCs per 3 years
  8. Internet Security – Rs. 5,149/- for 3 PCs per 3 years
  9. Internet Security – Rs. 7,970/- for 5 PCs per 3 years
  10. Internet Security – Rs. 11,592/- for 10 PCs per 3years

For further inquiries, please request a call. Our sales team will connect with you as soon as possible.  

Sold By : Quick Heal

Get Quick Heal Internet Security support 32 Chatting right now

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Quick Heal Internet Security Features

The software offers protection from ransomware, with a system backed up by Behavioral detection technology.
This antivirus software provides complete web security and protects user systems from any type of hacking, data theft etc. 
Cloud-based Email Security prevents spam, phishing, and infected emails from reaching your Inbox.
The software automatically checks for credibility of websites and protects user’s online banking details in real-time. 
The sandbox mode offers an uninterrupted and secure browsing experience. It creates a protective screen between PC’s operating system and malicious threats. 
This feature allows parents to monitor their child’s online activity. They can also block websites, mobile activity, etc. 
 The software integrates with the firewall of the PC and enhances the security system of the device. 
This antivirus offer multi-layered protection from varying threats that PC faces due to online activity. It includes safety against spyware, malware, rootkit, etc. 
The software protects against malware as it consistently works in the background and weeds it out. 
The software does not allow spyware like keylogger to install in the system. 
It integrates characteristic and behavioural inspection and monitoring of potential threats. 
The antivirus automatically scans all the external storage devices and protects from any infection.
This feature ceases unauthorized users from changing quick heal security settings while on Safe Mode. 
The software protects Quick Heal’s running processes and services. 
 It conceals all the notification and prompts from the antivirus. 
Users can save settings and export it for reinstallation. 
The software offers an RDM portal that allows users to manage Quick Heal antivirus remotely. 
 This antivirus software is able to track whereabouts of the lost or stolen laptops. 
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Quick Heal Internet Security Specifications

Quick Heal Internet Security Reviews

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Quick Heal Internet Security FAQs

A. Quick Heal Internet Security uses a hybrid data storage that uses both cloud and on-premise system.
A. Here are the system requirements for Quick Heal Internet Security: 1. Operating System: Windows XP and above 2. Processor: 1 GHz or faster 3. Hard Disk: 1.72 GB 4. RAM: 1 GB
A. The price of Quick Heal Internet Security varies based on the number of users and years it is required for, it starts from Rs. 800/- per user per year.
A. Quick Heal Internet Security is available for demo, please request a call to avail the demo.
A. Yes, there are no extra charges for updates. It is covered under your subscription plan.

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